Round 2 Brownlow Picks, 2019

Round two of the AFL Season proved to be another that was pretty tough to pick a winner.

Here are some of the better picks for the Brownlow Medal Predictor Round 2, 2019.

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Richmond vs Collingwood

Richmond 10.6 66 – Collingwood 17.8 110

(Collingwood by 44 Points)

1 Vote: (Collingwood) Jordan De Goey (1)

Jordan De Goey showed why he is a future star of the AFL in this game with 5 impressive goals. He also had 9 Score Involvements. He didn’t get much of the footy with only 15 disposals but his 5 goals will be noticed by the umpires.

2 Votes: (Collingwood) Adam Treloar (3)

When Adam Treloar gets a lot of the footy the Pies are tough to beat and this match was no exception. A total of 39 Possessions at 82% Efficiency had him one of the better players on the ground. He also had 7 tackles and 6 Inside 50s and was a huge contributor to a big Magpies Win.

3 Votes: (Collingwood) Scott Pendlebury (3)

The veteran didn’t get as much of the footy as Treloar but used the footy at 84% Efficiency and helped created 11 scoring chances. Throw in 8 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s and Pendlebury was the best player on the Ground.

Sydney vs Adelaide

Sydney 8.14 62 – Adelaide 12.16 88

(Adelaide by 26 Points)

1 Vote: (Sydney) Josh Kennedy (1)

Kennedy was the best player for Sydney and kept them in it in patches with 36 Disposals including 16 Contested Possessions. He also helped create 13 scoring chances for the Swans and had 8 Clearances and 11 Inside 50s. Even though the Swans lost Josh has to get a vote here.

2 Votes: (Adelaide) Brad Crouch (2)

Adelaide looks a lot better when the Crouch brothers are in the side and Brad had a great night with 26 Possessions, 7 Score Involvements, and 5 Tackles. Really helped the Crows pull away from the Swans late in the Contest.

3 Votes: (Adelaide) Rory Sloane (3)

Sloane didn’t get much of the footy with 23 touches but it was his presence in and around the ball ups with 8 Tackles that really stood out. He had 5 Clearances and 6 Score Involvements, but it is his 7 Frees for, which will help him poll the 3 votes in this game.

Essendon vs St.Kilda

Essendon 9.11 65 – St.Kilda 10.16 76

(St.Kilda by 11 Points)

1 Vote: (Essendon) Adam Saad (1)

Saad provides run that really gets noticed because his pace is so distinctive. He is also good off the ball providing pressure and tackling. His 19 Disposals at 90% Efficiency made him the Bombers best in this contest.

2 Votes: (St.Kilda) Jack Billings (2)

Billings has been a solid contributor for the Saints although this season he looks to have stepped up his game. In this game, he had 28 Disposals to lead all the Saints and helped set up 6 scores. Hard to leave him out of the votes in this one with that distinctive left foot kick.

3 Votes: (St.Kilda) Jade Gresham (3)

Gresham plays most his footy up forward and is one of the better small forwards going around. 25 disposals including 12 Contested is a lot for a small forward. Throw in 5 Clearances 5 Inside 50s, 2 Goals, and 7 Score Involvements and he should get the three votes.

Port Adelaide vs Carlton

Port Adelaide 13.10 88 – Carlton 11.6 72

(Port Adelaide by 16 Points)

1 Vote: (Port Adelaide) Scott Lycett (1)

Lycett had a massive game in the ruck and collected 23 possessions including 16 contested. He kicked a goal and helped Port score on numerous occasions. The 4 Free Kicks Against could hurt him for votes in this contest.

2 Votes: (Cartlon) Patrick Cripps (3)

Much like last season, Cripps may be the only Blue to poll consistent votes in this year’s count. 31 Disposals including 22 Contested is sure to have him polling in this game. 10 Clearances is a big number and he applies pressure with 7 Tackles.

3 Votes: (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (6)

Best on Ground last week and he backed it up in Round 2 for another solid performance. The Bookies have no repesct for him at the moment and he is at $101 to take home the Charlie. Had 33 Disposals, 6 Clearances, 7 Tackles, 7 Insides 50s and 11 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

Geelong vs Melbourne

Geelong 20.6 126 – Melbourne 6.10 46

(Geelong by 80 Points)

1 Vote: (Geelong) Tim Kelly (4)

Once again a solid contributor in a smashing of the Demons at the Cats home ground. Kelly had 30 Possessions including 20 contested and had a total of 12 Clearances. The 8 Score Involvements and 5 Tackles will be noticed by the vote givers.

