Most Grand Slams – Last 20 Years

If you are a tennis fan, you would know that Roger Federer holds the record for most Grand Slam men’s singles titles with twenty.

He has been arguably one of the greats of tennis and is still playing the game at the highest level well into his late thirties.

He does have a little competition in the latter stages of his career with Rafael Nadal close behind with 19 Tennis Grand Slams and Novak Djokovic on 17 Grand Slams.

Over the past twenty years, we have been treated to seeing three of the great tennis players of all-time all compete during the same era in the Tennis Majors. They have played each other in some massive finals and made it tough for anybody else to become a Tennis Grand Slam Winner over the past twenty years.

Over the past 20 years Roger Federer, Rafel Nadal and Novak Djokovic have won an incredible 69%, 56 of the 81 Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments.

Since Roger Federer won the 2003 Wimbledon Tournament, the big three have won an incredible 56 of the next 67 Tennis Grand Slams at 83.6%.

All three have dominated the game, and it has been enjoyable for both tennis and sports fans alike.

So who have been some of the other tennis players that have performed well in the Mens Tennis Grand Slams over the past 20 years?

Here is a top ten of the best performing players Tennis Champions in the Grand Slams over the last twenty years and the Most Tennis Grand Slam Wins.

Most Grand Slams – Last 20 Years

10.) Pete Sampras

Grand Slam Wins – 2 (2000-2020)  has 14 over career

Final Appearances – 4 (2000-2020) has 18 over career

Semi-Final Appearances – 5 (2000-2020)  has 23 over career

Most of Pete Sampras achievements were before the turn of the century where he was well regarded as the best player in the world for an extended period throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

Sampras has won a total of fourteen Grand Slam titles and is fourth on the all-time list.

It may have been at the back end of his career, but Pete Sampras managed to win Wimbledon in 2000 and the US Open in 2002. He was a contender in all the events in the early 2000s and has had an impact as one of the better Tennis Major Winners of the last twenty years.

9.) Lleyton Hewitt

Grand Slam Wins – 2

Finals Appearances – 4

Semi-Final Appearances – 8

Lleyton Hewitt was one of the best up and coming tennis players at the turn of the century.

He managed to get his World Ranking to number one and was a regular contender in the Grand Slams in the early 2000s.

Lleyton Hewitt won the 2001 US Open and the 2002 Wimbledon title and was well on his way to having a stellar career in the game of tennis.

Hewitt did not have as big of an impact in the last ten years of his career, but would always make a first or second-round opponent nervous because of his work ethic on the court and never give in attitude.

8.) Marat Safin

Grand Slam Wins – 2

Finals Appearances – 4

Semi-Final Appearances – 7

The Russian great was a regular contributor in the tennis grand slams during his career and managed to win a major on two occasions.

Safin won the 2000 US Open and upset Australian Lleyton Hewit in the 2005 Australian Open in Melbourne.

Always one of the main drawcards for fans at any of the tennis majors, Safin could entertain but was known to lose his cool on the odd occasion in a close match.

One of the Russian tennis greats and a consistent perfomer over the past 20 years.

7.) Andy Roddick

Grand Slam Wins – 1

Finals Appearances – 5

Semi-Final Appearances – 10

Perhaps one of the most entertaining tennis players of the past 20 years, Andy Roddick was a solid player and had his chances to win more than 1 Grand Slam title.

He faced off against Roger Federer in consecutive years at Wimbledon and was always a chance with such a fast, consistent service game that would make it tough for his opponents.

Ten Semi-Final appearances saw him feature in the backend of the majority of the Tennis Grand Slams on numerous occasions and would feature on centre court for a lot of his matches.

One of the best from the USA over the past 20 years.

6.) Stan Wawrinka

Grand Slam Wins – 3

Finals Appearances – 4

Semi-Final Appearances – 9

Stan Wawrinka took a while to make his mark on the big stage but finally broke through for his first Grand Slam win at the Australian Open in 2014.

Since then he has managed to win another two titles including the French Open in 2015 and the US Open in 2016.

Not quite the best Swiss player of his generation, but a clear second, Wawrinka has a lethal backhand and never seems to be out of a match if he’s game is on.

