Bunched up Leaderboard, Round 22 2019

Just the one round to go for the 2019 AFL Season and the Brownlow Medal Count is shaping up as being one of the closest in recent times.

A few of the previous winners are right up there in the mix although Dustin Martin from the Richmond Tigers cannot win it due to suspension, despite a best on ground effort against the Eagles, in a narrow win in Round 22.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 22 2019.

Be sure to check back each day for in depth round by round analysis and Brownlow Predictions. Who is likely to be the Brownlow Medal Winner and the projected Brownlow Medal Leader for each round.

Melbourne vs Sydney

Melbourne 5.12 42 – Sydney 15.5 95

(Sydney by 53 Points)

1 Vote (Sydney) Luke Parker (13)

In one of the ugliest Friday Night matches of the season the Swans came out on top and Luke Parker was one of their better players. 13 of his 25 Possessions were Contested and he racked up 6 Clearances and provided good pressure with 8 Tackles. A tough game to give votes with no real standouts, but Parker is a chance to poll in this match.

2 Votes (Sydney) Sam Reid (5)

Reid was good in the early stages of the contest and helped set up the win. Just the 14 Possessions, but took 7 Marks and managed to kick 3 important Goals. All of his Possessions were up Forward and he looked dangerous all night providing lots of headaches for the Demons defenders.

3 Votes (Sydney) Oliver Florent (3)

Florent has some distinctive pace and stands out when he gets the footy. 12 of his 28 Possessions were Contested and he had 4 Clearances, 4 Tackles and 4 Inside 50s in a possible Best on Ground Performance.

Carlton vs St Kilda

Carlton 11.12 78 – St Kilda 10.8 68

(Carlton by 10 Points)

1 Vote (Carlton) Marc Murphy (3)

Murphy is back in the middle and has been impressive of late. 16 of his 27 Possessions were kicks and he used the footy at 85% Efficiency. Also had 5 Tackles, 6 Inside 50s and 5 Rebound 50s in an impressive Midfiled showing. 6 Marks, 6 Score Involvements and a goal will give him a decent shot at votes in the win.

2 Votes (St Kilda) Jack Steele (8)

Steele laid an impressive 14 Tackles in this game and 12 of his 20 Possessions were Contested. Also had 5 Clearances, but his 41 Pressure Acts should not go unnoticed and he was important in keeping the Saints in the match.

3 Votes (Carlton) Matthew Kruezer (4)

We may never see the best of Kruezer due to injury, but he was a significant contributing factor in the win over the Saints.

15 of his 21 Possessions were Contested and he got the footy a lot in the latter stages of the contest. He racked up 9 Clearances, 8 Inside 50s and 7 Score Involvements to have a decent chance at all 3 votes in this match.

Brisbane vs Geelong

Brisbane 10.15 75 – Geelong 10.14 74

(Brisbane by 1 Point)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Charlie Cameron (4)

The Cats coach came out and said that Cameron may not have had a huge impact in this game and it will be interesting to see what the umpires think. 17 Possessions mainly up forward and 8 Score Involvements and 5 Goals made him one of the most important players on the ground. A sneaky goal scorer in a close contest is always important and he should get votes in the one-point win.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Jarryd Lyons (16)

Lyons has played a big part in the reason the Lions currently sit on top of the AFL Ladder. 19 of his 28 Possessions were Contested and he racked up 10 Score Involvements and kicked a goal. Players that poll well in the Brownlow normally do well in a few key statistical areas. Lyons had 9 Clearances, 11 Tackles and 10 Inside 50s to stake a claim for best on ground honours.

3 Votes (Geelong) Patrick Dangerfield (23)

Dangerfield always polls well on Brownlow Medal Night and when he fills up the Stat sheet he normally gets the 3 Votes. A natural leader, Danger racked up 36 Possessions in which 23 were Contested. Also had 9 Clearances, 8 Inside 50s and 11 Score Involvemtns to be favourite for the 3 Votes despite the loss.

Adelaide vs Collingwood

Adelaide 6.12 48 – Collingwood 17.12 114

(Collingwood by 66 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Jamie Elliott (1)

The Pies had a big win in Adelaide and it was an out of form forward who had a big impact in this match. Pies fans will be happy to see Jamie Elliott hit some form so close to the finals. He had 12 Score Involvements and kicked 5 goals as well as presenting all evening with 10 Marks including 2 Contested.

2 Votes (Collingwood) Scott Pendlebury (20)

When Pendlebury gets the footy he makes good decisions and the Veteran Pie is having a very good year. 34 Possessions, 10 Score Involvements, 10 Marks and a lot of metres gained made him one of the most important players on the ground.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Brayden Maynard (3)

Maynard has a penetrating left foot boot and used it on 22 Occasions with his 30 Disposlas coming at 83% Efficiency. Was used as a link-up player on numerous occasions with 12 Marks and racked up 5 Inside 50s and 6 Rebound 50s to be the favourite for the 3 Votes in this game.

