Brownlow Medal Predictor, Team Votes 2019

The 2019 Brownlow Medal Count is shaping up as being one of the closest in recent times with several players a chance to take out the prestigious prize.

The Brownlow Medal Predictor has a projected finish of a two-way tie between Patrick Dangerfield and Lachie Neale on 26 votes, closely followed by Nat Fyfe on 24, Patrick Cripps on 23 and Marcus Bontempelli and Dustin Martin on 22.

To see the votes for the final round of the Predictor for 2019 and the final leaderboard, click on the following link. Round 23 2019

One of the areas that generates a bit of interest is the Brownlow Medal Team Votes, and how many Votes a player may poll in the count.

Here are the Brownlow Predictions for all of the Team Votes for 2019.

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Total Votes – 61

Best Chance – Brad Crouch 14

Outsider – Matt Crouch 10

Not the best year for the Crows and they missed the finals, and may look to off-load some mature-age players at the season’s end.

The Crouch brothers will more than likely be the two players that poll the most votes on Brownlow Medal Night. Brad Crouch is projected to lead the way with 14 votes, followed by Matt Crouch on 10 and Rory Sloane on 9.

Here are the projected votes for the Adelaide Crows.

Brad Crouch 14

Matt Crouch 10

Rory Sloane 9

Alex Keath 5

Brodie Smith 3

Taylor Walker 3

Reilly O’Brien 3

Wayne Milera 3

Rory Laird 3

Eddie Betts 2

Tom Lynch 2

Cam Ellis-Yolman 2

Rory Atkins 2


Team Votes – 82

Best Chance – Lachie Neale 26

Outsiders – Jarryd Lyons 16, Dayne Zorko 14

A fine year from the Lions and it was their midfield recruit that led the way. Lachie Neale may very well be on 9 Votes after 3 Rounds, and will need the majority of the games that he polls in to be best on ground performances.

Expect Dayne Zorko to consistently poll some votes, particularly in the second half of the season.

Don’t expect too much from Jarryd Lyons in the first 15 Rounds, but he did finish the season off in style, and will get votes in the latter stages of the count.

Neale to lead the way with 26, followed by Lyons on 16 and Zorko on 14.

Here are the Projected Votes for the Brisbane Lions.

Lachie Neale 26

Jarryd Lyons 16

Dayne Zorko 14

Mitch Robinson 10

Harris Andrews 4

Charlie Cameron 4

Daniel Rich 3

Eric Hipwood 3

Lincoln McCarthy 1

Luke Hodge 1


Team Votes – 57

Best Chance – Patrick Cripps 23

Outsider – Ed Curnow 9

Only one player from Carlton has any chance of winning the count, and it’s a pretty good chance given he polled 20 votes last season, and Carlton claimed the wooden spoon with just two wins.

Patrick Cripps is projected to poll around 23 votes in this year’s count and should poll in as many as 11 matches. He may very well be leading in the early stages, and be a chance right until the last few rounds.

Not much else to consider for Carlton, but expect Ed Curnow to poll some votes in the middle of the season and Marc Murphy may poll in a few games in the second half of the season.

Here are the Projected votes for the Carlton.

Patrick Cripps 23

Ed Curnow 9

Nick Newman 5

Matthew Kreuzer 4

Marc Murphy 3

Liam Jones 3

Harry McKay 2

Charlie Curnow 2

Jack Silvagni 2

Kade Simpson 2

Sam Petrevski-Seton 1

Sam Walsh 1


Team Votes – 82

Best Chance – Scott Pendlebury 20, Brodie Grundy 19

Outsider – Adam Treloar 16

Collingwood has three players that are Top 10 chances in this year’s count.

Scott Pendlebury had an awesome season and his elite ball use stands out. Brodie Grundy may poll more votes in this seasons count and is projected to finish on 19. Adam Treloar will get votes, but sometimes his ball use can let him down.

If the umpires finally decide to give a ruckman some votes, then Grundy could be the surprise in this years count.

Here are the projected votes for Collingwood.

