A Blue Leads the Predictor, Round 6 2019

We are 6 rounds into yet another close AFL season and many teams will be in with a chance of contending in September.

A lot of standout players, and consistent performers, will also make for an interesting Start to the Brownlow Medal Count for 2019.

Patrick Cripps has had a fantastic start to the season and is the current Leader of the Predicted Brownlow Medal Count.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 6, 2019.

Check back each week for a round by round analysis and Brownlow Predictions for the likely Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Richmond vs Melbourne

Richmond 12.13 85 – Melbourne 6.6 42

(Richmond by 43 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Dion Prestia (4)

The Richmond midfielder was once again in the thick of the action and collected 30 Possessions including 18 Contested. Prestia was one of the better midfielders on the ground with 10 Clearances and 6 Tackles. Should feature in the votes in a rare Wednesday evening AFL Match.

2 Votes (Richmond) Bachar Houli (2)

When Houli gets over 25 Disposals he gets noticed because he uses the ball so well with that distinctive left foot kick. He used the Footy at 81% Efficiency on this occasion and kicked the ball 20 times on his way to 32 Disposals from the backline. 11 Intercept Possessions were noticeable and he made it tough for the Melbourne forwards with his 8 Rebounds 50s.

3 Votes (Richmond) Nick Vlastuin (3)

It is rare to have a defender as the best player on the ground, but Vlastuin was the most significant contributor to the Tigers big Wednesday Night win over the Demons. 14 Intercept Possessions made it really hard for the Demons as Nick can read the play very well. He also collected 28 Possessions, and used the footy at 82% Efficiency, to be the best player on the ground.

Essendon vs Collingwood

Essendon 10.9 69 – Collingwood 10.13 73

(Collingwood by 4 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (6)

The ANZAC Day Blockbuster proved to be a thriller and a couple of big men were the better players on the ground. Grundy tallied 24 Disposals which included 15 Contested and laid 6 Tackles. He also had 39 Hit-outs, which gave the Collingwood mids first use of the footy.

2 Votes (Essendon) Joe Daniher (2)

The Bombers big man was one of the best when the game was on the line even though the Bombers couldn’t quite win the match. He kicked a few huge goals and when he gets the footy he gets noticed. 16 Disposals, 8 Marks and 4 Goals made him the Bombers best.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Scott Pendlebury (6)

The Winner of the ANZAC Day Medal, Pendlebury got a lot of the footy and hit targets when the game was on the line. 38 Disposals including 16 Contested and 6 Tackles helped him claim one of the most prestigious medals for the season.

Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Port Adelaide 12.16 88 – North Melbourne 11.6 72

(Port Adelaide by 16 Points)

1 Vote (North Melbourne) Ben Cunnington (3)

The North Melbourne mid had the second most disposals on the ground with 35 which included 21 Contested. He also had a massive 13 Clearances and laid 5 Tackles, which should feature him in the votes in this one.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Sam Gray (4)

Gray was one of the best against the Eagles last week and once again helped setup the Power victory early in the match. He collected 28 Possessions up forward laid 5 Tackles, kicked 4 Goals and helped the Power score on 9 occasions.

3 Votes (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (9)

Some of us tend to forget that Boak has been right up the leaderboard in a Brownlow Medal Count previously. He has kept his good form up, and is pretty much playing a fulltime midfield role this season.

He tallied 38 Disposals at 81% Efficiency, which included 15 Contested Possessions. His 10 Clearances and 9 Inside 50s, will surely be noticed by the umps and Boak also managed to put through a major.

Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Gold Coast 9.8 62 – Brisbane 16.15 111

(Brisbane by 49 Points)

1 Vote (Gold Coast) Brayden Fiorini (3)

Fiorini has been one of the Suns best this season and was once again one of the better players on the ground. 31 Disposals including 13 Contested along with 8 Tackles made him the best Suns player on the Ground. He was also effective in getting the ball with 7 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (11)

Neale was the Bolter in the first few weeks of the Brownlow Predictor and once again had a significant impact on the result of this game. 28 Disposals was a little down on previous weeks but he used the footy at 82% Efficiency and had 14 Contested Possessions. 6 Tackles, 5 Inside 50s, 5 Clearances, and 5 Score Involvements made him one of the Lions best.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Mitch Robinson (3)

Robinson can occasionally step up and look like an A Grader out on an AFL Field. This match was one of those and he was the best player on the Ground. He Kicked 3 Goals, had 9 Score Involvements and ended up with 26 Possessions in a dominating display up forward for the Lions.

St Kilda vs Adelaide

St Kilda 10.8 68 – Adelaide 15.7 97

(Adelaide by 29 Points)

1 Vote (Adelaide) Brad Crouch (5)

The Crouch brothers are a couple of the better midfielders going around and on this occasion, it was Brad that played the better match. 30 Possessions including 14 Contested will be well noticed. It was his 11 Clearances that should help him get a vote in a win over the Saints.

