Brownlow Medal Predictor, Round 1 2020

We are back with the Brownlow Medal Predictor for AFL Season 2020.

Congratulations to Nat Fyfe for taking out the 2019 award, and many believe he got more votes than projected, but clearly had a fantastic season. 

To see how the dailysportsbuddy, Brownlow Medal Predictor went last season click the following link.

Brownlow Medal Predictor 2019. 

Round 1 of the 2020 AFL Season is underway, and it will be interesting to see how this season pans out.

The Brownlow Medal is always something that generates a lot of interest in the latter stages of the season, and it is always handy to know who are some of the better chances to take out the award.

Be sure to check back each week of the 2020 AFL Season for an in-depth look at the some of the better players for each round and who should get the votes.

Round by Round analysis of the Brownlow Medal Count. Who gets the Brownlow Votes and who has the best chance to become the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night for AFL Season 2020.

Here are the projected Brownlow Medal Votes for Round 1 of the 2020 AFL Season.

Round 1 Brownlow 2020

Richmond vs Carlton

Richmond 16.9 105 – Carlton 12.9 81

(Richmond by 24 Points)

Vote Chances

Jack Martin (Carlton) – 17 Disposals, 4 Goals and 10 Score Involvements

Jacob Weitering (Carlton) – 12 Disposals, including 8 Intercept Possessions

Trent Cotchin (Richmond) – 19 Disposals, 7 Score Involvements and 5 Inside 50s

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Richmond) Dustin Martin

Not one of Dustin’s best games, but when he has an impact he usually features in the votes. 24 Possessions, 8 Score Involvements and a goal, in the Tigers win.

2 Votes (Carlton) Patrick Cripps

The Round Five and Round Ten leader of last years count, Cripps was the best Carlton player on the ground. 17 of his 31 Possessions were contested, and he racked up 10 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s. Also helped the Blues score, especially in the second half, with 9 Score Involvements.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dion Prestia

Cripps may get the three votes in the game, but Richmond won and Prestia had the most significant impact. 9 of his 25 Possessions were Inside 50s, and he racked up 8 Score Involvements and kicked a goal, to arguably be the best player on the ground.

Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Western Bulldogs 5.4 34 – Collingwood 13.8 86

(Collingwood by 52 Points)

Vote Chances

Scott Pendlebury – 25 Disposals and 6 Score Involvements

Brody Mihocek – 11 Disposals, 3 Goals, 8 Score Involvements and 8 Marks

Chris Mayne – 29 Disposals, 8 Score Involvements and 7 Marks

Projected Votes

1 Vote – (Collingwood) Jeremy Howe

Howe was impressive defensively in this contest and stood out with 12 Intercept Possessions. The majority of his 25 Disposals were efficient, and 3 of his 9 Marks were contested on the defensive end.

2 Votes – (Collingwood) Taylor Adams

In the absence of Treloar, Adams stood up and racked up 26 Disposals, including 14 Contested. Did a lot of the hard work in the middle with 12 Clearances, and had 5 Tackles to go with a goal.

3 Votes – (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy

Grundy won the ruck battle with 35 Hit-outs and 19 Disposals, including 13 Contested. The big ruckman covers the ground well and got involved in the scoring with 1 Goal, and 9 Score Involvements. A pretty good chance for the maximum votes in the win. 

Essendon vs Fremantle

Essendon 9.9 63 – Fremantle 8.9 57

(Essendon by 6 Points)

Vote Chances

Andrew McGrath – 23 Disposals, 8 Tackles and 6 Intercept Possessions

Adam Saad – 28 Disposals, 6 Marks and 6 Rebound 50s

Michael Walters – 21 Disposals, 1 Goal, 8 Score Involvements, 6 Inside 50s and 5 Clearances

Projected Votes

1 Vote – (Fremantle) Rory Lobb

The Dockers made a comeback in the latter stages of the contest and Lobb was a significant contributing factor. Not a lot of the footy with 15 Disposals, but 4 of his 7 marks were contested, and he kicked 2 Goals. Also had 7 Score Involvements, and was a big reason the game became close towards the end.

