Brownlow Medal Predictor 2021 Results

Brownlow Medal Predictor 2021 Results

The 2021 Brownlow Medal Count was won by a very deserving winner, and any football fan that watched the 2021 AFL Season closely would have known that Ollie Wines had a considerable number of chances to poll throughout the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count.

It was always shaping up as a close count, with several players having quality seasons for their respective teams.

The two big names at the Power in Ollie Wines and Travis Boak just kept racking up the votes in the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count, and some of the lesser-known players failed to poll, when they were considered a chance.

Congratulations to Ollie Wines from Port Adelaide for having a fantastic season and winning the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count.

The DailySportsBuddy Brownlow Medal Predictor had a tie between Clayton Oliver and Jack Steele on 31 Votes, but it is not at all surprising that Wines won the count on 36 votes, with so many chances to poll throughout the season.

This Brownlow Medal Predictor did manage to predict the three-votes at 69.6% throughout the count, with the 3-Star ratings coming in at 92.7%.

The one big miss in the Predictor was Jack Macrae, who was projected to poll 25 votes, but only managed to poll 14.

Looking back, Macrae probably does not stand out as much as some of the main contenders and was never a real certainty to poll in the matches he was projected to, despite winning a lot of the football and using it well. The Bulldogs have a solid midfield and there is always competition for the votes.

This Brownlow Predictor Model focuses on analysing matches and using some of the key statistics that have been consistent from past winners and top performers in the count.

It is impossible to predict the entire seasons votes in order, but with a bit of research most players who are a chance of polling in any given match can be identified. 

For those who are interested, here are the results of the 2021 Brownlow Medal Predictor and how all the star ratings went.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor will be back in AFL Season 2022, but will be released later, to allow time for a more in-depth analysis on each match.

3 Vote Picks and Star Ratings

3 Vote PicksResultPercentage %
Overall 3 Vote Picks138/19869.7%
1 Star Rating11/3234.38%
2 Star Rating ⭐⭐76/11168.47%
3 Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐51/5592.73%

2021 Brownlow Medal Final Top 10

NameActual VotesPredictor Votes
Ollie Wines3628
Marcus Bontempelli3329
Clayton Oliver3131
Sam Walsh3025
Darcy Parish2626
Jack Steele2631
Tom Mitchell2527
Travis Boak2522
Jarryd Lyons2323
Christian Petracca2329

Ollie Wines was the deserving winner of the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count and was considered a vote chance up to 20 times throughout the count.

For those who are interested and followed this predictor last season, the players who got the votes were identified as either a vote chance or in the projected votes, 89.39% of the time throughout the content.

Check out the post on Unexpected Votes in the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count to see some of the surprising votes that were given to players throughout the 2021 Brownlow Count.

Below are the results from the 2020 Brownlow Medal Predictor.

2020 Brownlow Medal Final Top 10

NameActual VotesPredictor Votes
Lachie Neale3129
Travis Boak2121
Christian Petracca2020
Jack Steele2019
Patrick Dangerfield1516
Dustin Martin1516
Jack Macrae1514
Luke Parker1514
Cam Guthrie1413
Clayton Oliver1410

The Brownlow Predictor votes will be released later in the 2022 AFL Season.

Best of luck picking a winner, and always remember to Gamble Responsibly.