2 Votes (Adelaide) Alex Keath (2)

Not a noted vote getter but the defender uses the footy well and collected 21 Possessions including 8 Intercept Possessions. He used the footy at 91% Efficiency and took a total of 14 marks down back.

3 Votes (Adelaide) Taylor Walker (3)

Walker has had an average start to the season and needed to step up in which he delivered in a big win over the Saints. Not a lot of the footy with just the 14 Possessions, but he took 7 Marks, kicked 4 goals and was involved in the Crows scoring on 7 occasions. He also put the ball Inside 50 6 times to be the best player on the ground.

Sydney vs GWS

Sydney 12.7 79 – GWS 18.12 120

(GWS by 41 Points)

1 Vote (GWS) Stephen Coniglio (7)

Whenever a midfielder kicks 4 goals they normally feature in the votes on Brownlow Medal Night. 24 Possessions, 6 Score Involvements, 5 Clearances and 4 Goals made him one of the best Giants on the ground.

2 Votes (GWS) Zac Williams (2)

The Giants Defender was very good in this game with 30 Possessions which included 24 kicks and a lot of metres gained. He also managed 10 Score Involvements and had 12 Intercept Possessions. 13 of his Possessions were also contested which is rare for a defender.

3 Votes (GWS) Tim Taranto (5)

In just his third season Taranto is fast becoming one of the Giants best players. He seemed everywhere in this contest applying pressure with 10 Tackles and collecting 30 Disposals, which included 17 Contested. Also had 6 Clearances, 7 Inside 50s, and 9 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Fremantle 13.10 88 – Western Bulldogs 9.15 69

(Fremantle by 19 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Caleb Daniel (1)

The Bulldogs had a pretty decent evening against the Dockers and Caleb Daniel was probably their best player. He collected 30 Disposals down back and used the footy at 87% Efficiency. His 8 Rebound 50s and 9 Intercept Possessions should also be noticed by the vote givers.

2 Votes (Fremantle) Nat Fyfe (7)

Fyfe had another strong night in the midfield and tallied 30 Possessions which included 16 Contested. He also used the footy well with a Disposal Efficiency of 83% and was involved in a Fremantle scoring thrust on 7 occasions.

3 Votes (Fremantle) David Mundy (5)

It was a night to remember for Fremantle fans. Not only did they get to celebrate a win, but David Mundy was best on ground in his 300th match. 28 Possessions, 6 Tackles, 6 Clearances, 6 Inside 50 and 2 Goals made him the most significant contributor to a Fremantle win in his own milestone match.

Hawthorn vs Carlton

Hawthorn 13.15 93 – Carlton 13.10 88

(Hawthorn by 5 Points)

1 Vote (Hawthorn) Liam Shiels (1)

The Hawks have missed the midfield presence of Liam Shiels and the Hawk didn’t disappoint in his first game back. 26 Possessions at 81% Efficiency along with 3 Goals and 8 Score Involvements made him one of the Hawks best. 6 Clearances, 5 Inside 50s, and 9 Tackles should also help him get some votes in a narrow Hawks win.

2 Votes (Carlton) Patrick Cripps (13)

Cripps is having a massive season and should still rack up votes even though the Blues only have the one win so far. Another solid performance with 28 Possessions including 17 Contested. Also had 9 Tackles and 7 Clearances to once again be the Blues best player.

3 Votes (Hawthorn) Jaeger O’Meara (8)

In the absence of Tom Mitchell, somebody needs to step up and this was a Tom Mitchell like game from Jaeger O’Meara. He Tallied 42 Possessions, but more importantly, 23 of them were Contested. He also has 9 Clearances, 6 Inside 50s, and 10 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

Geelong vs West Coast

Geelong 15.14 104 – West Coast 7.4 46

(Geelong by 58 Points)

1 Vote (Geelong) Tom Hawkins (1)

The big Geelong forward presented well all day and was involved in a Geelong Scoring Procedure on 12 Occasions. He totaled 18 Possessions, took 5 Marks and kicked 3 Goals to be one of the Cats best.

2 Votes (Geelong) Rhys Stanley (2)

The Geelong Ruckman keeps getting better and stood out in a one-sided contest. 21 Possessions including 14 Contested are big numbers for a Ruckman. Also had the 5 Clearances, 30 Hit-outs and managed a goal.

3 Votes (Geelong) Gary Ablett (4)

The Cats veteran was once again in the thick of the action and seems to be turning back the clock. Gary was the best player on the ground and the Eagles had no answer for his dominance just forward of centre.

28 Possessions, 8 Inside 50s, and 11 Score Involvements will make it tough for anybody else to get the three votes. He also had 5 Goal Assists and kicked 2 majors himself.

Leaderboard after 6 Rounds

Patrick Cripps 13

Lachie Neale 11

Travis Boak 9

Patrick Dangerfield 8

Jaeger O’Meara 8

Nat Fyfe 7

Jack Billings 7

Stephen Coniglio 7

Check back for the Brownlow Medal Predictor next week Round 7.

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