What is an NBA Parlay?

What is an NBA Parlay?

Sports Betting has grown in recent years, and Bookmakers now give punters the chance to potentially win big if they are lucky enough with an NBA Parlay.

NBA Basketball Picks and Parlays are a popular option for casual punters because they offer the potential for a participant to win a significant amount with little spend or risk.

An NBA Parlay Bet is a series of wagers of at least two games, and the odds are multiplied. This means that a participant can predict the likely outcome of an entire NBA Slate for any given day and get some significant odds. A wager can then be placed, but for the bet to be successful, the participant needs to correctly predict the outcome of every match.

Parlays can involve various types of bets, such as point spreads, moneyline bets (straight-up win/loss), or over/under totals. The number of games or teams included in a parlay can vary, ranging from two to several selections.

Depending on where you are in the world, the NBA Parlay bet is also known as an Accumulator or a Multi Bet. If you hear somebody talk of an Accumulator or a Multi-Bet, they are essentially talking about a Parlay Bet.

The NBA Parlay Bet is a popular one because the odds can be multiplied to a significant amount, and a punter does not have to spend much to score a big win potentially. The chances of an NBA Parlay Bet coming in are rather slim, and predicting every match correctly from an entire NBA Slate is a difficult task.

To be successful with an NBA Parlay Bet, it is always ideal to not get sucked in and try and juice the odds up too much. Parlay Bets of anywhere from 2 to 4 legs usually have the best chance of winning, but the winning percentage even for the more seasoned punters that do their research would still be relatively low.

What is an Example of an NBA Parlay Bet?

As an example of an NBA Parlay bet, we can use the money line odds for many matches. For the first four matches of an NBA Slate coming up this evening, the odds for the favourites to win the game as follows.





These are the odds for the favourites. 

To work out the odds for a 4 Leg Parlay Bet, use the following formula.

$1.33 x $1.41 x $1.33 x $1.58 = $3.94

For example, A punter can place a bet of 10 Dollars, and if all the matches are predicted correctly, they will win $10 x $3.94 = $39.4


$29.4 Profit.

If a couple of outsiders are included in the NBA Parlay Bet, the odds will increase all that more.

Research can be done on a specific slate, and if a punter has a good feeling about a few sides, they may decide to juice up the odds and leverage the NBA Parlay Bet. The only downside is that every match needs to be picked correctly for the bet to win with the chosen bookmaker.

The NBA Parlay bet is one of the more popular options for the more conservative punter that likes to spend less with the potential of a much bigger payout.

What is an NBA Accumulator?

The NBA Accumulator Bet is the same thing as an NBA Parlay Bet in which the odds will increase and multiply with each match added to the list of predicted games. All the matches need to be predicted correctly for the NBA Accumulator or Parlay bet to be successful.

What is an NBA Mulit Bet?

The NBA Multi Bet is the name used for a Parlay in Australia. It is the bunch of bets in which the odds a multiplied based on how many predicted outcomes there are. Once again, all the matches need to be predicted correctly for the NBA Multi Bet to succeed.

The NBA Parlay, Accumulator or Multi Bet are a very popular betting option, and it can get interesting when a punter gets the first lot of matches correct, and it all comes down to the final game.

An NBA parlay is a type of sports bet that involves combining multiple individual wagers into a single bet. In a parlay, you select two or more NBA teams or games and bet on their outcomes. To win the parlay, all of your selected wagers must be correct. If any one of your chosen bets is incorrect, the entire parlay is considered a loss.

Correctly picking the winners of an entire NBA Slate for a given day can add up to big odds, but it is always important to Gamble Responsibly.

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