Scott Pendlebury 20

Brodie Grundy 19

Adam Treloar 16

Steele Sidebottom 8

Brody Mihocek 5

Jordan De Goey 3

Brayden Maynard 3

Jaidyn Stephenson 2

Darcy Moore 2

Ben Reid 2

Dayne Beams 1

Jamie Elliott 1


Team Votes 64

Best Chance – Zach Merrett 14

Outsider – Dylan Shiel 9

Not the best season from the Bombers, but they did play finals and had an even spread of contributors.

Zach Merrett should be their best in the count this season and expect Dylan Shiel, Dyson Heppell and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti to give double-figure votes a nudge.

The winner probably won’t be an Essendon player, but they should poll an even spread of votes.

Here are the Projected Votes for Essendon.

Zac Merrett 14

Dylan Shiel 9

Dyson Heppell 7

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 7

Shaun McKernan 6

Michael Hurley 5

Conor McKenna 5

David Zaharakis 2

Mitch Brown 2

Joe Daniher 2

Jake Stringer 2

Adam Saad 1

Darcy Parish 1

Dylan Clarke 1


Team Votes – 63

Best Chance – Nat Fyfe 24

Outsider – Michael Walters 16

A former winner of the Brownlow, Fremantle’s Nat Fyfe is again another big chance to win the Brownlow Medal.

Fyfe always features in some of the Key Statistical areas that have been a consistency for some of the previous winners. A Contested Possessions and Clearance machine, Fyfe was the Dockers best on numerous occasions this season.

Michael Walters, David Mundy and maybe Brad Hill to steal some votes off him.

Fyfe is projected to lead the way on 24, but may give 30 Votes a nudge if he gets 3 votes in some of their losses. Walters next on 16, followed by Mundy on 10.

Here are the Projected Votes for Fremantle.

Nat Fyfe 24

Michael Walters 16

David Mundy 10

Luke Ryan 5

Brad Hill 4

Cam McCarthy 2

Matt Taberner 1

Joel Hamling 1


Team Votes – 83

Best Chance – Patrick Dangerfield 26, Tim Kelly 17

Outsiders – Mitch Duncan, 9 Gary Ablett 8

Geelong finished on top of the table and it was their star player and previous winner in Patrick Dangerfield that should again lead the way.

Dangerfield is projected to win the count this year in a tie with Lachie Neale on 26 Votes. He will need to poll 3 votes in the majority of the games that he is projected to vote.

Tim Kelly will be next best and may feature in the early stages on the leaderboard of the count. Kelly is projected to finish on 17 Votes, but didn’t have a great finish to the season.

Here are the Projected Votes for Geelong.

Patrick Dangerfield 26

Tim Kelly 17

Mitch Duncan 9

Gary Ablett 8

Tom Stewart 6

Joel Selwood 6

Tom Hawkins 5

Rhys Stanley 2

Quinton Narkle 2

Mark Blicavs 1

Cam Guthrie 1

Gold Coast

Team Votes – 26

It’s fair to say that nobody from Gold Coast can win the count and it would be surprising if any player polls in double figures.

David Swallow is projected to lead the way with 8 Votes and a blanket can be thrown over the rest.

The interesting one may be Jarrod Witts, who had a big year in the ruck and got a lot of hit-outs. Ruckman generally don’t poll the best and he is projected to finish on 2.

Here are the projected Votes for Gold Coast.

David Swallow 8

Brayden Fiorini 4

Jarrod Harbrow 4

Jack Martin 4

Touk Miller 3

Jarrod Witts 2

Nick Holman 1


Team Votes – 81

Best Chance – Stephen Coniglio 14

Outsiders – Jeremy Cameron 12, Tim Taranto 12

Stephen Coniglio was having a great season before his injury and should get votes in the first half of the count. He should lead the way for the Giants, and 4 best on ground performances should have the Coleman Medalist Jeremy Cameron second on 12 votes, with Tim Taranto.

Others to watch may be Lachie Whitfield and Josh Kelly, and expect Toby Greene to get some votes late.

Here are the Projected Votes for GWS.

