Brownlow Predictions for Round 3 2019

Another week of close games and some results that have a couple of Flag Favourites down the bottom part of the AFL Ladder.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor, Round 3 2019.

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Adelaide vs Geelong

Adelaide 10.15 75 – Geelong 14.15 99

(Geelong by 24 Points)

1 Vote: (Geelong) Mark Blicavs (1)

The running machine from Geelong has gone down back and it seemed every time the Crows went forward he was always there to disrupt things. Had 22 Possessions and 5 Score Involvements, but it was his 7 Intercept Possessions that should get noticed and get him a vote.

2 Votes: (Adelaide) Brad Crouch (4)

If the Crouch boys didn’t play in this game it could have been a bigger win for the Cats. Brad Crouch had 35 Possessions, 8 Clearances, and 6 Tackles. His 8 Score Involvements kept the Crows in the game and was their best player in a loss.

3 Votes: (Geelong) Patrick Dangerfield (8)

Another massive game from Dangerfield and he seems to step it up a notch against his former club.

32 Possessions including 16 Contested and 11 Score Involvements made him the best player on the ground. His 12 Clearances, 12 Inside 50s and 10 Tackles will also go along way to getting the 3 Votes. A clear best on ground in a big win in Adelaide.

Melbourne vs Essendon

Melbourne 18.4 112 – Essendon 20.10 130

(Essendon by 18 Points)

1 Vote: (Essendon) David Zaharakis (1)

Zaharakis seemed everywhere when the game was on the line in the second half when the Demons were having a crack. His 31 Disposals, 2 Goal Assists, 7 Score Involvements, and 7 Clearances played a big part in setting up the Bomber win.

2 Votes: (Melbourne) Angus Brayshaw (2)

Brayshaw was the Demons best player in a contest in which they looked a lot better than previous weeks. He had 34 Possessions, 7 Clearances and 10 Inside 50s. He also helped the Demons score on 8 occasions to stand out and probably get some Brownlow Votes.

3 Votes: (Essendon) Dyson Heppell (3)

The Captain of the club and the other seniors stood up to get the Bombers a much-needed win. Heppell doesn’t need a huge amount of the footy to make an impact but had 27 Possessions in which 14 were Contested. He also had 2 Goal Assists, 7 Score Involvements, 5 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s to be the best player on the ground.

Carlton vs Sydney

Carlton 10.14 74 – Sydney 14.9 93

(Sydney by 19 Points)

1 Vote: (Sydney) Josh Kennedy (2)

Kennedy had another solid performance in the middle and was always in and around the stoppages when it mattered. On this Occasion, he collected 31 Possessions including 13 Contested. He also had 7 Clearances, 7 Inside 50s, 8 Tackles and booted a goal to be one of the Swans Strongest Contributors.

2 Votes (Carlton) Patrick Cripps (5)

The Big Frame Midfielder is fast becoming one of the best players in the competition and was once again Carlton’s best by a mile. It’s his work around the stoppages that will rack him up the votes. Another fine display with 28 Possessions in which 22 of them were Contested. He helped Carlton Score on nine occasions and had 13 Clearances and 8 Tackles. May even get the 3 votes in this match.

3 Votes (Sydney) Issac Heeney (3)

Some of the Swans better players needed to step up and Heeney certainly did that. He had 26 Possessions, Kicked 4 Goals and was involved in a Swans Scoring Procedure on 4 Occasions. Throw in 8 Marks and 4 Clearances and he was probably the best player on the ground.

GWS vs Richmond

GWS 19-11 125 – Richmond 10.16 76

(GWS by 49 Points)

1 Vote: (Richmond) Kane Lambert (1)

Without some stars and some out of form players, Richmond were average. Kane Lambert can hold his head up high as he was Richmond’s best and deserves a vote. He had 34 Possessions including 12 Contested at 76% Efficiency. He also kicked a goal had 2 Goal Assists and 8 Score Involvements. Also had 5 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s.

2 Votes (GWS) Lachie Whitfield (3)

Whitfield was knocked up getting touches in this contest with 42 at 76% efficiency. He also had 3 Goal Assists and was involved in the GWS Scoring on 10 separate occasions. Had a lot of space because of his running power and this helped him to 8 Inside 50s and 6 Rebound 50s.

3 Votes: (GWS) Jeremy Cameron (3)

Cameron had a big match and racked up 30 Disposals as a forward. Without a couple of the Tigers better defenders not out there, he made the most of it and filled up the stat sheet.

He was involved in a GWS scoring procedure on 16 occasions and booted 7 Goals. 7 Marks Inside 50, meant he had a lot of opportunities and the Tigers had no answer to the GWS Big Man.

Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Brisbane 16.11 107 – Port Adelaide 13.12 90

(Brisbane by 17 Points)

1 Vote: (Port Adelaide) Conor Rozee (1)

The Power were in a position to win this game and Rozee played a big part in setting up a potential win. Anytime a player kicks five goals they have to be considered a vote chance. He was involved in a Port Adelaide scoring thrust on 13 occasions and kicked 5 himself to go with 21 disposals. Also took a couple of decent contested marks.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Eric Hipwood (2)

The Rafa Nadal look alike doesn’t need a lot of the footy to have an impact and he was a clear X Factor in setting up another Lions Victory. Hipwood kicked 6 important goals and was involved in the scoring on ten separate occasions. Just the 14 Possessions but had a big impact.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (9)

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has Lachie Neale on 9 Votes at this stage. Neale was once again the best player on the ground and racked up 43 Possessions including an astonishing 25 Contested at 85% Efficiency. He also had 15 Clearances and 10 Score Involvements to be a clear Best on Ground at the Gabba on a Saturday Evening.

Collingwood vs West Coast

Collingwood 11.10 76 – West Coast 15.8 98

(West Coast by 22 Points)

1 Vote: (West Coast) Jamie Cripps (1)

The West Coast Small Forward kicked 4 Goals and was a solid contributor in an upset win at the G. As well as his 4 Goals he had 18 Disposals a Goal Assist and was involved in an Eagles scoring procedure on 8 occasions. Was also handy in getting the ball inside the Eagles Forward Line with 6 Inside 50s.

2 Votes: (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (2)

The Collingwood big man was the Dominant Ruckman on the field with 40 Hitouts and 22 Possessions. His 11 Clearances were noticeable and was definitely Collingwoods best player in a disappointing overall effort from the Pies.

3 Votes: (West Coast) Andrew Gaff (3)

After a lengthy suspension, Andrew Gaff was back and was the Eagles best player. 35 Possessions, 5 Clearances and 4 inside 50s made him one of the Eagles best.

Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Western Bulldogs 9.14 68 – Gold Coast 10.13 73

(Gold Coast by 5 Points)

1 Vote: (W.Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (4)

This game was a difficult one to give votes in. Bontempelli was very good most of the day and the Bulldogs had a lack of help from their bottom end. 34 Disposals, 9 Score Involvements, 6 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s made Bontempelli one of the best afield.

2 Votes: (W.Bulldogs) Tom Liberatore (6)

The sun of a gun is having a ripper start to the season and filling up the stat sheet in the process.

He was a big contributor in another Bulldogs comeback, but they just fell short. 30 Possessions including 22 Contested, at 80% Efficiency. Was also big in the middle with 12 Clearances and 9 Tackles.

3 Votes: (Gold Coast) Jack Martin (3)

A great away win by Gold Coast and the talented Martin was their best player. 23 Possessions, 10 Score Involvements, and 2 Goal Assists made him the most important player on the ground. His forward pressure was also a big factor laying 6 tackles.

Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Hawthorn 13.9 87 – North Melbourne 10.11 71

(Hawthorn by 16 Points)

1 Vote: (Hawthorn) Luke Bruest (1)

Breust didn’t get a lot of the footy but when he does he hits the scoreboard. Just the 13 Disposals but managed to kick 5 goals to be a match winner for the Hawks.

2 Votes: (North Melbourne) Shaun Higgins (2)

Higgins was the Kangaroos best with 36 Disposals at 78% Efficiency. What stood out was his 9 Inside 50s and he had an impact on the Kangaroos Scoring Account on 9 Occasions whilst scoring a goal himself.

3 Votes: (Hawthorn) Jaeger O’Meara (5)

O’Meara was the standout in this match and his defensive pressure, with 12 Tackles, will be noticed by the umpires. 32 Disposals and 10 Clearances made him the best player on the ground in a narrow Hawks win.

Fremantle vs St.Kilda

Fremantle 11.5 71 – St.Kilda 9.12 66

(Fremantle by 5 Points)

1 Vote: (St.Kilda) Jack Billings (3)

Billings racked up 32 Possessions and kicked 2 goals in a solid performance. He seems to have taken a step forward this season and the Saints need him to. Also had 6 Inside 50s as part of his 15 kicks.

2 Votes: (Fremantle) Michael Walters (2)

When the game was on the line Walters stepped up and was solid for most of the day. Collected 27 Possessions at 93% Efficiency along with 7 Clearances. He was solid up forward with 2 Goals a Goal Assist and a total of 7 Score Involvements.

3 Votes: (Fremantle) Luke Ryan (3)

Ryan was going to get noticed no matter what with a distinctive new hair cut. He also filled the stat sheet up with 32 Disposals, 25 by foot at 91% Efficiency. His 13 Intercept Possessions and 9 Rebound 50s made him the best player on the ground.

They are some of the better picks for the Brownlow Medal for Round 3 2019.

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