Boak Chases, Brownlow Predictor Round 13

Boak Chases, Brownlow Predictor Round 13

Round 13 of the 2020 AFL Season is complete, and we still have a clear outright leader of the 2020 Brownlow Medal Predictor. Lachie Neale is having an excellent season, but does have some competition with a few players that may be a sneaky chance if they can finish the season off well. Travis Boak is coming off a best on ground match, and is now an outright second in the 2020 Brownlow Medal Predictor. 

Here is Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 13 of the 2020 AFL Season.

Be sure to check back each week of the 2020 AFL Season for an in-depth look at the some of the better players for each round and who should get the votes.

Round by Round analysis of the Brownlow Medal Count. Who gets the Brownlow Votes and who has the best chance to become the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Brownlow Medal Predictor, Round 13 2020

Gold Coast vs Carlton

Gold Coast 4.3 27 – Carlton 7.18 60

(Carlton by 33 Points)

Vote Chances

Michael Gibbons – 19 Disposals, 10 Score Involvements, 5 Marks, 5 Tackles, 4 Inside 50s and 2 Goals

Sam Walsh – 24 Disposals (11 Contested), 10 Score Involvements and 4 Clearances

Harry McKay – 13 Disposals, 8 Marks, 9 Score Involvements and 2 Goals

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Carlton) Patrick Cripps (12)

A solid match in the middle from Cripps and he racked up 23 Disposals, including 13 Contested. He was good as usual at the ball ups with 8 Clearances, and his work around the stoppages helped teammates hit the scoreboard. Ended up with 10 Score Involvements and was good without the football with 6 Tackles. Should poll votes in the win.

2 Votes (Carlton) Jack Martin (5)

Martin was influential in this contest with elite use of the football. His 21 Disposals came at 86% Efficiency, and he helped his team score with 7 Score Involvements. Was a solid contributor throughout the match, and also took 6 Marks and laid 4 Tackles, in a prominent display.

3 Votes (Carlton) Marc Murphy (3)

This was Murphy’s best game of the season, and he racked up 28 Disposals including 18 Kicks. He seemed everywhere at stages and covered the ground very well with 477 Metres Gained. His work helped create scoring chances, and he managed a massive 11 Score Involvements. Also had 5 Clearances throughout the match and is the favourite for best on ground honours.


Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Western Bulldogs 12.8 80 – Melbourne 7.10 52

(Western Bulldogs by 28 Points)

Vote Chances

Lachie Hunter – 24 Disposals, 565 Metres Gained, 8 Marks, 8 Score Involvements and 6 Inside 50s

Jason Johannisen – 21 Disposals (90% Efficiency), 427 Metres Gained and 5 Rebound 50s

Tom Liberatore – 20 Disposals (13 Contested) and 5 Clearances.

Projected Votes

1 Vote (W.Bulldogs) Mitch Wallis (1)

Wallis was the X-factor in this clash and seems to be adapting well to a new role in the forward line. Just the 11 Disposals, but 3 of his 5 Marks were contested and he was dangerous up forward all day providing plenty of scoring chances. His 4 Goals were noticeable and will give him a decent chance to poll votes in the win.

2 Votes (W.Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (13)

Macrae was influential in the middle the entire game and used the football at an elite level. His 26 Disposals came at 88% Efficiency, and he was also good without the football with 8 Tackles. A noted vote-getter from previous seasons, and Macrae should poll votes in this clash.

3 Votes (W.Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (10)

Bontempelli was fantastic in this game and kept the ball moving forward on every opportunity with 7 Inside 50s and 742 metres gained. He racked up 22 Disposals in which 18 were Kicks, and had 6 Score Involvements to go along with a goal. Also good without the football with 5 Tackles and is a favourite to poll the three votes.


Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Port Adelaide 9.14 68 – Hawthorn 9.4 58

(Port Adelaide by 10 Points)

Vote Chances

James Worpel – 26 Disposals, 4 Clearances and 5 Tackles

Sam Powell-Pepper – 21 Disposals (11 Contested), 7 Tackles, 6 Score Involvements and 4 Inside 50s

Zac Butters – 14 Disposals, 7 Score Involvements and 2 Goals

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Port Adelaide) Tom Rockliff (3)

Rockliff is making a decent contribution this season and racked up 28 Disposals, including 10 Contested throughout the match. He covers the ground well and also applied good pressure with 6 Tackles. Is a decent chance to poll votes in the narrow win.

2 Votes (Hawthorn) Tom Mitchell (7)

Mitchell was very good early in this clash and helped the Hawks hang around for the majority of the encounter. 12 of his 25 Disposals were Contested, and he racked up 5 Clearances. The noticeable part of this game was his work ethic, and he laid 11 Tackles throughout the match. 

