Brownlow Predictor, Team Votes 2020

The 2020 Brownlow Medal is shaping up as a one-sided count with Lachie Neale predicted to be the runaway leader. He had a fantastic season for the Brisbane Lions and had an impact in many of their wins this year. Neale is projected to poll in a lot of games, but if he doesn’t get the three votes a few times, he does have three players chasing him that may surprise.

Travis Boak from the Port Adelaide football club has had a super season in the middle of the ground, and both Christian Petracca from the Melbourne Demons, and Jack Steele from the St Kilda Saints have had excellent seasons for their sides.

Then there are the other players that history from previous counts would show that when Nat Fyfe, Patrick Dangerfield and Dustin Martin have an impact in games, they generally poll well.

To see the projected votes from the final round of the 2020 AFL Season, click the link. Brownlow Medal Votes Round 18, Final Leaderboard.

There is not a lot of value with picking a winner this season, as Lachie Neale should win the medal, but the projected Team Votes and potential leaders from each AFL Team always generates a bit of interest.

Brownlow Medal Predictor 2020 Team Votes

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor Team Votes for the 2020 AFL Season.

Be sure to check back each week of the 2020 AFL Season for an in-depth look at the some of the better players for each round and who should get the votes.

Round by Round analysis of the Brownlow Medal Count. Who gets the Brownlow Votes and who has the best chance to become the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Note – If you go back through each round of the Brownlow Medal Predictor, you will notice that there are three players who are considered vote chances for each match, as well as the projected votes.

The table for each team in this post has the projected votes for each player and what they could potentially poll if given a vote each time they were considered a vote chance. This might come in handy when trying to predict a head to head matchup, or a potential Top 10 or Top 20 finish.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and hope you can use the content as a guide for this year’s count. If you feel somebody else might find the content useful, feel free to share the content using the social media buttons.

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Brownlow Medal Predictor 2020 Team Votes

Adelaide Crows

Projected Votes – 25

Projected Leader – Rory Laird 8

The Adelaide Crows had a horror start to the season and let’s face it, the Brownlow Medal winner for AFL Season 2020, will not be a Crows player.

They started improving towards the back end of the year, and it was the switch of Rory Laird to a midfield role that helped them play better football. Laird is projected to lead the way for the Adelaide Crows, but Matt Crouch also had a solid finish to the season and wins a lot of the football.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Rory Laird 8 10
Matt Crouch 6 9
Lachlan Sholl 3 3
Tom Doedee 2 2
Reilly O’Brien 2 4
Brodie Smith 1 4
Brad Crouch 1 3
Shane McAdam 1 1
Bryce Gibbs 1 1
Rory Sloane 0 1
Wayne Milera 0 1
Ben Keays 0 1
Paul Seedsman 0 1

Brisbane Lions

Projected Votes – 67

Projected Leader – Lachie Neale 29

The Brisbane Lions have had a fantastic season, and Lachie Neale is projected to lead the way on 29 Votes.

Midfielder Jarryd Lyons looks likely to be second, but he may have some competition with captain Dayne Zorko also having a consistent season. Leaders of clubs that play in the middle of the ground have generally polled pretty well in previous counts, and Zorko ended up polling 19 last season, which was five more than we had him projected in the 2019 Medal Count. Probably has not stood out as much as previous seasons, but if you are looking for a roughie for most Brisbane Team Votes without Lachie Neale, Zorko may be a slim hope.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Lachie Neale 29 32
Jarryd Lyons 9 13
Dayne Zorko 8 10
Hugh McCluggage 5 6
Jarrod Berry 5 7
Daniel Rich 4 4
Charlie Cameron 3 3
Harris Andrews 2 3
Alex Witherden 2 2
Zac Bailey 0 3
Oscar McInerney 0 2
Mitch Robinson 0 1
Lincoln McCarthy 0 1
Daniel McStay 0 1
Darcy Gardiner 0 1
Grant Birchall 0 1
Eric Hipwood 0 1
Brandon Starcevich 0 1
Callum Ah Chee 0 1

Carlton Blues

Projected Votes – 49

Projected Leader – Patrick Cripps 14

Some of the key stats from previous winners of the count include, Clearances and Contested Possessions. Patrick Cripps was the Round 5 Leader and Round 10 Leader of the 2019 Brownlow Medal Count, and although he did not have the best of seasons with a niggling injury, he stands out on the football field because of his size and his in and under work. He polled 26 votes last season and 20 the previous year. Cripps should finish in double figures in this year’s count.

