What is Draftstars? Daily Fantasy

Daily Fantasy Sports is a new and revolutionary style of fantasy sports that allows participants to choose a team for any given day and win some big cash prizes.

What is DraftStars?

DraftStars is an Australian Owned Daily Fantasy Sports platform, allowing sports enthusiasts to pick a lineup of players for a given slate of games for a range of different sports.

Season-long fantasy competitions have long been how most fantasy sports lovers have played fantasy sports over the last couple of decades. The AFL Dreamteam Fantasy and Supercoach competitions have long been popular, but take a commitment of participating for the entire season.

Although it can be fun competing against your mates, there was never really a way of making money out of researching teams and players. The final winner would take home a huge prize, but if you finished in the top 100 for the season, which is very impressive, you win nothing.

Daily Fantasy Sports is beginning to take off and only requires a commitment of one day to participate for potential big prizes. Study the slate of games and pick players for a given day that stays under the salary cap.

Available Sports

Some of the available leagues include NBA, NFL, AFL, BBL, EPL, PGA Tour and Racing. The most popular sports are the NBA, NFL and the AFL with big cash prizes on offer for the participants that can choose the best winning lineups.

Daily fantasy sports is a game format where participants build virtual teams of real-life athletes from a particular sport. The teams are then awarded points based on the performance of those athletes in real games. Draftstars offers contests for a range of sports, including Australian rules football, rugby league, soccer, cricket, basketball, and more.

Participants choose a lineup of players based on their positions and try and stay under a given salary cap. The performances of players chosen are based on statistical information, and the more your player fills the stats sheet, the more points your lineup will score.
This calls for a participant to do research on the games being played and the list of players involved. If research and study are implemented, a participant can significantly edge on their opponents in the tournaments and generally finish up in the money.

Tactics and Tips

The first thing to remember is to do your research and make sure you are comfortable with a chosen sport. If you are a basketball fan or an AFL fan and know a decent amount about your chosen sport, half the research is already done.

The reality of the Daily Fantasy Sports space is that you will be up against players that have done their research. This tends to put many people off, but there is also a lot of luck involved. The more study a participant does, the luckier they get.

For example, for the NBA it always pays to see which NBA games for any given slate will be high scoring and have a lot of possessions. This means more stats and more chances to fill the stats sheet.

Players should also check the defence vs position ratings for teams. Some sides defend the centre position very well, and some sides struggle to defend point guards. You can see how doing research can help a player compete in the DFS space.

Unfortunately, many of us are time-poor these days and don’t get the chance to do this research. Several platforms basically do the majority of the research for you and make it very easy to pick some winning lineups.

One of the best is the team at Draft Dashboard.

They make it very easy to pick lineups and choose ready-made players with all the research being done for you for both the NBA and the NFL. On a platform like this, there is no need to stack tournaments with heaps of lineups as you can enter in just the one team and still end up with a pretty good chance of finishing in the money.
Checkout out Draft Dashboard review for some more information.


DraftStars is the Australian owned way of playing Daily Fantasy Sports and participants have a decent chance of finishing in the money if they do their research as mentioned. Much like Draftkings or Fanduel, the concepts are very similar, and DraftStars also has their own sportsbook as it is owned by PlayUp.

Participants can challenge their friends or compete in the big-money tournaments for a chance to win some of the big cash prizes.

To find out more about DraftStars, click the DraftStars link.

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