Baron Davis Dunk

Baron Davis Dunk

One of the Greatest NBA Dunks of All-Time occurred on the 11th of May in 2007.

This was the Season the Golden State Warriors managed to upset the Favourite Dallas Mavericks, in the First Round  of the 2007 Western Conference NBA Playoffs. 

They came up against the Utah Jazz in the second round of the Playoffs.

The Baron Davis Dunk is one of the more famous NBA Dunks of All-Time.

The Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks 4 to 2 in the first Round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs.

Prior to this season the most wins they had in the regular season was the year before, with 38 and they hadn’t made the Playoffs since 1994.

The Defeat of the Mavericks was massive news at the time, because the Warriors just scraped into the playoffs and were the 8th Seed.

It was their first playoff series victory since the 1991 season when Chris Mullin was their main man.

Against the Jazz, the Warriors lost the first 2, but on May 11th, 2017 in Game 3 they managed to get their only win in this series and the Baron Davis Dunk on Kirilenko occured.

Baron Davis was certainly one of the Warriors better players averaging 20 Points and 8 Assists that NBA Season.

For the Warriors first Playoffs Appearance in 13 Seasons he managed to step it up on the offensive end and was more aggressive averaging 25 Points Per Game in 11 appearances.

The Warriors had been struggling for over 10 Seasons at the time and actually had a decent team featuring, Davis, Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, and Matt Barnes.

Their Stadium sells out regularly even though they have struggled for so long.

The Baron Davis Dunk of the 2007 NBA Playoffs was certainly a crowd pleaser.

Baron Davis is a quick guard who stands at 6ft 3 and can really jump. He has thrown down a number of massive dunks throughout his NBA Career.

The Dunk

The game was just about over and the Warriors had a decent lead over a very good Jazz outfit.

With 3 minutes left the Warriors were up by 20 and about to take game 3.

Baron Davis had the ball and decided he needed to make a statement for the next game and climbed up stairs and posterized the big Russian Andre Kirilenko.

Kirilenko is 6ft 9 and also has a staggering vertical leap.

Andris Biedrins gave him the ball at the elbow, he took three dribbles and launched off to feet for one of the best power one-handed dunks of all time.

The Dunk was one to remember and gave a Warriors Crowd something to take home and cheer about.

A club starved of success and so many poor seasons prior, it made for a great spectacle even though the Jazz won the Series in 5 with too much talent.

For those of you who have never seen the dunk.

Check it out below.

Another memorable dunk was the Tom Chambers Dunk on Mark Jackson and the John Starks Dunk on Jordan.

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  1. I don’t recall the dunk but upon watching the video you can clearly see the statement made here. What a leap over the Russian big man. I do remember the Warriors upsetting the Mavs in the playoffs that season and I was hoping for the team to repeat against the Jazz. Though the team lost, it wouldn’t even be a decade before they became one of the most distinguished dynasties in NBA history. 

    • Hi Todd

      Thanks for your comment.

      This was a truly insane Slam Dunk over the big Russian Andrie Kirilenko. The Baron Davis Dunk is certainly one of the better one handed power slams of the last twenty years.

      The Warriors are definitely one of the All-Time Great Dynasties in NBA History. Sports Fans tend to forget that they struggled and were one of the bottom NBA Sides for a long long time. 

      It will be interesting to see if they can overcome a talented Houston Rockets side in the Playoffs right now.


  2. Love the video, love the post, I have two sons and both of them love playing basketball and always watch all the NBA games and championships even though we live in Spain. NBA is everywhere!
    I will make sure to show them your post, more than likely they know about it but I don’t think they have seen any youtube video before. Thank you

    • Hi and Thanks for the Comment

      Well Spain definitely has been a recognized force in World Basketball over the last twenty years and will once again feature in the World Championships later this year. 

      Spain has numerous players in the NBA and it is always great to see so many players from different countries making it to the big show.




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