Brownlow Medal Leader, Round 5 2019

Brownlow Medal Predictor

The Brownlow Medal is the most prestigious individual medal an AFL Player can win for the season.

There are many players that always have a chance to take it home and also the odd bolter that gets off to a flying start.

Here are some predictions for the Brownlow Medal Leader for Round 5.

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Who is likely to get the most votes for the Brownlow Medal Count and who may just be the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.


Patrick Cripps 11

Carlton does only have the one win, but has not really been smashed in any contest apart from one. Carlton won very few games last year and Cripps still managed to poll 20 votes.

They are a young maturing list and Cripps has been their best player by far.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has him sitting on top after 5 rounds with 11 Votes.

He is getting a lot of the footy averaging around 30 Disposals a game. A significant statistic for past Brownlow winners has been Contested footy and Clearances.

Cripps is averaging almost 20 Contested Possessions per game along with close to 10 Clearances. His defensive pressure has also been big with around 7 tackles per game.

Cripps should be around the Leaderboard after 5 Rounds although Lachie Neale could be close.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has him polling in all of the first 5 Rounds.

Lachie Neale 9

Neale started his time at Brisbane like a Rocket and may possibly be on 9 votes after 3 rounds of Football. He has clearly been the best player for the Lions so far and just keeps filling up the Stats sheet.

He is averaging over 30 Disposals and using the footy well with a lot of handballs.

Much like Cripps he ranks high in Contested footy and Clearances and is a chance to be the Brownlow Medal Leader for Round 5 2019.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has Neale Polling in Rounds 1, 2 and 3.

Patrick Dangerfield 8

The former winner, Dangerfield is a goal kicking midfielder and they usually feature in the votes on Brownlow Night.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has him on 8, after 5 Rounds.

He is not getting as much of the footy as previous seasons, but he is kicking goals, getting clearances and putting the ball inside 50 on numerous occasions. A couple of Best on Ground Performances should see him on the Leaderboard.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has Dangerfield polling in the first 3 Rounds.

Jack Billings 7

The young Saint went missing last year, but has proved that he can actually play by having a great start to the season for the Saints.

He has been big in most of the Saints four wins and averaging just under 30 Possessions per game.

Billings should get votes in Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Rory Sloane 6

Sloane is back for the Crows and has had a pretty good start to the season. He is getting a lot of contested ball and his defensive pressure has been noticeable with a lot of tackles.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has Sloane best on ground in Rounds 2 and 5.

Adam Treloar 6

Treloar has been the best Pies Midfielder this season and his run and carry has really helped the Pies on their mission to top spot.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has him on 6 votes after 5 rounds. He is averaging over 30 Disposals per game laying a lot of tackles and having a lot of score involvements for the Pies.

Treloar should feature in the votes in rounds 1, 2 and 5.

Stephen Coniglio 6

Coniglio is another Midfielder that can kick goals and is getting a lot of the footy this season.

He s averaging around 30 disposals per game and has been involved in the GWS scoring plenty of times whilst kicking goals himself. One of the main Extractors out of the middle for the Giants.

Coniglio should get best on ground votes in Rounds 1 and 4.

Travis Boak 6

The Bookies are not really respecting this guy and his odds are still over $50 if you like a punt. A move to the midfield has really helped the Power and Boak has been their best player. Averaging over 30 Possessions and getting a lot of the footy out of the middle is always a good sign to get votes.

Boak should poll votes in the first two games and he was probably best on the ground in both.

Marcus Bontempelli 6

We all know this guy can play and he has had a good start to the season for the Bulldogs.

Another midfielder that is damaging up forward putting the ball inside 50 on numerous occasions. Averaging close to 30 disposals a game and getting a lot of Clearances.

Bontempelli should poll votes in Rounds 1, 3 and 4.

Tom Liberatore 6

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has Liberatore on 6 Votes after 5 Rounds.

Contested ball, Tackles, and Clearances are always a significant statistic previous winners have had.

He is averaging around 25 Possessions, 7 Clearances, and 5 Tackles Per Game. Liberatore could feature in the votes in the all of the first 3 games.

The Round 5 Leader for Brownlow Medal Night is always a popular wager amongst punters.

Here is a link to the Brownlow Medal Votes for Round 5

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