2 Votes – (Fremantle) Nat Fyfe

We all know Fyfe won the 2019 Brownlow Medal and probably got more votes than projected. These were the types of games he polled in, and this was another solid show. 26 Disposals including 10 Contested, 4 Marks and 4 Tackles, would suggest he should feature in the votes.

3 Votes – (Essendon) Dylan Shiel

The run and carry of Shiel was on show, and he was the best player on the ground. 21 of his 35 Possessions were Kicks, and he had 9 Clearances to have the most significant impact on the ground, and help set up the Bombers win.

Adelaide vs Sydney

Adelaide 11.5 71 – Sydney 11.8 74

(Sydney by 3 Points)

Vote Chances

Rory Sloane – 17 Disposals (15 Contested), 9 Clearances, 7 Tackles, 7 Score Involvements, 5 Inside 50s and 1 Goal

Oliver Florent – 21 Disposals, 6 Clearances, 5 Inside 50s and 8 Score Involvements

Wayne Milera – 15 Disposals, 7 Intercept Possessions and 5 Marks

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Sydney) Josh Kennedy

The veteran Swan midfielder had a big day with 16 of his 25 Disposals being contested. He used the footy well for the majority of the contest and did the hard work in the middle with 10 Clearances, and 7 Tackles.

2 Votes (Sydney) Luke Parker 

A solid day in the middle for Parker and he managed to rack up 30 Possessions, including 13 Contested. Worked hard in the middle of the ground with Kennedy, and had 12 Clearances and 6 Tackles, to help get the Swans the four points.

3 Votes (Sydney) Issac Heeney

Not a lot of the footy for Heeney, but he was the best forward on the ground with 4 Goals. 12 of his 16 Disposals were contested, and he had 4 Tackles and 5 Marks, to have a significant impact on the result.

GWS vs Geelong

GWS 17.3 105 – Geelong 11.7 73

(GWS by 32 Points)

Vote Chances

Matt de Boer – 14 Disposals, 5 Clearances and 5 Tackles (Tagged Dangerfield)

Jacob Hopper – 22 Disposals, 7 Marks, 5 Inside 50s and 4 Clearances

Toby Greene – 16 Disposals, 7 Score Involvements, 4 Goals and 6 Marks

Projected Votes

1 Vote (GWS) Nick Haynes

Haynes is one of the best intercept defenders in the game and on this occasion he had 10 Intercept Possessions, to go with his 20 Touches, that were mainly effective kicks. 2 of his 9 Marks were contested, and he had 9 Rebound 50s, in a classy display down back.

2 Votes (Geelong) Mitch Duncan

Geelong’s best in a losing side, Duncan had a good match and booted 3 Goals. He racked up 21 Disposals, 8 Score Involvements and put the ball Inside 50 on 5 occasions, to be the best Cat on the ground.

3 Votes (GWS) Harry Perryman

Perryman had a night out and booted 4 Goals, with his 20 Disposals coming at 85% Efficiency. He kept reading the play and getting in the best spots to attack the scoreboard, and was the most influential player on the ground.

Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Gold Coast 4.5 29 – Port Adelaide 10.16 76

(Port Adelaide by 47 Points)

Vote Chances

Brad Ebert – 20 Disposals, 8 Marks, 9 Score Involvements, 6 Tackles and 1 Goal

Darcy Byrne-Jones – 25 Disposals, 10 Intercept Possessions, 5 Marks and 4 Rebound 50s

Robbie Gray – 18 Disposals, 11 Score Involvements, 6 Marks, and 4 Inside 50s

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Port Adelaide) Tom Rockliff

A fine game from Rockliff, with 10 of his 26 Possessions being contested. Also racked up 6 Clearances, 4 Tackles and 7 Inside 50s, to be one of the best midfielders in the Powers win.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Conor Rozee

In his second season, the young fella is continuing from his rookie year with some excellent football. 21 Disposals, 8 Inside 50s, 6 Marks and 8 Score Involvements, and he was one of the more influential players in this contest. Also booted a goal, in a big game up forward. 

3 Votes (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak

The former captain led from the front and racked up 25 Disposals, including 12 Contested. He also did a lot of the inside work with 7 Clearances, 4 Tackles and 5 Inside 50s, and it is tough to find a player that had a more significant impact in this match.