Sam Walsh is the challenger in the Carlton team count, and he had a solid finish to the season. He is projected to finish on 10 votes, but could poll as many as 15 if given an extra vote, when considered a vote chance throughout this content.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Patrick Cripps 14 15
Sam Walsh 10 15
Ed Curnow 6 8
Jack Martin 5 7
Sam Docherty 4 6
Eddie Betts 3 3
Marc Murphy 3 5
Levi Casboult 2 3
Matthew Kennedy 1 4
Sam Petrevski-Seton 1 1
Jacob Weitering 0 3
Michael Gibbons 0 3
Harry McKay 0 3
Will Setterfield 0 2
David Cunningham 0 1
Zac Fisher 0 1

Collingwood Magpies

Projected Votes – 58

Projected Leaders – Taylor Adams and Scott Pendlebury 10

Collingwood had an inconsistent season and was without a few stars for the majority of their campaign. They did not have a standout, but the most consistent player for them this season was Taylor Adams. Scott Pendlebury also stood out in some matches, but did miss quite a few games in the middle part of the season.

Tough to pick the leader in this one, but the value pick might be Brodie Grundy if you are looking for a roughie to lead the way at the Pies. He didn’t get as much of the footy as previous seasons, but did spend the majority of the game in the middle of the ground and still had an influence in the ruck.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Taylor Adams 10 12
Scott Pendlebury 10 13
Brodie Grundy 8 11
Adam Treloar 7 7
Jordan De Goey 6 6
Jack Crisp 5 7
Steele Sidebottom 3 6
Josh Daicos 3 3
Jeremy Howe 2 2
Darcy Moore 2 2
Jamie Elliott 2 2
Brayden Maynard 0 3
Brody Mihocek 0 2
Chris Mayne 0 1
Braden Sier 0 1
Darcy Cameron 0 1
Mason Cox 0 1

Essendon Bombers

Projected Votes – 41

Projected Leader – Zach Merrett 16

The Bombers had a disappointing season, but a few players that play in the middle for them will get votes in this years count.

The leader looks to be Zach Merrett who got a lot of the football this season and was their standout performer. A player that did take a step forward and looks confident with the football, is Andrew McGrath. If he didn’t get injured in the back half of the year, he may have been a challenger in the Bombers team count.

Dylan Shiel is another player that can occasionally turn it on in the middle of the ground with elite running power, and smart decision making. The other guy that may surprise is a defender. Now this is a midfielders award, and defenders do not traditionally get votes, but Jordan Ridley will be considered a vote chance in several matches this season with a lot of Intercept Marks and Intercept Possessions.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Zach Merrett 16 16
Andrew McGrath 9 13
Dylan Shiel 6 11
Jordan Ridley 4 9
Jake Stringer 2 2
David Zaharakis 2 3
Darcy Parish 1 1
Joe Daniher 1 1
Adam Saad 0 4
Michael Hurley 0 2
Will Snelling 0 1
Kyle Langford 0 1

Fremantle Dockers

Projected Votes – 51

Projected Leader – Nat Fyfe 14

The Fremantle Dockers finished in a similar position as last season and much like last year, had injuries to some key position players. Nat Fyfe polled more votes than projected last season, but was still a worthy winner of the 2019 Brownlow Medal.

Fyfe looks likely to lead the way again for the Dockers this season, and a couple of other midfielders should also poll votes. David Mundy was again his usual self in the middle of the ground, and the emergence of young midfielder Andrew Brayshaw was a welcome sight to Fremantle fans.