Stephen Coniglio 14

Tim Taranto 12

Jeremy Cameron 12

Lachie Whitfield 10

Josh Kelly 9

Toby Greene 8

Zach Williams 6

Jacob Hopper 3

Nick Haynes 3

Matt de Boar 2

Harrison Himmelberg 1

Jeremy Finlayson 1


Team Votes – 68

Best Chance – James Worpel 12

Outsiders – James Sicily 11, Jaeger O’Meara 10

Last years winner, Tom Mitchell missed the entire season and the Hawks will probably not have a contender in this years count.

James Worpel finished the season off strong and should lead the way with 12.

Expect Jaeger O’Meara to be close to the leaders in the early stages of the count and James Sicily was solid all year down back. The surprise for this season was Ricky Henderson and he is projected to give double-figure votes a nudge.

Here are the Projected Votes for Hawthorn.

James Worpel 12

James Sicily 11

Jaeger O’Meara 10

Ricky Henderson 9

Jack Gunston 5

Chad Wingard 5

Liam Shiels 4

Luke Breust 3

Jarman Impey 2

Ben McEvoy 2

James Frawley 1

Shaun Burgoyne 1

Daniel Howe 1

Issac Smith 1

Jarryd Roughead 1


Team Votes – 39

Best Chance – Max Gawn 14

Outsider – Clayton Oliver 9

A very disappointing season for the Demons and their shining light was their ruckman, Max Gawn. He should lead the way on around 14 Votes followed by Clayton Oliver with around 9. It doesn’t look great after that, for the most disappointing side for the season.

Here are the Projected Votes for Melbourne.

Max Gawn 14

Clayton Oliver 9

James Harmes 3

Jack Viney 3

Tom McDonald 3

Angus Brayshaw 2

Nathan Jones 2

Bailey Fritsch 2

Michael Hibberd 1

North Melbourne

Team Votes – 69

Best Chance – Ben Cunnington 16, Shaun Higgins 16

Outsider – Jack Ziebell 10

The Kangaroos were not too bad this season and a couple of players should poll well in this year’s count.

Ben Cunnington gets a lot of contested ball, and the more elite ball use of Shaun Higgins should help him feature in the votes. Jack Ziebell, was an X-Factor in a few games and Ben Brown kicked a bag of goals on numerous occasions.

Probably won’t see the winner come from here, but there will be a couple of solid contributors on Brownlow Medal Night.

Here are the Projected votes for North Melbourne.

Ben Cunnington 16

Shaun Higgins 16

Jack Ziebell 10

Ben Brown 8

Todd Goldstein 5

Jy Simpkin 4

Jared Polec 3

Trent Dumont 3

Robbie Tarrant 2

Jamie Macmillan 1

Cameron Zurhaar 1

Port Adelaide

Team Votes – 72

Best Chance – Travis Boak 18

Outsider – Robbie Gray 9

The Power didn’t play finals, but may have several players that get at least a vote on Brownlow Medal Night.

Their leading contender will be Travis Boak, who had a solid start to the season and is projected to poll around 18 Votes.

Others to look out for are Robbie Gray, Tom Rockliff and the surprise for the Power may be Darcy Byrne-Jones who may poll around 8 votes.

Here are the Projected Votes for Port Adelaide.

Travis Boak 18

Robbie Gray 9

Tom Rockliff 8

Darcy Byrne-Jones 8

Ollie Wines 7

Scott Lycett 5

Sam Gray 4

Justin Westhoff 3

Conor Rozee 3

Daniel Houston 3

Riley Bonner 1

Tom Jonas 1

Sam Powell-Pepper 1

Trent McKenzie 1


Team Votes – 82

Best Chance – Dustin Martin 22 (Ineligible)

Outsider – Dion Prestia 9

The Tigers were again solid this season and their leading contender is a previous winner who cannot win the medal due to suspension.

Dustin Martin may not be in the votes in the first half of the season, but expect him to come home like a train and he may even finish with the most votes. He is projected to finish on 22, with the next best Dion Prestia, on 9.

Here are the Projected Votes for Richmond.