3 Votes (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (16)

The Power were not at their best in this clash, but Boak came to play and was the most consistent player out there. A massive 34 Disposals, including 16 Contested and he was excellent at stoppages with 9 Clearances. Also laid 6 Tackles in the clash and stepped up when the Power were struggling to perform. Should get the three votes.


Essendon vs Richmond

Essendon 10.1 61 – Richmond 10.13 73

(Richmond by 12 Points)

Vote Chances

Jordan Ridley – 16 Disposals (100% Efficiency), 8 Marks and 5 Rebound 50s

Jack Graham –  23 Disposals (91% Efficiency), 4 Clearances, 5 Inside 50s and 10 Score Involvements

Marlion Pickett – 18 Disposals, 9 Inside 50s and 602 Metres Gained

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Essendon) Zach Merrett (11)

Once again the Bombers best and racked up a lot of the football with 34 Disposals. Also had 5 Clearances and his work resulted in scoring chances with 8 Score Involvements, and a goal. Should poll votes as he was one of the best players out there. 

2 Votes (Richmond) Shai Bolton (5)

Bolton is having a fantastic year and tallied 29 Disposals, including 12 Contested in the win. Also had 5 Clearances, 7 Inside 50s, 6 Score Involvements and a goal, to have a significant impact on the result. Always looks confident with the football, and may even get all three votes.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dustin Martin (11)

Dustin was busy in this one and was under pressure with 17 of his 30 Disposals being contested. He is always looking to move the ball forward and set up teammates with 9 Inside 50s, 7 Clearances and 9 Score Involvements in the win. He hit the score sheet with a goal, but may not get the maximum votes, as Bolton was also excellent.


Fremantle vs Sydney

Fremantle 7.8 50 – Sydney 2.7 19

(Fremantle by 31 Points)

Vote Chances

Matt Taberner – 12 Disposals, 9 Marks (4 Contested), 4 Inside 50s and 2 Goals

Nat Fyfe –  22 Disposals (12 Contested), 6 Clearances and 5 Score Involvements

Lachie Schultz – 19 Disposals, 9 Marks, 5 Score Involvements and 1 Goal

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Fremantle) Andrew Brayshaw (8)

Another fine game from Brayshaw and his elite ball use and good decision making stood out. His 26 Disposals came at 81% Efficiency, and he had 4 Clearances. Was also good without the football with 7 Tackles, and is a decent chance to poll in the win.

2 Votes (Fremantle) David Mundy (7)

Mundy is having another good season and was again one of the Dockers best. 22 Disposals in this match and he used the football well. Also managed to hit the scoreboard with a goal. He covered the ground well all evening and helped create chances to attack for teammates.

3 Votes (Fremantle) Luke Ryan (8)

Ryan may be the leading vote-getter for the Fremantle Dockers so far this season, and that shows how good a year he has had down back. Defenders do not generally poll well in the count, but his impact in games has been noticeable. 26 Disposals in this match, and used the footy at an elite 85% Disposal Efficiency. His ability to read the play stands out, and he collected 12 Intercept Possessions in this clash and 7 Rebound 50s, to be the favourite for the three votes.


Adelaide vs Geelong

Adelaide 5.7 37 – Geelong 9.11 65

(Geelong by 28 Points)

Vote Chances

Matt Crouch – 22 Disposals, 4 Clearances and 14 Tackles

Rory Laird – 28 Disposals (13 Contested), 4 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 5 Inside 50s

Jack Steven – 24 Disposals, 6 Clearances, 7 Score Involvements and 11 Tackles

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Geelong) Mitch Duncan (7)

Duncan had a decent game in this one and helped get the Cats back on track after a slow start in the match. His 22 Disposals came at 86% Efficiency, and he racked up 8 Score Involvements and booted a couple of goals. Also took 6 Marks and applied good pressure off the football with 6 Tackles. A decent chance to poll in the win.

2 Votes (Geelong) Patrick Dangerfield (9)

Dangerfield got a lot of the football in the middle of the ground in this clash and racked up 27 Disposals, including 15 Contested. His use of the footy kept moving the ball forward and he racked up 539 Metres Gained and 8 Inside 50s. Should poll votes in this one.

3 Votes (Geelong) Cam Guthrie (13)

Perhaps Guthrie’s best year, he was again instrumental in setting up the win. A lot of the football with 33 Disposals that came at a 79% Efficiency rating. Also had 7 Clearances and his teammates look to him a lot to set up the play, as he had 8 Marks and 8 Score Involvements. The favourite for the three votes.