There may be a surprise from the Dockers as an All-Australian Fremantle defender got a lot of the football this year and had an impact in games. Luke Ryan is an elite user of the football, and did poll 5 votes in the 2019 Medal Count. He is a defender and projected to finish on around 8 votes. Is also considered a slim vote chance to poll in an extra six matches, so could be a surprise and give 10 votes a nudge in the count.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Nat Fyfe 14 20
Andrew Brayshaw 8 8
David Mundy 8 10
Luke Ryan 8 14
Michael Walters 4 10
Adam Cerra 4 5
Blake Acres 2 3
Rory Lobb 1 2
Griffen Logue 1 1
Caleb Serong 1 3
Matt Taberner 0 3
Lachie Schultz 0 2
Darcy Tucker 0 1
Reece Conca 0 1
Sean Darcy 0 1

Geelong Cats

Projected Votes – 68

Projected Leader – Patrick Dangerfield 16

The Cats were one of the best teams to watch this season, and when they were on, they were tough to match. A couple of players in the middle of the ground have had their best seasons, and a key forward and regular Brownlow Medal Vote-getter will consistently poll votes this season.

Patrick Dangerfield didn’t have one of his best seasons, but consistently had an impact in games with a lot of Clearances, Contested Possessions and Score Involvements.

Cam Guthrie and Sam Menegola have also stepped up this season, and Tom Hawkins had arguably his best season.

Dangerfield is projected to lead the way, but Cam Guthrie could surprise with smart decision making and confidence with the football this season. Sam Menegola is more of an outside type midfielder, but should also feature in the votes, as well as experienced campaigner Mitch Duncan.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Patrick Dangerfield 16 20
Cam Guthrie 13 18
Tom Hawkins 11 12
Sam Menegola 9 13
Mitch Duncan 7 11
Joel Selwood 5 6
Gary Rohan 3 4
Gary Ablett 2 2
Gryan Miers 2 3
Tom Stewart 0 4
Mark Blicavs 0 3
Brandon Parfitt 0 1
Rhys Stanley 0 1
Sam Simpson 0 1
Zach Tuohy 0 1
Harry Taylor 0 1
Mark O’Connor 0 1
Jack Steven 0 1

Gold Coast Suns

Projected Votes – 38

Projected Leader – Matt Rowell 9

The fact that a first-year player who only played 5 matches is projected to lead a teams votes, is hard to believe. Matt Rowell looks like a ready-made AFL player, and his confidence at the senior level has probably not been seen before. We look forward to seeing his impact for the Suns next year.

There could be a surprise for the most votes for the Suns, especially if Rowell doesn’t get the projected 9 votes for three best on ground matches. Touk Miller and Hugh Greenwood, both had consistent seasons, and Miller is considered a vote chance in a lot of matches. 

The Gold Coast Suns had a much better season than initially predicted, and we look forward to seeing what they can do next year.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Matt Rowell 9 9
Touk Miller 8 13
Hugh Greenwood 6 11
Lachie Weller 3 7
Ben Ainsworth 3 3
David Swallow 2 3
Noah Anderson 2 2
Jack Lukosius 2 3
Sam Day 1 1
Ben King 1 2
Jarrod Witts 1 2
Brandon Ellis 0 3
Jack Bowes 0 2
Izak Rankine 0 2
Sam Collins 0 2

GWS Giants

Projected Votes – 45

Projected Leader – Lachie Whitfield 9

The Giants couldn’t get any consistency going this season and missed the finals. Given they were a flag hope in the initial stages of the season, that is a disappointing result. They didn’t get the regular production from some of their key players, and may be looking to offload players at seasons end.

Their most consistent performer was midfielder, Lachie Whitfield, who is projected to lead the way for the Giants in the count.

A player that may surprise and get votes is defender Nick Haynes, who had a lot of intercept marks and intercept possessions this season. Another player that may surprise in the initial stages of the count is Harry Perryman, who had some decent games in the first few rounds of the season.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Lachie Whitfield 9 14
Josh Kelly 8 9
Nick Haynes 7 9
Harry Perryman 6 7
Toby Greene 6 7
Stephen Coniglio 4 7
Jacob Hopper 2 4
Jeremy Cameron 2 2
Jake Riccardi 1 2
Tim Taranto 0 3
Matt de Boer 0 1
Jeremy Finlayson 0 1
Harrison Himmelberg 0 1
Zac Williams 0 1
Tom Green 0 1

