Neale takes the Lead, Round 16 2019

We are getting into the business end of the 2019 AFL Season where some of the sides that have injuries and are not up to it, will more than likely start losing matches by significant margins.

We do have a new leader for the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019, as he had a big game on the weekend and is predicted to pick up all three votes.

Here are the Brownlow Predictions for Round 16, 2019

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Who has the best chance to become the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night this season.

Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Hawthorn 9.13 67 – Collingwood 9.9 63

(Hawthorn by 4 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Adam Treloar (12)

Treloar was the Pies best in this game collecting 31 Possessions which included 15 Contested. He also had 9 Clearances and 6 Score Involvements to be the best midfielder out there in a loss for the Pies at the MCG.

2 Votes (Hawthorn) Jarman Impey (2)

Impey has that distinct run and carry style to his game and uses the footy well when he gets it.

Most of his 25 Possessions were on the Defensive Half and he helped set up a lot of the Hawks forward thrusts at 80% Efficiency.

3 Votes (Hawthorn) James Sicily (9)

A backman doesn’t get the 3 Votes too often, but Sicily had a big night down back and the Stat Sheet shows it.

23 of his 28 Disposals were kicks and he used the footy at 93% Efficiency. 5 of his 14 Marks were Contested and he had 10 Intercept Possessions and 7 Rebound 50s to be a clear best on ground in a Big Hawks win.

Essendon vs Sydney

Essendon 11.10 76 – Sydney 9.12 66

(Essendon by 10 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) David Zaharakis (2)

When a Midfielder kicks goals they normally feature in the votes and on this Occasion Zaharakis kicked 3 to be a significant contributing factor in the Bombers win over the Swans. 22 Possessions, 7 Marks and 5 Inside 50s made him one of the Bombers best.

2 Votes (Sydney) Issac Heeney (6)

Heeney seemed everywhere for the Swans in this game and he was their best player. 33 Possessions, 10 Marks and 6 Inside 50s will get him noticed and he will more than likely poll in this game.

3 Votes (Essendon) Dylan Shiel (6)

Shiel is starting to play some good footy and his acceleration with the footy gets noticed on occasions.

He had a lot of metres gained in this contest and totalled 29 Possessions, 7 Score Involvements, 9 Tackles, 5 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s to arguably be the best player on the ground.

Gold Coast vs Richmond

Gold Coast 9.4 58 – Richmond 23.12 150

(Richmond by 92 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Jason Castagna (1)

A big game up forward for the small Tigers forward. He kicked 5 Goals had 12 Score Involvements, took 10 Marks and his 18 Possessions came at 89% Efficiency. A definite vote chance in a big win over the Suns.

2 Votes (Richmond) Kayne Lambert (3)

Lambert had 11 Score Involvements and kicked 3 Goals to be one of the dominant players on the ground. His 24 Possessions came at 83% Efficiency and he took 6 Marks in a solid display.

3 Votes (Richmond) Trent Cotchin (6)

Cotchin has been injured most of the year and his form has been below par, but he stepped up in this game.

27 Possessions, 10 Score Involvements and 2 Goals made him one of the best on the ground. Also had 6 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s in a tough game to give votes.

Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Adelaide 5.14 44 – Port Adelaide 15.11 101

(Port Adelaide by 57 Points)

1 Vote (Port Adelaide) Ollie Wines (4)

A big win for the Power and one of their best midfielders is back in form. 14 of his 34 Disposals were contested and he had an impressive tally of 12 Score Involvements. 8 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s will almost certainly have him a contender for votes in the showdown.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Tom Rockliff (8)

150 Fantasy Points and Rockliff looked like he slipped under the radar and didn’t have an opponent for most of the evening.

36 Possessions and 11 Marks made him a good link-up player and he did some of the things that get noticed by the umps. 5 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s made him a valuable contributor.

3 Votes (Port Adelaide) Robbie Gray (8)

After being injured for the first half of the season, Gray has hit some form and is becoming the X Factor in matches.

16 of his 35 Disposals were contested in this game and he had 9 Score Involvements. His 10 Clearances were noticeable and he put the ball Inside 50 on 6 Occasions to be a clear Best on Ground.

Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Western Bulldogs 10.11 71 – Geelong 7.13 55

(Western Bulldogs by 16 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Lachie Hunter (1)

It was hard to leave Hunter out of the votes in this game as he had a significant impact on the result. 32 Possessions, 9 Marks and 7 Inside 50s helped the Dogs set up a big win against the top of the table Cats.