North Melbourne vs St Kilda

North Melbourne 8.8 56 – St Kilda 7.12 54

(North Melbourne by 2 Points)

Vote Chances

Jack Billings – 18 Disposals, 2 Goals and 6 Tackles

Todd Goldstein – 14 Disposals, 27 Hit -outs, 7 Clearances and 1 Goal

Jack Steele – 22 Disposals, 4 Clearances and 6 Score Involvements.

Projected Votes

1 Vote (St Kilda) Zak Jones

The Saints recruit had an excellent game for his new club and did a lot of work in the middle of the ground. 12 of his 22 Disposals were contested, and he racked up 7 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 8 Score Involvements, to be one of the Saints best.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Jared Polec

In a come from behind win, Polec was one of the Kangaroos best players. Polec has a distinctive run and carry to his game, and a penetrating left boot, in which he put the ball Inside 50 on 8 occasions. Racked up 25 Disposals, in which 18 were Kicks, and helped the Roos for a comeback win. 

3 Votes (North Melbourne) Ben Cunnington

Cunnington did not poll as well as predicted in the 2019 count, but he has to get the 3 votes in this game. 16 of his 25 Possessions were contested, and he racked up 6 Clearances and 7 Tackles. He booted a couple of goals, had 2 Contested Marks and was involved in the Roos scoring on 8 occasions.  Played a big part in the comeback, and deserves maximum votes.

Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Hawthorn 14.6 90 – Brisbane 9.8 62

(Hawthorn by 28 Points)

Vote Chances

Jaeger O’Meara – 23 Disposals, 4 Clearances and 5 Tackles

Luke Breust – 12 Disposals, 3 Goals, 10 Score Involvements and 2 Goal Assists

Shaun Burgoyne – 10 Disposals, 3 Goals, 4 Tackles and 6 Score Involvements

Projected Votes

1 Vote (Hawthorn) Tom Mitchell

The 2018 Brownlow Medalist is back after a lengthy absence with a broken leg. 14 of his 25 Disposals were contested, and he racked up 9 Clearances, to be one of the best midfielders out there.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale

The Lions lost the match, but Neale was still one of the best out there. 16 of his 26 Possessions were contested, and he racked up 8 Clearances, 10 Tackles, 5 Inside 50s and 7 Score Involvements. Should poll, despite the loss.

3 Votes (Hawthorn) Chad Wingard

We all know Wingard can occasionally turn it on and this match was no exception. 3 Goals, 7 Score Involvements, 5 Marks and 20 Possessions up forward, and he was a big reason the Hawks had a big win to start their 2020 campaign.

West Coast vs Melbourne

West Coast 12.6 78 – Melbourne 7.9 51

(West Coast by 27 Points)

Vote Chances

Liam Ryan – 14 Disposals, 3 Goals and 9 Score Involvements

Shannon Hurn – 23 Disposals, 9 Marks and 8 Intercept Possessions

Dom Sheed – 22 Disposals, 8 Score Involvements, 2 Goals and 6 Marks

Projected Votes

1 Vote (West Coast) Luke Shuey

He may have turned the ball over 9 times in this match, but Shuey was influential in the middle with 27 Disposals, 8 Marks, 5 Clearances and 5 Tackles. May not poll, but he is a leader, and when the leaders play a semi-decent game they are always a chance to poll votes.

2 Votes (West Coast) Andrew Gaff

The Eagles best, Gaff has a unique ability to find himself free on the footy field, and this game was no exception. 30 Disposals at 87% Efficiency, 8 Marks, 7 Score Involvements and he booted a goal. Has polled well in previous counts with similar numbers and limited contested possessions, and this may be another.

3 Votes (Melbourne) Jack Viney

Viney has played some excellent football before, but this may have been his best performance based on statistics. The Demons lost the match, but Viney seemed everywhere with 20 of his 34 Disposals being contested. Also had 8 Intercept Possessions, 7 Clearances, 6 Tackles, 5 Inside 50s and 1 Goal. It was hard to give the 3 votes to anybody else, and his individual performance stood out. 

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