Brisbane vs St Kilda

Brisbane 6.14 50 – St Kilda 7.6 48

(Brisbane by 2 Points)

Vote Chances

Zac Bailey – 17 Disposals, 5 Inside 50s, 9 Score Involvements and 1 Goal

Dayne Zorko – 21 Disposals, 6 Marks and 6 Score Involvements

Zak Jones – 23 Disposals (11 Contested) and 3 Clearances

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Brisbane) Harris Andrews (2)

Andrews may have had the most significant impact in this game, but he is a defender, and defenders generally don’t get Brownlow Votes. His 16 Disposals came at 88% Efficiency, and he racked up 10 Intercept Possessions. Also had a lot of spoils, and 2 of his 5 Marks were contested. Saved the game in many respects for the Lions.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Jarrod Berry (3)

Berry showed off some elite use of the football in this clash with his 20 Disposals coming at 95% Efficiency. Was also good at the ball ups with 6 Clearances, and his solid work helped set up teammates with 9 Score Involvements. Also, hit the scoreboard with a couple of goals and was the best Lion on the ground.

3 Votes (St Kilda) Jack Steele (15)

Steele is having his best year and was arguably the best on ground. A massive 17 of his 25 Disposals were contested hardball and he amassed 5 Clearances. Was also good at getting the ball into the Saints attacking 50 with 6 Inside 50s, 7 Score Involvements and scored a goal. His defensive pressure always stands out, and in this match, he laid 10 Tackles to be the favourite for the 3 Votes.


West Coast vs GWS

West Coast 9.7 61 – GWS 7.7 49

(West Coast by 12 Points)

Vote Chances

Josh Rotham – 16 Disposals (88% Efficiency), 11 Marks and 7 Intercept Possessions

Jake Riccardi – 16 Disposals, 10 Marks, 8 Score Involvements and 2 Goals

Harry Perryman – 24 Disposals (13 Contested), 6 Inside 50s and 4 Marks

Projected Votes

1 Vote (GWS) Josh Kelly (6)

Kelly was the Giants best player in this clash and covered the big ground well with elite running power. He used the footy well with his 26 Disposals coming at 92% Efficiency. Also had 4 Clearances, 6 Marks and booted a goal, to be a decent chance for votes, despite the loss.

2 Votes (West Coast) Jeremy McGovern (2)

The Giants made a late charge, but McGovern seemed everywhere in the closing stages and just kept intercepting the football. Defenders don’t typically poll votes, but the impact of the Eagles defender cannot be denied. 11 of his 18 Disposals were Intercept Possessions, and he used the footy at 83% Efficiency. Ended up taking 10 Marks down back, and 5 of them were noticeable Contested Marks. Deserves votes in the win.

3 Votes (West Coast) Nic Naitanui (13)

Naitanui played one of the best individual quarters of the season in this match. He was unstoppable out of the ruck in the first term, and that helped set up the Eagles win. 13 of his 14 Disposals were Contested, and he racked up 7 Clearances, in which 6 of those were in the first term. Also had 7 Score Involvements and hit the scoreboard with a goal, to be the favourite for maximum votes.


Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Collingwood 10.5 65 – North Melbourne 5.5 35

(Collingwood by 30 Points)

Vote Chances

Brayden Maynard – 26 Disposals (85% Efficiency), 6 Marks, 6 Score Involvements, 6 Tackles and 5 Rebound 50s

Steele Sidebottom – 23 Disposals, 4 Clearances, 5 Tackles, 4 Inside 50s, 6 Score Involvements and 1 Goal

Luke McDonald – 30 Disposals (90% Efficiency), 9 Marks, 7 Intercept Possessions and 8 Rebound 50s

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Collingwood) Taylor Adams (8)

One of the better midfielders in this match and a lot of the football, with 31 Disposals. Also did an excellent job at getting the ball moving forward with 477 Metres Gained, 6 Score Involvements and 1 Goal. Also had 6 Marks, 5 Clearances, and a real chance to poll in this match.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Jed Anderson (7)

The Kangaroos lost another match, but Anderson can hold his head up high as he had a good game. 14 of his 30 Disposals were contested, and he managed 9 Clearances. A solid match all around from Anderson, and he should poll despite the loss.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Scott Pendlebury (9)

Pendlebury is back after a lengthy break, and he wasted no time getting his hands on the football. Always users the football well, and had 28 Disposals at 86% Efficiency, and 12 of those were contested. Also, put the ball Inside 50 5 times, and hit the scoreboard with a goal, to be the best chance for the three votes.

Leaderboard – Round 13

Brownlow Medal Leaderboard 2020

NameProjected Votes
Lachie Neale23
Travis Boak16
Jack Steele15
Christian Petracca14
Cam Guthrie13
Nic Naitanui13
Jack Macrae13
Patrick Cripps12
Zach Merrett11
Dustin Martin 11

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