2 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Aaron Naughton (5)

Another fine game from the young Bulldogs forward and Naughton ended up with 4 Goals. He also took 9 Marks to be the best forward on the ground and make it tough for the Cats Defenders.

3 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (14)

A big game from Bontempelli and he helped set up the win.

17 of his 27 Possessions were Contested. He racked up 8 Score Involvements, 6 Marks and kicked a goal himself. He was also good in the middle with 5 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s. Also received 7 Free Kicks which is always a good sign to get votes.

Fremantle vs West Coast

Fremantle 2.19 31 – West Coast 19.8 122

(West Coast by 91 Points)

1 Vote (West Coast) Andrew Gaff (7)

Gaff has probably not been as damaging as previous seasons, but had a big night in the Derby. 13 of his 35 Possessions were contested and he racked up 6 Clearances to be one of the Eagles best.

2 Votes (West Coast) Luke Shuey (11)

Shuey has been consistent this year and was the best midfielder on the Ground. 19 of his 28 Disposals were contested and he had 9 Clearances, 8 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s to have a big impact on this match. He also had 6 Score Involvements and scored a goal himself.

3 Votes (West Coast) Brad Sheppard (7)

The Glendenning/Allan Medal winner, Sheppards ball use this season has been elite.

25 Possessions, 7 Marks and 11 Rebound 50s made him a worthy winner of the best player on the Ground for Derby number 50.

Carlton vs Melbourne

Carlton 15.10 100 – Melbourne 15.15 105

(Melbourne by 5 Points)

1 Vote (Melbourne) Clayton Oliver (8)

The Demons managed to hold off a fast-finishing Blues and Oliver played a big part in the win.

19 of his 26 Possessions were contested and he racked up 9 Score Involvements. His inside work can’t be denied as he racked up 10 Clearances had 11 Tackles and put the ball Inside 50 on 5 occasions.

2 Votes (Carlton) Jack Silvagni (2)

Silvagni may finally be coming of age and played a big part in keeping Carlton in this match.

3 of his 10 Marks were contested and he kicked 3 goals and had 8 Score Involvements to be one of the best Blues on the ground.

3 Votes (Melbourne) Tom McDonald (3)

Unfortunately, McDonald got injured late in this game as it was his best game of the year.

20 Possessions, 6 Goals, 11 Score Involvements and 9 Marks made him the best player on the ground.

North Melbourne vs St Kilda

North Melbourne 17.10 112 – St Kilda 11.7 73

(North Melbourne by 39 Points)

1 Vote (North Melbourne) Cameron Zurhaar (1)

The Kangaroos got off to a hot start against the Saints and Zurhaar played a big part. 16 Possessions, 8 Marks and 5 Goals made him the most damaging forward on the ground. He also had 8 Score Involvements and 6 Inside 50s.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Jack Ziebell (10)

Ziebell has been good in the second part of this season and was once again one of the Kangaroos best. 8 Clearances, 8 Tackles and 8 Inside 50s made him one of the most noticeable contributors. 15 of his 24 Disposals were contested and he kicked a couple of goals.

3 Votes (North Melbourne) Jy Simpkin (4)

North Melbourne may have found a hidden gem in the midfield as Simpkin has proved that he can match it with the best in the guts.

21 of his 36 Possessions were contested and he had 9 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s to help keep the Kangaroos finals hope alive.

GWS vs Brisbane

GWS 11.8 74 – Brisbane 14.10 94

(Brisbane by 20 Points)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Lincoln McCarthy (1)

McCarthy looked a little out of place early in the year, but is starting to hit some form late in the season. 13 of his 22 Possessions were contested with the majority coming on the offensive end. He had 9 Score Involvemetns, 3 Goals and 7 Clearances to prove a handful for the Giants defenders.

2 Votes (GWS) Stephen Coniglio (14)

The Giants lost the match, but Coniglio deserves a vote as he kept them in the contest. 20 of his 34 Possessions were contested and he had 9 Clearances and 11 Tackles to be one of the best players on the ground.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (20)

We have a new leader of the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019 and Lachie Neale had a big match. 16 of his 31 Possessions were contested and he had 7 Clearances and 6 Tackles. Also had 7 Score Involvemtns and kicked a goal in a dominant midfield display.

Keep posted for the Bronwlow Medal Predictor for next week Round 17.


L.Neale 20

P.Cripps 19

T.Kelly 17

N.Fyfe 16

T.Boak 16

B.Grundy 15

B.Cunnington 15

P.Dangerfield 14

S.Coniglio 14

M.Bontempelli 14

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