NBA Picks and Props Tonight, April 23rd 2019

We have 4 games today and a couple of sides are fighting for survival.

Here are some NBA Picks for April 23rd, 2019

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Orlando Magic 1 @ Toronto Raptors 3

Prediction Game Total Over 206.5

Toronto – 11.5

The Magic have tried hard, but this series is all but over.

Expect the Magic to be in it early but the game to open up in the second half. Both sides have a combined Game Total season average of 218 and if the Raptors get a little ahead, the defense will be non-existent and the total should go over.

Raptors should win this game. When they have in this series it has been by a decent margin on two occasions.

Expect much the same in this contest.

Player Props

D.J. Augustin + 11.5 Points

Augustin came up big in game one and can shoot the three when open. He should get some open looks in this game and if it is high scoring as predicted should score enough points to cover the number.

Nikola Vucevic + 10.5 Rebounds

Nikola Vucevic + 3.5 Assists

The big Orlando Center has found it tough to score against the Raptors Big men.

Expect much the same in this game but he should cover his Rebounds number and Assists as he will be under pressure and look for open teammates.

Serge Ibaka + 9.5 Points

Serge Ibaka + 6.5 Rebounds

Ibaka has not played many minutes in this series but when he has he has produced. Expect him to get around 25 minutes in this one as the Raptors look to wrap up the series. This should be enough time to cover both numbers.

Brooklyn Nets 1 @ Philadephia 76ers 3

Prediction Game Total Over 230.5

Philadelphia – 8.5

When Joel Embiid is on the court the Sixers are tough to beat. They won’t make it easy for the Nets and expect this one to be fast paced and high scoring which suits the 76ers. The 76ers should wrap up the series in this encounter.

Player Props

Jarrett Allen + 9.5 Points

Jarrett Allen + 7.5 Rebounds

Allen played 32 minutes in Game 4, in a game the Nets almost won. He should play 25+ minutes in this next game and cover both numbers.

Spencer Dinwiddie + 16.5 Points

Spencer has been active offensively in all 4 games an expect much the same here. He should play enough minutes and put up enough shots to go close to the number once again.

Ben Simmons + 7.5 Assists

Simmons has been aggressive offensively in this series and drives in constantly looking for teammates. He is always close to 10 assists most times and could rack up the number by half time.

Joel Embiid – 27.5 Points

If the game is one sided then Embiid may only play around 20 minutes. This may not be enough time for him to rack up the points needed. A risky one if the game is close.

San Antonio Spurs 2 @ Denver Nuggets 2

Prediction Game Total under 211.5 Points

San Antonio + 5.5

The series is tied and the Nuggets are starting to look better. The Spurs will not be a pushover and expect a slow paced low scoring contest that should be close.

Player Props

Derrick White + 11.5 Points

White dropped 36 in Game 3 and expect the Spurs to look to him for points to try and lead the series. He can get to the hole and plays a lot of minutes. Should cover the number here.

Rudy Gay + 11.5 Points

Rudy shot 0/7 in game 4 and will be looking to make up for such a poor shooting night. The Spurs like to use him at the offensive end and should get lots of opportunities.

Paul Millsap + 7.5 Rebounds

For a guy that averages over 7 rebounds a game for the season, Millsap has struggled. He can show up on occasions and expect him to crash the boards in this match. It is hard to see him continue putting up such low numbers on the Glass.

Jamal Murray + 4.5 Assists

Murray has been active offensively but may have to look for his teammates in game 5 after having a decent game 4 with 24 points. Expect the Spurs to give him some added attention and he may be forced to dish the ball off and get some dimes.

Nikola Jokic + 7.5 Assists

Jokic is one of the best passing big men in the game and will get more attention because of his 29 Points in game 4. Expect him to look for open teammates and may have a double-figure Assist night.

Oklahoma City Thunder 1 @ Portland Trail Blazers 3

Prediction Game Total Under 219.5

Portland – 2.5

The Blazers have been shooting the ball well and struggle to defend the shooting guard spot well with C.J. McCollum taking advantage of that. Expect the Thunder to put up a fight, but the Blazers are tough at home and should win this game in a low scoring affair.

Player Props

Paul George + 30.5 Points

George has had his best ever year and will try his guts out to try and salvage the win here. Expect him to put up a lot of shots and cover the number here.

Jerami Grant + 5.5 Rebounds

Grant plays a lot of minutes in the Power Forward spot and should get plenty of chances to cover the rebound number in this game.

Russell Westbrook + 10.5 Assists

Westbrook had a horrible shooting night in Game 4 and will probably look to pass the ball more in this matchup. Expect him to be aggressive as usual and look for open teammates.

Al-Farouq Aminu + 8.5 Points

The Thunder don’t defend the Power Forward spot too well and Aminu finally has a big night at the offensive end with 19 Points. Expect much the same in Game 5.

Enes Kanter + 9.5 Rebounds

This number seems low given that Kanter played 30 minutes in Game 4. Expect him to play close to 30 again and should grab double-figure rebounds with the tight defense and a lot of missed shots.

These are some NBA Playoffs Picks for April 23rd 2019.

Results Tonight

Game Total – 1/4

Against the Spread – 3/4

Player Props – 12/20

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