NBA Spread and Totals, April 27th 2019

We have two games today and a series will be kicking off whilst another is a do or die game Seven.

Here are some NBA Picks for April 27th, 2019

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Philadelphia 76ers @ Toronto Raptors

Prediction – Game Total Under 222.5

Toronto – 6.5

The first game of a series in which many are predicting to go the distance.

Joel Embiid was big for the Sixers in their series against the Nets and made a solid contribution in limited minutes.

The Raptors do have a defensive Bull they have recently added to their roster and Marc Gasol will be a big help on the defensive end.

It was predictable that even an injured Embiid would have decent series against the Nets. The Nets are ranked the worst in the league for defending the centre spot and it showed with Embiid being the key to wrapping up the series.

Expect a different story against the Raptors as Gasol, Ibaka, and Siakim are all great defenders and the Sixers will have to get it done from the outside.

Ben Simmons has been good, but the 76ers will need more from Butler, Harris, and Redick if they are any hope of making this series go 7.

The Raptors have Kawhi Leonard who many forget dominated the Warriors in a series a couple of years ago until he got injured.

The Raptors should take this one at home and bring it on the defensive end. Expect the game to be low scoring and the Raptors to run away with it when they realize that Ben Simmons may need to learn how to shoot and Embiid won’t have as much room with Gasol Defending him.

San Antonio Spurs @ Denver Nuggets

Prediction Game Total Under 209.5

San Antonio + 5.5

The Spurs were tipped by many to win this series without the home court advantage and they are still alive. The Nuggets and Jokic have recently found some form and this is shaping up as a low scoring defensive contest.

The Spurs have the experience and should hang around but the defense and home court of the Denver Nuggets is hard to go past.

The three games in Denver have all been low scoring and much the same is to be expected in Game 7. Although the Nuggets will probably win expect it to be very close and end up going under the number.

These are some NBA Playoff Picks for April 27th, 2019

Results Today

Game Total – 2/2

Against the Spread – 2/2

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