AFL Fantasy Dreamteam Round 1, Recap

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AFL Dreamteam Round 1
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AFL Fantasy Dreamteam Round 1

Round 1 of AFL Fantasy is done and dusted, and it was fantastic to finally get back football with regular lengths quarters and crowds back.

Round 1 saw a few upsets with last season’s Wooden Spooners the Adelaide Crows getting off to a fast start against the Geelong Cats. They managed to hold on for the win on the back of a stellar performance from former Captain Taylor Walker.

The Sydney Swans were the other surprise of Round 1 with an upset win over the Lions in Brisbane. They have a great list of young players and might be dangerous this season, with a few of their more experienced campaigners still getting it done.

Round 1 of AFL Fantasy Dreamteam proved stressful for many coaches, with a couple of popular Captain choices in Max Gawn and Lachie Neale producing well below expected scores.

The surprises for Round 1 was a Collingwood reject, a Sydney Rookie and a West Coast Eagle that loves to slam the ball on his preferred left side.

Jaidyn Stephenson from the Kangaroos will now be a popular choice for Fantasy Coaches simply because he’s not playing forward and will be used in the middle of the ground.

There have not been many Errol’s that have played AFL, but Errol Gulden had one of the great debuts for the Sydney Swans on Saturday Night, and coaches will be spewing if they didn’t get on him due to his price increase.

There is a question mark on the ruck position given the rule changes and how the game is being played this season. The best score from a Ruckman was just the 99 Points, and that was from one of the cheapest options Matt Flynn from the GWS Giants.

Many Fantasy Coaches will now be toying with the idea of giving up some money in the ruck position, but we all know how many the likes of Gawn, Grundy and O’Brien can score on any given match.

One thing is for sure, and more than half of the Fantasy AFL Coaches have now got Rowell problems with the 51% Owned Matt Rowell sustaining a knee injury which may see him miss a lot of football.

Rowell is arguably the best youngster since Chris Judd and got off to a fast start in the 2020 Brownlow Medal with 9 votes before a shoulder injury ended his season. We wish Rowell the best in his recovery and hope to see the young gun out there again.

Below are the best performers for AFL Fantasy for Round 1 of the 2021 AFL Season.

Top Scoring Defenders

Rory Laird was a popular choice amongst Fantasy Coaches with a 48% ownership, and he delivered. A decent score of 119 and his value will no doubt increase in the coming weeks.

There were a couple of surprises in the backline, with a couple of players at less than 1% ownership leading the way in scoring. They both came out of the same match, and it was Jack Bowes and Shannon Hurn that racked up the stats out West in very Hot playing conditions.

1.) Jack Bowes 135

2.) Shannon Hurn 129

3.) Callum Mills 121

Top Scoring Midfielders

Essendon Midfielder Andrew McGrath led the way on the Midfield and just kept accumulating the Stats with 141. He could be an option, but Zach Merrett also scored well in the match.

It was a rookie that surprised in the Midfield with Errol Gulden racking up a massive 108 Points.

Jack Macrae was again his usual self, and having Adam Treloar in the middle didn’t effect his round 1 score.

1.) Andrew McGrath 141

2.) Dom Sheed 138

3.) Jack Macrae 135

Top Scoring Rucks

The Ruck was causing decision issues for many coaches with three cheap options that all played.

Of the three, the Giants big man was the best choice, not only being the best value pick and the highest scoring option.

No doubt he will be played in the field for many coaches this week as many will make an executive decision on parting with Gawn, Grundy or O’Brien, who all scored well below average.

Grundy and Gawn are both owned at 41% and may see a significant drop come Round 2.

1.) Matt Flynn 99

2.) Tom Hickey 92

3.) Todd Goldstein 90

Top Scoring Forwards

Dusty Martin led the way in the forward line with 131 Points, and that is a massive score for him. He has only ever averaged 100+ Fantasy Points twice in his career, and the last time was the 2017 Brownlow Medal Winning Year.

The surprise in the forward line was Jaidyn Stephenson with 128 points and 33 disposals. Just the 10% ownership, and that will no doubt increase in Round 2.

1.) Dustin Martin 131

2.) Jaidyn Stephenson 128

3.) Steven Motlop 112

AFL Dreamteam is fun and exciting, but sometimes watching a football game is easy to get carried away with wanting your players to win cheap stats rather than concentrating on the game.

You might wonder what dream team numbers mean in terms of a players impact on a match.

In terms of the Brownlow Medal, they mean very little. There are some more important numbers to look at when picking a Brownlow Medal winner, and out Brownlow Medal Predictor has you covered.

The Dailysportsbuddy Brownlow Medal Predictor correctly picked the exact order of the top 4 last year and 8 out of the top 10 in back to back seasons.

We will have another crack at it this year, so be sure to check out our Brownlow Medal Predictor for season 2021.

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