Brownlow Medal Predictor, Round 1 2019

Brownlow Medal Predictor Round 1, 2019

The season has just started and round one proved that it could be another close season with a lot of upsets.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 1, 2019.

Be sure to check back for in depth round by round analysis of the Brownlow Medal Count.

Expert Brownlow Predictions and who will likely be the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Carlton vs Richmond

Carlton 9.10 64 – Richmond 14.13 97

(Richmond by 33 Points)

1 Vote: (Carlton) Patrick Cripps

Cripps has no trouble getting the ball and this game was no exception. He was a big factor in keeping the Blues score line respectable after the first quarter.

32 Possessions including 22 Contested, is a solid effort in the first game of the season. 8 Clearances were noticeable and his 5 Score Involvements, helped him stand out and get a vote in this game.

2 Votes: (Richmond) Toby Nankervis

The Richmond ruckman was dominant in this game and the 3 goals he kicked will help him get votes from the umpires.

17 Disposals including 12 Contested are significant for a ruckman. To go with the 3 goals Toby had 8 Score Involvements which helped set up the Richmond win.

3 Votes: Trent Cotchin

Watching the game Cotchin looked in the sort of form that won him a Brownlow in 2012.

31 Possessions, including 14 Contested, and 8 Score Involvements made him a significant factor in a predictable Richmond win. He also had 6 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s, to be Richmond’s best player.

Collingwood vs Geelong

Collingwood 9.11 65 – Geelong 10.12 72

(Geelong by 7 Points)

1 Vote: (Collingwood) Adam Treloar

Was the best Midfielder for the Pies in this game. Had 34 Possessions kicked a goal and had 6 Score Involvements. Throw in the 6 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s and it’s hard to see another Collingwood player taking any votes here.

2 Votes: (Geelong) Patrick Dangerfield

Dangerfield had a lot of the ball but did struggle a little with Efficiency at only 59%. He did kick a goal and had 8 Score Involvements. 5 Clearances and 6 Inside the 50s should help his claim to get votes in this one. Dangerfield seems to poll votes even when he doesn’t fill the stat sheet.

3 Votes: (Geelong) Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly was huge in setting up a win in this match. Had 31 Possessions, 2 Goal Assists and 4 Score Involvements. His 9 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s were significant and well noticed by the experts calling the game.

Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Melbourne 9.7 61 – Port Adelaide 12.15 87

(Port Adelaide by 26 Points)

1 Vote: (Port Adelaide) Justin Westhoff

He has been around for a while, but when he is on he is as good as any forward in the AFL.

A total of 18 Possessions at 83% Efficiency and 9 Marks including 5 Inside 50s.

These sorts of stats would suggest some goals and he booted 5 and had 7 Score Involvements. His defensive forward pressure was also important and he also laid 5 Tackles.

2 Votes: (Port Adelaide) Tom Rockliff

The Great Ball Magnet from Brisbane days could be back and Rockliff had a day out.

44 Possessions and 8 Tackles had him the best Fantasy scorer for the first week of the season. Didn’t manage a goal but did have 5 Score Involvements.

3 Votes: (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak

Travis Boak setup this win and was huge in keeping the Power close in the early stages. He kicked a goal had 9 Score Involvements and a total of 34 Possessions.

He is also a hard nut and laid 8 Tackles and put the ball Inside 50 on 7 occasions. 3 votes are almost a certainty, although Rockliff could pinch it with all those possessions.

Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Adelaide 7.13 55 – Hawthorn 12.15 87

(Hawthorn by 32 Points)

1 Vote: (Hawthorn) James Worpel

The Hawks were underdogs in this game but it was their defensive pressure that setup a significant win.

James Worpel hasn’t been around long but did have 27 Possessions including 12 Contested. He also kicked 2 Goals and had 6 Score Involvements. His 8 Inside 50s will also help him get noticed and should poll votes in this game.

2 Votes: (Hawthorn) Jaeger O’Meara

With last years Brownlow Medal Winner Tom Mitchell out of the side somebody needs to step up and O’Meara did just that.

Just the 24 Disposals, but 6 Score Involvements, 5 Inside 50s and 2 Goals will have him a decent shot at opening his Brownlow medal account in this match.

3 Votes: (Hawthorn) James Sicily

James is a red hot defender when he is on and was a significant factor in setting up the win.

He had 26 disposals including 22 kicks at 85% Efficiency. A total of 15 Rebound 50s made it tough for the Crows to score and his defensive pressure was the main cause.

Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Western Bulldogs 11.16 82 – Sydney 9.11 65

(Western Bulldogs by 17 Points)

1 Vote: (Sydney) Jake Lloyd

The small Sydney Backman knows how to win the footy and was helping keep the Swans in the Game at stages. Had 35 Disposals at 86% Efficiency. He also had 7 Score Involvements which should get noticed and help him poll a vote.