Hawthorn Hawks

Projected Votes – 30

Projected Leader – Chad Wingard 10

The Hawks had a poor season, but a player that may be a roughie to finish on the most votes for the Hawks is Chad Wingard. Tom Mitchell will probably poll in more matches and plays predominantly in the midfield, but Wingard had a couple of games in the early stages of the season where he may get the three votes. Not a lot to look at for the Hawks, but it should be a battle between Mitchell and Wingard for the most votes.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Chad Wingard 10 10
Tom Mitchell 9 12
Jaeger O’Meara 5 6
Jack Gunston 4 4
Issac Smith 1 2
James Sicily 1 5
James Worpel 0 4
Luke Breust 0 1
Shaun Burgoyne 0 1
Jonathon Ceglar 0 1
Liam Shiels 0 1
Ben McEvoy 0 1
Jack Scrimshaw 0 1
Paul Puopolo 0 1
Dylan Moore 0 1
James Cousins 0 1

Melbourne Demons

Projected Votes – 57

Projected Leader – Christian Petracca 20

The Demons just missed the finals and did seem to have a heavy reliance on a few key players. Christian Petracca had his best season and stood out with his ability to win the hardball and break tackles. He should lead the way for the Demons, but Max Gawn and Clayton Oliver will poll votes, and Jack Viney is another good in and under player that should poll some votes.

It is hard to see another Demon polling more than Petracca. More than half of his disposals were contested, and he averaged almost one goal per game. Petracca is one of the contenders for the medal this season and may be a chance if Lachie Neale polls fewer votes than projected.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Christian Petracca 20 24
Max Gawn 14 16
Clayton Oliver 10 16
Jack Viney 8 10
Stephen May 3 6
Angus Brayshaw 2 2
Ed Langdon 0 4
Michael Hibberd 0 1
Christian Salem 0 1
Jake Lever 0 1
Mitch Brown 0 1

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Projected Votes – 32

Projected Leader – Jed Anderson 9

The Kangaroos were one of the more disappointing sides this season and really struggled in games towards the back end of the year. A shining light was the emergence of Jed Anderson in the middle of the ground, and he is the favourite to lead the way for the Roos.

Todd Goldstein had a good start to the season and will be a vote chance in several matches, but has never polled as well as predicted in previous counts.

Other players that may get votes include Jy Simpkin, Jared Polec, Luke McDonald and Shaun Higgins. McDonald got a lot of the football in the back half of the year as a defender, but a lot of the stats were chip kicks to maintain possession. Anderson should lead the way at the Kangaroos.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Jed Anderson 9 9
Jared Polec 6 6
Todd Goldstein 5 10
Ben Cunnington 3 3
Luke McDonald 3 5
Jy Simpkin 2 6
Shaun Higgins 2 4
Cameron Zurhaar 1 2
Aaron Hall 1 1
Trent Dumont 0 2
Luke Davies-Uniake 0 1

Port Adelaide Power

Projected Votes – 78

Projected Leader – Travis Boak 21

The Power had a fantastic season and were consistent for the majority of the year. Former captain Travis Boak is the favourite to poll the most votes at the Power with around 21, and had a solid season in the middle of the ground.

The battle for second at the Power could be interesting with Ollie Wines, Tom Rockliff and Charlie Dixon all having a significant impact in matches. Wines is probably the favourite for second, but Rockliff may surprise as his impact and tacking ability in the middle of the ground is noticeable. Charlie Dixon’s contested marking ability stood out, and he helped the Power win several matches this year. 

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Travis Boak 21 24
Ollie Wines 12 12
Tom Rockliff 9 13
Charlie Dixon 8 10
Connor Rozee 5 6
Robbie Gray 4 7
Kane Farrell 3 3
Zak Butters 3 6
Hamish Hartlett 2 2
Sam Powell-Pepper 2 3
Tom Jonas 2 3
Peter Ladhams 2 3
Dan Houston 2 5
Xavier Duursma 1 1
Brad Ebert 1 2
Karl Amon 1 1
Darcy Byrne-Jones 0 5
Steven Motlop 0 1
Scott Lycett 0 1
Justin Westhoff 0 1
Sam Mayes 0 1

Richmond Tigers

Projected Votes – 59

Projected Leader – Dustin Martin 16

The Tigers always have an even spread of contributors which makes them a tough side to match up against. History would suggest that Dustin Martin should poll votes as he has an impact in matches with a lot of Score Involvements, Goals and Inside 50s.