Dustin Martin 22

Dion Prestia 9

Bachar Houli 7

Trent Cotchin 6

Nick Vlastuin 6

Shai Bolton 5

Shane Edwards 4

Kayne Lambert 3

Brandon Ellis 3

Dylan Grimes 3

David Astbury 3

Tom Lynch 3

Jack Graham 3

Toby Nankervis 2

Sydney Stack 1

Jason Castagna 1

Jack Riewoldt 1

St Kilda

Team Votes – 53

Best Chance – Jack Billings 11

Outsiders – Seb Ross 8, Jade Gresham 8, Jack Steele 8

A Saint can’t win the medal, but a breakout year from Jack Billings should see him poll the most votes for the Saints. He is projected to lead with 11, followed by Seb Ross, Jade Gresham and Jack Steele all on 8.

Billings may even be a surprise on the leaderboard in the early stages of the count.

Here are the Projected Votes for St Kilda.

Jack Billings 11

Jack Steele 8

Jade Gresham 8

Seb Ross 8

Rohan Marshall 4

Shane Savage 3

Dean Kent 3

Jack Lonie 3

Jack Steven 2

Tim Membrey 2

Luke Dunstan 1


Team Votes – 59

Best Chance – Luke Parker 13

Outsider – Issac Heeney 8, Josh Kennedy 8

Another side that doesn’t have any contenders with Luke Parker the man to probably lead the way with a projected 13 Votes.

Issac Heeney and Josh Kennedy may also feature with around 8 votes, in one of the more disappointing seasons for the Swans.

Here are the Projected Votes for Sydney.

Luke Parker 13

Josh Kennedy 8

Issac Heeney 8

George Hewett 6

Sam Reid 5

Jake Lloyd 4

Dane Rampe 3

Lance Franklin 3

Tom Papley 3

Oliver Florent 3

Jordan Dawson 2

Nick Blakey 1

West Coast

Team Votes – 73

Best Chance – Elliot Yeo 15, Luke Shuey 14

Outsider – Dom Sheed 9

The Eagles had a solid season and several contributors. Elliot Yeo is projected to lead the way with 15 Votes, and Norm Smith Medalist, Luke Shuey to follow with 14 Votes.

An even spread from the Eagles, and it’s hard to see anybody here getting up, but Elliot Yeo may be thereabouts late in the count.

Here are the Projected Votes for West Coast.

Elliot Yeo 15

Luke Shuey 14

Dom Sheed 9

Andrew Gaff 8

Brad Sheppard 7

Shannon Hurn 5

Jack Darling 5

Jeremy McGovern 4

Josh Kennedy 3

Lewis Jetta 2

Jamie Cripps 1

Western Bulldogs

Team Votes – 75

Best Chance – Marcus Bontempelli 22

Outsiders – Jack Macrae 20, Josh Dunkley 16

The Bulldogs had three regular contributors this season and it is Marcus Bontempelli projected to lead the way with 22 Votes. When he gets the footy he stands out, and it won’t at all be surprising if he’s in with a chance in the final couple of rounds.

Jack Macrae has had another solid year and projected to finish on around 20, and a breakout year saw Josh Dunkley play some great footy. He won’t have the best start to the count, but expect him to bolt home and finish with around 16 Votes.

Here are the projected votes for the Western Bulldogs.

Marcus Bontempelli 22

Jack Macrae 20

Josh Dunkley 16

Tom Liberatore 6

Aaron Naughton 5

Lachie Hunter 3

Caleb Daniel 1

Mitch Wallis 1

Bailey Dale 1

These are the Brownlow Medal Predictor Team Votes for 2019.

The Top 20 Finish is always interesting on Brownlow Medal Night, and this is how the Brownlow Medal Predictor has the count finishing in terms of final positions.

Final Top 20

Lachie Neale 26

Patrick Dangerfield 26

Nat Fyfe 24

Patrick Cripps 23

Marcus Bontempelli 22

Dustin Martin 22

Scott Pendlebury 20

Jack Macrae 20

Brodie Grundy 19

Travis Boak 18

Tim Kelly 17

Jarryd Lyons 16

Adam Treloar 16

Michael Walters 16

Ben Cunnington 16

Shaun Higgins 16

Josh Dunkley 16

Elliott Yeo 15

Brad Crouch 14

Dayne Zorko 14

Zach Merrett 14

Stephen Coniglio 14

Max Gawn 14

Luke Shuey 14

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