2 Votes: (W.Bulldogs) Tom Liberatore

After going missing for a couple of seasons it seems that Tom Liberatore might be back.

28 Possessions including 13 Contested made him an integral part of the Bulldogs opening round win. He had 8 Clearances, 8 Inside 50s and 6 Score Involvements which made him stand out and should poll votes here.

3 Votes: (W.Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli

The Bont is still the Bulldogs best player and when he goes close to 30 Possessions he normally gets votes.  Kicked a goal and had 9 Score Involvements including a Goal Assist. Throw in the 7 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s and Bontempelli was best afield.

Brisbane vs West Coast

Brisbane 15.12 102 – West Coast 8.10 58

(Brisbane by 44 Points)

1 Vote: (West Coast) Dom Sheed

With Andrew Gaff out of the side, Dom Sheed plays a similar role and knows how to get the footy. Was definitely best afield in the first half and ended up with 38 Disposals in a heavy loss. 21 of those Possessions were contested although his disposal efficiency was only 68%. Managed to kick a goal and had a total of 10 Clearances.

2 Votes: (Brisbane) Jarryd Lyons

Lyons had a total of 26 Possessions and a total of 7 Scoring Involvements. He also had 7 Tackles and was a significant factor in setting up the win.

3 Votes: (Brisbane) Lachie Neale

The Ex Docker knows how to get the footy and is a straight replacement if not an upgrade for Dayne Beams.

Had a total of 29 touches including 14 Contested. He kicked a goal had 5 Clearances and 5 Score Involvements. After watching the game he definitely seemed to be best on ground.

St.Kilda vs Gold Coast

St.Kilda 13.7 85 – Gold Coast 13.6 84

(St.Kilda by 1 Point)

1 Vote: (St.Kilda) Jack Steven

If Steven didn’t play in this game it’s pretty simple the Saints would not have won it.

He was instrumental in keeping them in the game and creating scoring opportunities. 16 Contested Possessions for a total of 23 Disposals including 9 Clearances. His 4 Score Involvements were important but he failed to kick a goal. Should definitely get a vote in this one.

2 Votes: (Gold Coast) Brayden Fiorini

Fiorini was best afield for Gold Coast and had a total of 30 Possessions including 13 Contested. 7 Score Involvements and two Goal Assists made him an important factor to Gold Coast nearly winning the game. He also had 6 Clearances and 6 Tackles in a tight contest.

3 Votes: (St.Kilda) Jack Steele

Jack Steele showed a lot of promise a couple of years back but has failed to shine in recent seasons. He must have had a big summer as he was very important in this game. 22 Possessions including a Goal and 6 Score Involvements. The thing that really stood out was the Saints pressure and Jack Steele was the leader with 10 Tackles.

GWS VS Essendon

GWS 16.16 112 – Essendon 5.10 40

(GWS by 72 Points)

1 Vote: (GWS) Jacob Hopper

Jacob Hopper took his opportunity to play in the middle and produced a fine display in a smashing of the Bombers. 28 Disposals including 15 Contested Possessions had him noticed as well as 9 Inside 50s and 6 Score Involvements.

2 Votes: (GWS) Tim Taranto

Tim Taranto has been teasing for a while now, but it is only a matter of time before he starts filling up the stat sheet.

He had 30 Possessions and 10 Tackles and was a significant contributor. Add in 7 Clearances, 7 Inside 50s and 6 Score Involvements and Two Goals. It is hard to see him not getting a vote in this one.

3 Votes: (GWS) Stephen Coniglio

The West Australian was clearly best on the ground in this game. Coniglio had 31 Possessions including 24 by foot and 7 Tackles. Anytime a midfielder kicks 3 goals and has over 30 Possessions they normally get the 3 votes. Just the Five Clearances, but 8 Inside 50s and Stephen Coniglio is the Favourite for the 3 votes in this game.

Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Fremantle 21.15 141 – North Melbourne 9.5 59

(Fremantle by 82 points)

1 Vote: (Fremantle) Brad Hill

The Dockers had a big day and the run from Brad Hill was a big factor in setting up such a big win. Hill had 28 Possessions including 17 by foot and was fantastic on the defensive end laying 7 Tackles.

2 Votes (Fremantle) Cam McCarthy

Fremantle fans have been waiting for this for quite some time and the new look Cam McCarthy didn’t disappoint with Jesse Hogan not taking the field in this game.

The Kangaroos don’t look as strong down back with Scott Thompson out of the line-up and this freed up McCarthy throughout the day. He had 20 Possessions took 5 Marks and kicked 5 Goals.

3 Votes: (Fremantle) Nat Fyfe

Whenever Fyfe gets over 30 disposals he normally gets the three votes and this should be no different. 22 Contested Possessions and a total of 10 Clearances would have Fyfe a favorite for the 3 votes in this encounter.

It was a great round of footy with a lot of close contests and underdog sides getting a win.

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