The surprise could come from Captain Trent Cotchin who has no trouble in winning the hardball and is a proven leader out on the football field. Cotchin had a big impact in several games this season, and the Tigers will also be happy with the emergence of Shai Bolton in the middle of the ground.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Dustin Martin 16 18
Trent Cotchin 9 10
Kane Lambert 5 7
Shai Bolton 5 7
Dylan Grimes 4 4
Dion Prestia 3 3
Jayden Short 3 6
Jack Riewoldt 3 3
Derek Eggmolesse-Smith 2 2
Bachar Houli 2 3
Shane Edwards 2 2
Jack Higgins 2 2
Liam Baker 1 1
Noah Balta 1 3
Jack Graham 1 3
Nick Vlastuin 0 1
Toby Nankervis 0 1
Nathan Broad 0 1
Marlion Pickett 0 1
Kamdyn McIntosh 0 1

St Kilda Saints

Projected Votes – 60

Projected Leader – Jack Steele 19

The Saints had a great year and managed to win their first final in ten seasons. On the back of new coach Brett Ratten, it was the influence of new recruits, Zak Jones, Brad Hill, Dan Butler, Paddy Ryder and Dougal Howard that provided much-needed experience to be contenders in each match.

Jack Steele could be the interesting one in the count this season as he only polled one vote in the 2019 Count, and has only polled 5 in his career. It certainly was a breakout year for Steele, and he won the football consistently and kept getting Clearances and Tackles, as well as Score Involvements.

The battle for second could get interesting with Rowan Marshall, and Zak Jones projected to poll votes, and Jack Billings considered a vote chance in many clashes. Steele is a genuine chance to finish in the top 3 in the count, and Jones or Marshall to lead the push for second at the Saints.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Jack Steele 19 24
Zak Jones 10 13
Rowan Marshall 10 11
Jack Billings 5 9
Dan Butler 5 7
Jade Gresham 4 5
Hunter Clark 3 4
Seb Ross 3 4
Josh Battle 1 1
Nick Coffield 0 3
Brad Hill 0 2
Tim Membrey 0 1
Dougal Howard 0 1
Paddy Ryder 0 1
Nick Hind 0 1

Sydney Swans

Projected Votes – 38

Projected Leader – Luke Parker 14

The Swans were ok in patches this season, and it was their star midfielder Luke Parker that should get the most votes, and is a decent Top 10 chance in the count. The Swans were without Kennedy and Heeney for the majority of the season, and Parker is the only midfielder that may poll consistent votes.

A player that could surprise and gets a lot of the football is defender Jake Lloyd. He is considered a vote chance in many matches, but defenders that win cheap stats don’t normally poll too well in the count.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Luke Parker 14 19
Issac Heeney 6 6
Tom Papley 5 6
Jake Lloyd 4 10
Josh Kennedy 3 7
Callum Mills 3 4
Dane Rampe 2 4
James Rowbottom 1 1
Oliver Florent 0 3
Jordan Dawson 0 1
Nick Blakey 0 1

West Coast Eagles

Projected Votes – 64

Projected Leader – Nic Naitanui 14

The Eagles had a lot of contributors this season and have one of the most talented lists in the AFL.

This could be boom or bust having Nic Naitanui as a potential leader at the Eagles, as the most votes he has ever polled was back in 2012, with 10. Based on stats per 80 minute games, he has had substantial career-highs in Clearances, Possessions, Contested Possessions, Hit-outs and Inside 50s, and his impact from a congested situation stands out. Has the ability to get the ball out of the middle and his tap work to teammates is second to none. 

Andrew Gaff has polled well in the count in previous seasons and is a contender, along with new recruit Tim Kelly who is a chance at best on ground honours a few times.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Nic Naitanui 14 16
Andrew Gaff 12 15
Tim Kelly 12 13
Dom Sheed 7 7
Josh Kennedy 6 6
Elliot Yeo 5 7
Liam Ryan 4 7
Jeremy McGovern 2 4
Luke Shuey 1 3
Brad Sheppard 1 2
Oscar Allen 0 3
Shannon Hurn 0 2
Tom Barrass 0 2
Jake Waterman 0 1
Josh Rotham 0 1
Jackson Nelson 0 1

Western Bulldogs

Projected Votes – 58

Projected Leader – Marcus Bontempelli 15

The Bulldogs are another side that relies heavily on it’s star players and a couple of regular vote-getters in the Brownlow should feature in the votes.

