Nuggets @ Spurs Picks, April 25th 2019

Just the one game today and the Spurs are fighting for survival against a solid Nuggets team on the Spurs Home Court.

Many did tip this series to go seven and it does look likely as the Spurs have all the experience, and are dangerous at home.

Here are some NBA Picks for April 25th 2019.

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Denver Nuggets @ San Antonio Spurs

Prediction Game Total Over 209.5 Points

San Antonio (Win)

The Game total has averaged 223 when the games have been in San Antonio and it has also dropped a few points from the last game.

DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge will be active offensively and should both score 20 plus points in this encounter.

Expect both sides to score over 100 in what should be a close game. The Spurs need to win and are very dangerous on their home court, covering the Spread 58% of the time this season.

Player Props


Gary Harris + 13.5 Points

Harris is having a good series and is a noted scorer. Expect Jamul Murray to have more pressure from the Spurs Defence and Harris should get enough looks to cover the number. Has only average the 10 points on the Spurs Home Court in this series and will be looking to improve on that.

Jamal Murray – 18.5 Points

Murray has scored 24 and 23 in the last two Nuggets wins and will be a target for the Spurs Defence. It may be hard for him to get open looks and if he misses a couple of early shots he may not cover the number. Did only score 6 points in a game earlier in the series.

Nikola Jokic – 11.5 Rebounds

Nikola Jokic + 7.5 Assists

The Nuggets won the rebounding contest 49 to 42 in the last encounter and the Spurs will do their best to crash the boards to stay alive in the series.

Jokic may not cover the Rebound number but he will get a lot of attention on the Offensive end and will be forced to look for teammates for passes.

Should get some assists in this game.

Paul Millsap + 6.5 Rebounds

Millsap is a good rebounder and pulled down 6 in the last game. Somebody will need to step up on the Glass in this game and Millsap will play enough minutes to cover this number.

San Antonio

DeMar DeRozan + 22.5 Points

DeMar DeRozan – 5.5 Assists

DeRozan can perform in big games and expect him to be active on the offensive end and look to draw fouls and get to the hoop.

He may be forced to try and do it himself if they are down early and it is difficult to see him cover the assists number here. He has only averaged 3.8 assists in this series.

Derrick White + 12.5 Points

Derrick White + 3.5 Assists

White can get to the hoop and did have that huge 36 point game earlier in the Series.

The Spurs should win this game which will means White will have chances to score points and should play minutes if he doesn’t get in early foul trouble.

The Nuggets do a great job of defending the Point Guard spot but these props are low. Look at him to cover both statistical categories.

LaMarcus Aldridge + 22.5 Points

If the Nuggets have a defensive weakness it has been defending the four spot this season.

Aldridge has a lot of experience and can score a lot of points when he needs to. He will get a lot of chances and could score close to 30 in this match.

Rudy Gay + 10.5 Points

Rudy has had some quiet games recently and his season average is close to 14. The Spurs will need a bench player to step up and Gay should get enough chances in over 20 minutes of court time.

These are some NBA Picks for April 25th, 2019

Results Today

Game Total – 1/1

Player Props – 7/11

Head to Head – 1/1

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