Free NBA Tips and Predictions, April 5th 2019

Getting close to the NBA Finals and it’s getting harder and harder to pick a result as teams are trying out rosters and the better sides are resting players.

There are 13 games on today’s slate and after going through all of them only 6 can be considered some of the better NBA Picks for April 5th, 2019

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Toronto Raptors @ Charlotte Hornets

Prediction + 223.5

Both these sides have been in high scoring contests of late. The Hornets cannot make the playoffs and defense will not be a big factor in this game. The Over is looking decent if both sides get on an offensive roll.

New York Knicks @ Houston Rockets

Prediction + 220.5

Houston may take a night off on the defensive end and rest some players for this one. The New York Knicks are a terrible side but have been playing well of late. The lack of Rockets Defense may help the younger Knicks get on a scoring roll and the Game should go over the number.

Miami Heat @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Prediction Miami (Win)

Deja vu I know, but the Heat have won 5 of their last 7 road games and need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Dwyane Wade is a big game player and will want to finish his career in the postseason. The Heat have too much to play for and should win this game.

Detroit Pistons @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Prediction + 215.5

Detroit also needs to win but keep disappointing of late. It’s questionable whether or not they even want to play in the postseason or just have an early holiday. If that is the case this game could be high scoring either way.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks

Prediction -220.5

The Memphis Grizzlies are traditionally a team that plays a slow pace brand of basketball and are involved in low scoring encounters.

Given that this game could go either way and could be close it should be low scoring. The under looks slightly better than the over for a marginal edge.

Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz

Prediction + 224.5

The Utah Jazz is a solid team but can get sucked into a fast-paced ball game, and the game can be high scoring.

Given that the Kings cannot make the playoffs they may slack off on defense and the Jazz may just try and win this one in a shootout. The over looks pretty decent in this encounter.

So there are some of the better NBA Picks for April 5th, 2019. A good source for helping pick some of these results was from Team Rankings.

Check back for more predictions and look forward to the playoffs when over/unders and head to heads become slightly easier to pick because both sides bring A Grade Defence.

Results Today 

Game Total – 2/5

Head to Head – 0/1

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