Marcus Bontempelli stands out on the footy field, and Jack Macrae knows how to win the football. Some of Macrae’s best games have been in losses though, so he may get fewer votes than projected. 

Not a lot of other players are predicted to poll many votes. However, Tim English was influential in a couple of matches, and Caleb Daniel and Tom Liberatore were consistent for the majority of the season.

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Marcus Bontempelli 15 19
Jack Macrae 14 16
Tim English 6 7
Tom Liberatore 4 8
Caleb Daniel 3 7
Josh Bruce 3 3
Bailey Smith 3 6
Lachie Hunter 3 7
Josh Dunkley 3 4
Jason Johannisen 2 3
Aaron Naughton 1 1
Mitch Wallis 1 1
Easton Wood 0 1
Hayden Crozier 0 1
Bailey Williams 0 1
Toby McLean 0 1

Value Bets

Patrick Dangerfield Top 5 Finish

Probably not the best value, but we have Dangerfield projected to finish in a tie for the top 5, with 16 votes. It is no secret that he polls well in the Brownlow with distinctive pace and his ability to shrug off tackles, as well as create scoring chances. Has polled 112 votes in his last four seasons and went in as favourite last season, only to be outpolled by Fremantle’s Nat Fyfe.

A few other Geelong midfielders in Cam Guthrie, Sam Menegola and Mitch Duncan stepped up this season so he may not get as many as projected, but is a proven vote-getter and once again had a productive season.

Team to Poll the Most Brownlow Votes

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide had a fantastic season and finished the year on top of the ladder with a healthy percentage. Travis Boak, Ollier Wines, Tom Rockliff and Robbie Gray are Projected to poll votes as well as big forward Charlie Dixon. We have them projected to win this comfortably on 78 votes, followed by Geelong on 68, and Brisbane on 67. 

Luke Parker – Top 10 Finish

Parker is projected to finish in the top 10 in the Brownlow Medal Predictor, and could poll close to 20 votes in the count. The only downside is that Sydney did not have a great season, however, they didn’t have many significant contributors in the middle of the ground with Kennedy missing a fair chunk of the season. Parker had a good year and should rack up votes.

Head to Head Matchups

Cam Guthrie vs Tom Hawkins (Cam Guthrie)

Clayton Oliver vs Tom Mitchell (Clayton Oliver)

Josh Kelly vs Toby Greene (Josh Kelly)

Luke Parker vs Taylor Adams (Luke Parker)

Nat Fyfe vs Sam Menegola (Nat Fyfe)

Nic Naitanui vs Lachie Whitfield (Nic Naitanui)

Ollie Wines vs Andrew Brayshaw (Ollie Wines)

Charlie Dixon vs Robbie Gray (Charlie Dixon)

Patrick Cripps vs Sam Walsh (Patrick Cripps)

Trent Cotchin vs Shai Bolton (Trent Cotchin)

Projected Player Votes

Luke Parker + 12.5 Votes

Marcus Bontempelli + 13.5 Votes

Nic Naitanui + 10.5 Votes

Sam Menegola Under 13.5 Votes

Most Votes last 8 Rounds

Petracca is favoured to take this one out, but the odds are not the most attractive.  A couple of guys that had decent finishes to the season include Marcus Bontempelli and Patrick Dangerfield. The below table shows their projected finish and what they could poll if given one vote each time considered a vote chance throughout this Brownlow Medal Predictor.

Most Votes Last 8 Rounds

Name Projected Votes Could Potentially Poll
Christian Petracca 12 14
Marcus Bontempelli 11 14
Patrick Dangerfield 11 12
Travis Boak 10 11
Nat Fyfe 10 12
Lachie Neale 9 11
Nic Naitanui 8 8
Sam Menegola 8 9
Zach Merrett 8 8
Luke Parker 8 9
Andrew Gaff 8 9
Dustin Martin 8 8

Remember to always gamble responsibly, and best of luck with predicting the likely leader for each AFL Team.

If you are looking for the Final Projected Leaderboard, check out the post with all of the projected Round 18 Votes.

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