NBA DFS 21st Feb, Top Picks

NBA DFS 21st FEB 2019

Hey, Basketball fans and players of NBA DFS players all over the world.

Here is a list of the better Daily Fantasy Picks for each position for NBA DFS 21st Feb. There is a total of 6 games, so educated research is always vital to increase your chances of featuring in the money.

Five close games are predicted with only one game the Sacramento Kings @ Golden State Warriors with a game line of over ten points. The fastest pace game should be the Blazers @ Nets, but there will be quality picks in each of the other games.

Here are some of the better players to consider for each position taking into account several characteristics and some free NBA DFS Picks.

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Point Guards

Chris Paul – The Rockets head to the Staples Center to play Lebron James and the Lakers. The last five times these two sides have met the combined average game total has been 248 points.
This means there should be a lot of scoring and stats as the Lakers like to play fast pace with a pace ranking of five in the last 10 games. This should suit the veteran Chris Paul as the Lakers are also ranked last in defense vs the point guard position in this slate over the last month. Paul should prove valuable in this one.

Colin SextonThe Cavs are hosting the Suns, and although the Pace of this one may not be attractive, Sexton has been in form in previous games and should definitely provide value here. The Suns are also ranked second worse in defense vs position for this slate over the last month.

Tyler Johnson Johnson is also in the same game as Sexton and if you are looking for a cheap option to try and fit some more fancied players in then Johnson could be a go. Has not been in fantastic form since joining the Suns but the Cavs don’t defend the PG spot well. Should definitely consider him.

Shooting Guards

James Harden Much the same as Paul, this is an attractive matchup especially if Lebron plays as it should be close, high pace and high scoring. Harden is not as expensive as previous weeks and he will definitely get fantasy points in this one.

Allen Crabbe – Crabbe has been coming off the bench for the Nets and playing well in recent weeks. The Nets like to play fast-paced which proves as an opportunity for lots of scoring in this game. Both the Nets and Blazers have an average combined score of 238 in the last 5 weeks and this game should be close. The price will also be right for Crabbe.

David Nwaba – The Pheonix Suns are the worst for defending the Shooting Guard Spot on this six-game Slate. Nwaba is a cheap option and should reach Value if given the minutes. Teams will probably need a guy like this if they decide to choose James Harden.

Small Forwards

Lebron James – When is the King, not a good fantasy choice? He may be expensive, but this game should be fast-paced and high scoring. It should also be close so James will score some points down the stretch.

Harrison Barnes – The former Warrior and now King will be keen to play a good game against his former team. These two sides have a tendency of scoring lots of points against each other. Even if this one is a wrought, Barnes should still get substantial minutes.

Evan Turner – This one is clearly just a cash saver if you need money for Lebron or Harden. The Blazers @ Nets game should be high scoring and Turner should play enough minutes to achieve such a small value.

Power Forwards

Kenneth Faried – The Lakers are not the best at defending the Power Forward spot, and Faried should score well if he racks up around 30 minutes. The fast-paced game should also enhance his scoring opportunities.

Marquese Chriss – This one is risky and mainly depends on how many minutes Kevin Love plays, but Chriss’s form has been decent since joining the Cavs. A cash saver if you need to.

Richaun Holmes – May get some more opportunities as the season ages and, we know he can score in limited minutes. If he can rack up 20 or more minutes, he should achieve some value.


Hassan Whiteside – With Embiid out for the Sixers it will give Whiteside a chance to dominate the big department which he can do on some nights. Whiteside is also not that expensive and should definitely get a double-double. Minutes are always a concern for Whiteside but if he gets in the high 20s it’s an attractive choice.

DeMarcus Cousins – Playing his old side and should score well in this one. The only concern is the minutes and the fact that the game could be a blowout. I prefer Whiteside but Cousins is an option against the Kings.

Boban Marjanovic – With Embiid out, it is possible that Marjanovich could play as many as 20 minutes which means a chance at a double-double. He never plays many minutes, but when he does, he is definitely productive. Could be a game-winner in this Slate.

So there are some of the top picks for NBA DFS Feb 21st, 2019.

If you are looking for some advice on how to compete in Daily Fantasy Sports, have a look at our post on NBA Daily Fantasy Advice.

Good luck for the day.

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