Tom Chambers Dunk, Over Mark Jackson

One of the highest and most exciting Slam Dunks of all time occurred in a Pheonix Suns vs New York Knicks Match on January 27th 1989.

The Tom Chambers Dunk over Mark Jackson, was one of the greats of its era and proved that some White Guys can actually jump.

Chambers has featured in a lot of highlight reels in his time and thrown down power dunks on opponents before this match in January 1989.

On this occasion, he took off over the top of Mark Jackson from the New York Knicks and rose with his head above the rim, to throw down one of the All-Time great NBA dunks.

The Pheonix Suns did manage to win this contest 132-130 in a high scoring affair and Chambers had a big evening with 36 Points.

Only 2 of those will be remembered as the fans went home with memories of a dunk that has continually been replayed over and over for the past 30 years.

The Slam Dunk is still one of the highlights of a basketball game and a big reason why fans still pack out stadiums. There are many players who can throw down dunks like this, and the athleticism just keeps getting better each season.

The Tom Chambers Dunk over Mark Jackson was unique simply because of how high he launched. When Chambers was about to throw it down his head was actually higher than the rim, and when he hit Jackson, he actually went higher.

This is the sort of Slam Dunk that doesn’t get seen too often in Basketball matches. Vince Carter over Fred Weis in the Sydney 2000 Olympics was one that will rank as arguably the greatest ever.

The Tom Chambers dunk is a little different as he didn’t have to jump over a 7 footer, but he did manage to get ridiculously high.

For those of you who have never seen the dunk or those who want to relive it check out the video below.

Other memorable NBA Dunks were the John Starks Dunk on Jordan and the Baron Davis Dunk.

2 thoughts on “Tom Chambers Dunk, Over Mark Jackson”

  1. Wow, what a dunk, and one that will live throughout the ages, as it’s done over the past thirty seasons and continues to be a staple in NBA history. What was the reaction from sports media outlets regarding this play? Is there a video on YouTube you can link showing this?

    • Hi Todd

      Yes this was definitely the highest we may see a player get for a slam dunk. The Tom Chambers Dunk certainly does get it’s fair share of replays. 

      Not too sure about a media reaction, but the description from Mitch Richmond in the video says it all.



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