Round 9 Medal Predictions, 2019

Brownlow Medal Predictor
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We are approaching the Bye Rounds and the Top 8 is starting to shape up. The question mark will be on the Brisbane Lions in the coming weeks as they are sitting fourth on the AFL Ladder and it will be interesting to see if they can keep it up, after a friendlier draw.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 9, 2019.

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A round by round analysis and the likely Brownlow Medal Leader and Brownlow Medal Winner for Brownlow Medal Night.

West Coast vs Melbourne

West Coast 13.7 85 – Melbourne 9.15 69

(West Coast by 16 Points)

1 Vote (West Coast) Shannon Hurn (5)

Hurn is one of the best users of the football on the Eagles list and once again used the footy at the highest standard. 26 of his 33 Possessions were kicks and he used the Footy at 94% Efficiency. 9 Intercept Possessions, 7 Rebound 50s and 13 Marks made the Eagles Captain one of the best players on the ground.

2 Votes (Melbourne) Max Gawn (5)

West Coast Small Forward, Liam Ryan may have taken the potential Mark of the Year on him, but Gawn can hold his head up high for once again being the Demons best player.

Only the 15 Disposals, but 13 of them were Contested. He dominated the Ruck with 56 Hit-outs and 7 Clearances. 6 Frees For from the Umps should also help him feature in the votes.

3 Votes (West Coast) Elliot Yeo (6)

When the game was on the line and the Eagles were looking defeated, Yeo stood up and really kept them in it at crucial stages. He almost broke Brownlow Medal Winner Matt Priddis’s record of 18 Tackles with a solid 16 of his own. 18 of his 26 Possessions were contested and he amassed 7 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s to be the best player on the ground.

Collingwood vs St Kilda

Collingwood 17.10 112 – St Kilda 10.11 71

(Collingwood by 41 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (10)

The Collingwood Ruckman is again having a big year and was once again dominant in the ruck. He got a lot of the footy and 18 of his 24 Possessions were contested. 49 Hit-outs and 7 Clearances should once again get him noticed and should feature in the votes in a win over the Saints.

2 Votes (Collingwood) Ben Reid (2)

Reid has been injured a lot in recent seasons, but can occasionally prove his worth on the Collingwood list. 5 of his 7 Marks were Contested and he had 10 Score Involvements and 3 Goals to go along with his 16 Disposals. Contested Marks are always noticeable in a game of footy and he should feature in the votes.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Steele Sidebottom (3)

There was talk during the week from some of the experts as to why other clubs don’t tag Sidebottom. He polled well in the Brownlow last year but has not been as damaging this season. 29 Disposals, 6 Marks and 11 Score Involvements made him one of the best players on the ground. He also kicked 2 Goals and used the footy well most of the day.

Brisbane vs Adelaide

Brisbane 13.15 93 – Adelaide 13.14 92

(Brisbane by 1 Point)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Dayne Zorko (4)

Zorko is starting to hit some form and had a decent game with 12 Tackles and 10 Inside 50s. Didn’t have a huge number of Possessions with 20, but his work off the ball should get noticed and he managed to kick a goal.

2 Votes (Adelaide) Rory Sloane (8)

The Crows will be happy to have Sloane back and playing some good footy. He amassed 28 Possessions in which 21 were Contested. He managed 6 Clearances kicked a goal and was good off the ball with 7 Tackles in a narrow loss.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (14)

Neale knows how to get the footy and had another decent night in Brisbane. 39 Disposals including 22 Contested made him the best player on the ground. Anytime a player gets over 10 Clearances they are normally in the Mix and Neale ended up with 12 in this game. Also had 6 Tackles and 7 Score involvements to be a clear second in the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019 after 9 Rounds.

Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Geelong 21.7 133 – Western Bulldogs 13.11 89

(Geelong by 44 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Mitch Wallis (1)

It is always tough to win in Geelong, but Wallis can hold his head up high as he was one of the best for the Bulldogs in a loss. 13 of his 29 Possessions were contested and he will get noticed with 9 Clearances, 9 Score Involvements and 2 Goals. 5 Frees for should also help his vote chances in this game.

2 Votes (Geelong) Mitch Duncan (5)

The leading fantasy scorer on the Ground, Duncan doesn’t get a lot of Contested Ball but is very Efficient. His 25 Disposals came at 92% Efficiency and he had 11 Score Involvements and Kicked 3 Goals. Should feature in the Votes in a decent win for the Cats.

3 Votes (Geelong) Tom Stewart (5)

Stewart has made it tough for the opposition to score in recent weeks and was once again the Cats best defender. He had 22 Disposals and used the Ball at 100% Efficiency, which is very important down back. Also had 8 Rebound 50s and should get the 3 votes because he didn’t miss a target all day.