2 Votes: (Geelong) Tom Stewart (2)

Tom Stewart has developed into a solid defender and was massive on the defensive end in this encounter. He had 27 Possessions and it seemed each time the Demons has a decent thrust forward the ball would come back as Stewart had 13 Rebound 50s.

3 Votes: (Geelong) Patrick Dangerfield (5)

When Dangerfield has over 30 Possessions and kicks a couple of goals history will show he normally gets votes. 37 Disposals including 24 Contested Possessions is a massive number. Dangerfield also helped provide 10 Scoring chances and had 5 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s.

West Coast vs GWS

West Coast 16.8 104 – GWS 7.10 52

(West Coast by 52 Points)

1 Vote: (GWS) Lachie Whitfield (1)

The Giants got beaten easily in this game but Whitfield was their best player. His numbers can’t be ignored in this contest. 33 Possessions at 85% Efficiency 5 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s. May not poll because of the margin but should.

2 Votes: (West Coast) Luke Shuey (2)

The Eagles are back after a heavy loss to the Lions in Brisbane last week. The Norm Smith Medalist from last year was instrumental in setting up the win. 28 Possessions, 2 Goals, 6 Score Involvements, 5 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s made him one of the best Eagles out there.

3 Votes: (West Coast) Jeremy McGovern (3)

This guy can seriously play and the Eagles would not be 2018 Premiers if he didn’t take the field last season in the Grand Final.

His 18 Disposals were at 100% Efficiency and he took 11 Marks in which 4 were Contested. 5 Score Involvements from the backline made him a solid contributor. Sides will struggle to score when he’s in this form on the defensive end.

North Melbourne vs Brisbane

North Melbourne 13.9 87 – Brisbane 16.11 107

(Brisbane by 20 Points)

1 Vote: (Brisbane) Daniel Rich (1)

Daniel Rich is such a good user of the footy that when he gets over 25 disposals he gets noticed on the field. He had 27 in this game at 85% Efficiency. Also had 9 Score Involvements and 3 Inside 50s from the defensive end.

2 Votes: (North Melbourne) Ben Cunnington (2)

Cunnington was the Kangaroos best player along with Higgins, but his 22 Contested Possessions and 36 total should have him noticed by the umpires. His 10 Clearances and 10 Score Involvements should also have him in the votes mix.

3 Votes: (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (6)

The former Docker has had an impressive start to the season and was massive in a big Lions Win. 43 Possessions including 16 Contested and 8 Score Involvements made him the Lions best player. He also had 8 Clearances and 6 Tackles.

Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Hawthorn 13.9 87 – Western Bulldogs 16.10 106

(Western Bulldogs by 19 Points)

1 Vote: (Hawthorn) Ricky Henderson (1)

Henderson was very good in this game and probably the Hawks best. The fact that he is not a big name may work against him getting votes. 29 Possessions including 14 Contested along with 6 Inside 50s made for an impressive match. A Goal, 2 Goal Assists and 6 Score Involvements make it hard for any other Hawk to steal a vote off him.

2 Votes: (W.Bulldogs) Tom Liberatore (4)

Tom was awesome last week and played a big part in the late 4th quarter comeback win for the Bulldogs. 28 Possessions, 6 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 6 Score Involvements should have him polling in the votes for Round 2.

3 Votes: (W.Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (3)

The Bulldogs ball magnet had 36 Possessions in this contest and seemed everywhere when the game mattered. He kicked a goal had 9 Score Involvements and 4 inside 50s. He polled well last year and should get the 3 votes here.

Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Gold Coast 7.19 61 – Fremantle 8.10 58

(Gold Coast by 3 Points)

1 Vote: (Fremantle) Brad Hill (2)

The run and carry from Brad Hill was a significant factor in Fremantle staying in the contest in this one. Was clearly Fremantle’s best player with 32 possessions including 25 by foot. 5 Score Involvements, 2 Goal Assists and 6 Inside 50s should have him featuring in the votes.

2 Votes: (Gold Coast) David Swallow (2)

Swallow was the Suns best midfielder and had 30 disposals including 16 Contested. He was important in the middle with 9 Clearances and had 8 Score Involvements, 2 Goal Assists and kicked a goal himself.

3 Votes: (Gold Coast) Jarrod Harbrow (3)

Harbrow provided a lot of run out of the backline and had 32 disposals along with 9 marks. His 12 Intercept Possessions were significant and the 7 Inside 50s were noticeable. Was the most important player when the game mattered late in the 4th quarter.

So there is another Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 2 2019.

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