5.) Andre Agassi

Grand Slam Wins – 3 (2000-2020) 8 over career

Finals Appearances – 5 (2000-2020) 15 over career

Semi-Finals Appearances – 9 (2000-2020) 26 over career

One of the true greats of tennis, Agassi made his mark on the game before the turn of the century. He did, however, have an impact on the start of the 2000s and managed to win a Grand Slam on three occasions.

A total of eight wins over his career and 15 finals appearances made him one of the greats of the game.

A unique style to his game and a real competitor, Agassi made it difficult for any of his opponents when they matched up.

4.) Andy Murray

Grand Slam Wins – 3

Finals Appearances – 11

Semi-Final Appearances – 21

Some would argue that in any other era, Murray would be considered one of the greats of tennis, but unfortunately, he has had to compete against the three best players of all-time throughout his entire career.

There was a stage when it seemed like he may never breakthrough for a significant win with a stack of finals appearances.

Murray finally broke through for his first win in the 2012 US Open tournament and has been a contributor in the back end of a lot of Grand Slam events with 21 Semi-Final Appearances throughout his career.

One of the greats of English tennis and one of the most deserving major champions of recent times.

3.) Novak Djokovic

Grand Slam Wins – 17

Finals Appearances – 26

Semi-Final Appearances – 37

One of the big three that has dominated the Tennis Grand Slams over the last twenty years, Djokovic has taken home his share of titles.

He has a staggering 17 Grand Slam titles to his name, including eight Australian Opens, five Wimbledon titles, 3 US Open titles and one French Open titles.

Djokovic is one of the best defenders the game has seen and has been one of the more consisted performers in the tennis Grand Slams with 37 Semi-Final appearances.

He has dominated the Australian Open in recent years with 8 Victories and is still always one of the Hot Favourites to take out a title when they come around.

2.) Rafael Nadal

Grand Slam Wins – 19

Finals Appearances – 27

Semi-Final Appearances – 33

Rafael Nadal has dominated the French Open since his first win in 2005 and has since won the event at Roland Garros on 12 Occasions.

He has also won 4 US Open Titles, 2 Wimbledon titles and 1 Australian Open Title.

Nadal has played in some of the most epic Grand Slam Finals in history with the most memorable coming in the 2012 Australian Open final in a loss to Novak Djokovic. The match went for over 5 hours and is well regarded as being one of the greatest tennis matches ever.

A left-hander with a damaging backhand and forehand, Nadal can defend the floor better than most and is a well-deserved owner of 19 Gland Slam Titles to this date.

1.) Roger Federer

Grand Slam Wins – 20

Finals Appearances – 31

Semi-Finals Appearances – 46

There is nobody that has had as big of an impact on the game of tennis as Roger Federer in the modern era.

Federer has won a Grand Slam on a record 20 occasions and is still out there giving it his all well into his late thirties.

Federer has won 8 Wimbledon titles, 6 Australian Open titles, 5 US Open Titles and one French Open titles. He is always a regular in the back end of all of the major tennis tournaments with a total of 46 Semi-Final Appearances.

A crowd favourite at any significant tennis tournament he plays at he has been the most dominant player in the Tennis Grand Slams over the past 20 years, and his record speaks for itself.

So Roger Federer has the Most Grand Slam Tennis Titles over the last 20 years and has been the most dominant force along with two other players in recent times.

Other players that did not make the Top 10, but deserve mention include Juan Martin Del Potro, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Maran Cilic, Thomas Berdych, Domonic Theim, Gustavo Kuerten, Jo Wilfred Tsonga and David Ferrer.

All the above players have been regulars in the second week of the tennis Grand Slams and certainly deserve mention.

If you disagree with the top ten or feel a player deserves mention leave a comment below.

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  1. We are avid tennis fans and we have been following the career of Roger Federer as well as Pete Sampras. We love both players and we are amazed at how they have perfected their craft.  Tennis seems so easy for them.  Thank you for this wonderful article and for doing great research on these tennis greats.

    • I appreciate your comments.

      A couple of the All-Time Greats right there. Sampras held the title of the GOAT until Roger Federer came along and now Federer has two players competing for that same title. The next few years of Tennis will certainly be interesting.


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