Essendon vs Fremantle

Essendon 8.12 60 – Fremantle 7.11 53

(Essendon by 7 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) Dylan Shiel (3)

Zach Merrett may poll in this game, but it was hard to leave out Dylan Shiel in this one. His run and carry was noticeable and he managed to kick a couple of goals. 5 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 25 Disposals could help him feature in the votes in a narrow Bombers Win.

2 Votes (Essendon) Michael Hurley (2)

Hurley is always solid down back and this game was no exception. 9 of his 23 Disposals were Intercept Possessions and he had 7 Rebound 50s to stand out down back for the Bombers. Given the game was close and low scoring, defence becomes even more important. Hurley may very well feature in the votes in this contest.

3 Votes (Fremantle) David Mundy (8)

The lack of skills from the Fremantle side really stood out in this game and that made Mundy stand out even more. 17 of his 34 Disposals were contested and he used the footy at 88% Efficiency, which is elite for a midfielder. He had 9 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 7 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

North Melbourne vs Sydney

North Melbourne 10.12 72 – Sydney 11.11 77

(Sydney by 5 Points)

1 Vote (North Melbourne) Jamie Macmillan (1)

Macmillan was good all night and managed 34 Disposals from the backline. Defenders don’t normally get recognized, but he managed 10 Intercept Possessions, 7 Rebound 50s and 5 Inside 50s to be one of the Kangaroos best.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Jack Ziebell (3)

Ziebell is back in form and he filled up the stat sheet on a cold evening in Tasmania. 35 Disposals mainly by foot and 10 Marks made him one of the standout players on the field. He was also good off the football with 8 Tackles and he put the ball Inside 50 on 7 occasions.

3 Votes (Sydney) George Hewett (5)

Hewett normally has some sort of run with roll and is very good at it at times. 20 of his 29 Disposals were Contested and he had 9 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 6 Score Involvements to be the Swans best player in a narrow win.

Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Port Adelaide 13.11 89 – Gold Coast 7.9 51

(Port Adelaide by 38 Points)

1 Vote (Gold Coast) Brayden Fiorini (4)

Depending on how the Umpires look at this one Fiorini may get the 3 votes. The Suns did lose the game, but he amassed 38 Possessions which included 9 Inside 50s. 29 of his Possessions were kicks and he was clearly the Suns if not the best player on the ground.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Darcy Byrne-Jones (2)

A distinctive run and carry to his game Byrne-Jones managed 734 Metres gained in this contest. 25 Possessions, 7 Score Involvements and 10 Inside 50s should get him noticed and will probably feature in the votes in this game.

3 Votes (Travis Boak) (12)

Boak is a clear third on the Brownlow Medal Predictor 2019 after this game and was once again the Powers best player. 22 of his 36 Disposals were contested and 7 were Intercept Possessions. He had 8 Clearances and 7 Score Involvements to have a big impact in a Power Victory.

Richmond vs Hawthorn

Richmond 14.11 95 – Hawthorn 8.11 59

(Richmond by 36 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Nick Vlastuin (4)

Another solid performance from the Tigers Defender with 24 Possessions and 9 Tackles. Also had 7 Score Involvements from down back and kicked a goal himself.

2 Votes (Richmond) Brandon Ellis (3)

A lot of the footy for Ellis with 35 Possessions and he used the footy well at 86% Efficiency. 13 Marks, 8 Score Involvements and 5 Clearances should have him featuring in the votes in another Tigers win.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dustin Martin (5)

Dusty was back to his best against the Hawks and it has been missing this season. 17 of his 37 Disposals were contested and he kicked the ball 24 times. 10 Clearances, 9 Score Involvements and 2 Goals showed a glimpse of his Brownlow Medal Winning year of 2017.

GWS vs Carlton

GWS 20.18 138 – Carlton 7.3 45

(GWS by 93 Points)

1 Vote (GWS) Tim Taranto (6)

Taranto had a big game in a big win for the Giants against the Blues. 38 Possessions, 11 Score Involvements and 6 Clearances made him a significant contributing factor to a big Giants win. Also took 12 Marks and kicked a goal.

2 Votes (GWS) Matt De Boer (2)

There are arguments on whether or not De Boer Should poll in this game, but keeping the Brownlow Medal Favourite Cripps to just the 12 Possessions will more than likely get noticed by the umpires. 27 Possessions, 10 Score Involvements and 6 Tackles should also help the cause.

3 Votes (GWS) Lachie Whitfield (8)

Whitfield was everywhere in this game and ended up with 190 Fantasy Points. 40 Possessions, 14 Score Involvements and 3 Goals will more than likely get him the 3 votes in a big Giants victory.


P.Cripps 15

L.Neale 14

T.Boak 12

B.Grundy 10

T.Kelly 10

S.Pendlebury 9

N.Fyfe 9

M.Bontempelli 8

P.Dangerfield 8

J.O’Meara 8

R.Sloane 8

L.Whitfield 8

D.Mundy 8

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