North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

North Melbourne 22.12 144 – Port Adelaide 8.10 58

(North Melbourne by 86 Points)

1 Vote (North Melbourne) Ben Cunnington (16)

The Roos smashed the Power and more than likely destroyed any hope of them playing finals. Cunnington was big in the middle with 37 Possessions including 20 Contested at 84% Efficiency. He also racked up 11 Score Involvements and 9 Clearances to be a big chance to poll in this match.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Todd Goldstein (5)

A massive game in the ruck for Goldstein and he racked up 34 Disposals at 88% Efficiency including 19 Contested. The game may have been one-sided, but he also had 17 Score Involvements, 9 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s to have a massive impact in the huge win.

3 Votes (North Melbourne) Ben Brown (8)

Brown is now the leader of the Coleman Medal and managed to kick 10 Goals on this occasion. His 14 Disposals came at 93% Efficiency and he racked up 11 Score Involvements. Didn’t get a lot of the footy, but the 10 Goals should make him a certainty for the 3 Votes.

Fremantle vs Essendon

Fremantle 7.13 55 – Essendon 13.9 87

(Essendon by 32 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) Zac Merrett (14)

The Bombers went out West and made the most of the Dockers distinctive lack of skills. Not as much of the footy for Merrett as usual with the 23 Possessions, but he booted a couple of goals and applied good pressure with 10 Tackles. Should feature in the votes.

2 Votes (Fremantle) Michael Walters (16)

Walters tried his hardest, but his teammates lack the skills that makes Walters stand out so much. 14 of his 36 Possessions were Contested and he had 9 Score Involvements and booted a couple of goals. 7 Clearances, 5 Inside 50s and 8 Marks should help him land votes despite the loss.

3 Votes (Essendon) Dylan Shiel (9)

The Quick acceleration of Shiel showed in this match and he was one of the best out there. 13 of his 27 Possessions were Contested and he had 7 Score Involvements and kicked a goal. 5 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 7 Inside 50s will help his cause for votes, but when the game was up for grabs he was the Bombers best.

Richmond vs West Coast

Richmond 13.10 88 – West Coast 13.4 82

(Richmond by 6 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Shane Edwards (4)

In what some say the Game of the Year so far Edwards was a significant contributor. A massive 715 Metres Gained and 13 of his 29 Disposals were Contested. He also had 6 Score Involvements and kicked a goal. It will be his 11 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s that may help him to vote in this match as Bachar Houli from the Tigers was also very good.

2 Votes (West Coast) Elliot Yeo (15)

Yeo went head to head with Martin and they both had big games. 18 of his 26 Possessions were Contested and he did a good job at extracting the football. 15 Clearances, 8 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s will go along way to helping him get votes in this game.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dustin Martin (22)

Martin is hitting form at the right time of the year and was a clear Best on Ground in the win. 14 of his 35 Disposals were Contested including 27 Kicks, and ended up with a massive 818 Metres Gained. 8 Score Involvements, 6 Clearances and 13 Inside 50s should make him almost a certainty for 3 Votes.

GWS vs Western Bulldogs

GWS 9.11 65 – Western Bulldogs 19.12 126

(Western Bulldogs by 61 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (19)

A noted vote-getter Bontempelli stands out on the Football Field with a distinctive silky skill set. 12 of his 25 Disposals were Contested and he racked up 8 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 6 Score Involvements to be one of the Bulldogs best.

2 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (19)

Macrae is once again having a decent season and made it tough for the Giants Mids. 14 of his 39 Possessions were Contested with 27 of them Handballs. He racked up 8 Score Involvements, 7 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s to be one of the better late finishes for the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019.

3 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Josh Dunkley (16)

Dunkley is having a career season and improved his Disposal Efficiency with his 31 Possessions coming at 84% Efficiency. He racked up 8 Score Involvements and kicked a couple of goals as well as 6 Marks. His work in the middle cannot be denied as he had 8 Clearances and 10 Tackles to arguably be the best on ground.

Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Hawthorn 19.10 118 – Gold Coast 7.6 48

(Hawthorn by 70 Points)

1 Vote (Hawthorn) Jarrod Roughead (1)

A great way to finish a career and Roughead may have been given a lot of chances in this game, but he certainly made the most of them. Just the 14 Possessions, but had 5 Marks, 8 Score Involvements and kicked 6 Goals in a solid send-off game.

2 Votes (Hawthorn) Chad Wingard (2)

The Hawks fans will be wondering where this sort of form was all season as Wingard was one of the best out there. We know what he can produce and was massive in the first half of the match. 22 Possessions, 2 Goals and 7 Score Involvements ensured had have a big impact. Also took 7 Marks, 10 Tackles and put the ball Inside 50 on 7 Occasions.

3 Votes (Hawthorn) James Worpel (12)

A massive finish to the season for the young midfielder and it will be interesting to see the impact the Hawks may have when they get Tom Mitchell back next year.

20 of his 34 Possessions were Contested and he racked up 7 Score Involvements and kicked a couple of goals. 13 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 7 Inside 50s and he was a clear best on the ground in the massive win.

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N.Fyfe 24

L.Neale 23

P.Dangerfield 23

P.Cripps 22

D.Martin 22

S.Pendlebury 20

M.Bontempelli 19

J.Macrae 19

T.Boak 18

T.Kelly 17

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