Daily Fantasy NBA Advice, Tactics and Tips

Daily Fantasy NBA Advice, Tactics and Tips

One of the growing trends in sports wagering is picking players for a team with a given salary cap. There are many different platforms in which sports fans can pick players and compete against opponents for daily cash prizes.

The Daily NBA Fantasy competitions are growing in popularity and the prizes are continuing to increase with some of the daily jackpot competitions of Daily Fantasy Basketball.

When entering some of the competitions it is always ideal to do as much research as possible before entering in a team. The competitions have become very competitive and Daily Fantasy NBA Advice can be minimal with most of the seasoned players all trying to win the larger prizes.

Picking a team may seem easy, but a player should seek out as much NBA Daily Fantasy Advice needed to consistently have a chance of featuring in the winning section of any of the competitions.

On any given night there will be anywhere from 2, to 14 or more games for a gameday Slate in the NBA.

The more games in a slate the more research needs to be done to find some intrinsic value for all the Daily NBA Fantasy Picks.

There are many different ways to play NBA Daily Fantasy and entering a competition for a big Grand Prize tends to be one of the more popular options.

Entry fees range from $1 to over $100 and the more teams and entries a participant enters in, the more chances they have of winning the Daily Fantasy NBA Competition.

This can also be a disadvantage as if a player predicts somebody to have a big night in a position and they don’t, they could lose a lot of money if the player featured on each of their teams and they targeted one specific position.

Let us take a look at some of the things that some of the more seasoned players look at when they are choosing their Daily Fantasy NBA Picks.


Things to Consider

Five-Times Value

The number one thing to consider is you must pick players that will more than likely achieve 5 x their value for a specific matchup.

This makes picking high premium players a risk and looking for the best NBA Fantasy Advice, prove worthwile.

The same value can be achieved for mid-priced players, so it is important to do research and this is the number one thing a lot of the more seasoned players look at when constructing their lineups.

One of the games on tomorrow is the Oklahoma City Thunder @ Indiana Pacers.

On one of the Platforms, Russell Westbrook has a season average for 54.5 Fantasy Points and a Value of $11,300. 54.5 divided by $11,300 equals 4.82. Russell Westbrook is already under five times value here and will need to score more than his average to achieve value.

The Indiana Pacers also defend the Point Guard Spot better than any other team this season, so Westbrook may not be a good play in this matchup.

Another player for the Point Guard Spot may need to be considered although Westbrook is a Superstar and still may achieve value in this matchup. His usage rate will have to be high and he has to fill the stats sheet up more than his averages to achieve value.

There may be some other lower priced options in the Point-Guard position that may achieve their five times value a lot easier as opposed to Russell Westbrook on this occasion.

It is always good to make a short list of players and see what score they need to achieve value using the example above and the information below and using the best Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Advice you can find.

Game Totals

For any given match the lines and odds from the bookmakers will come out hours before tip-off. The Game Total is the likely combined total of both sides based on their previous performances.

Some sides average a lot more points compared to others which means their will be more points and statistics in general.

Targeting higher scoring matched is always a good consideration when picking players, but always look for one-sided contests as star players are rested if the game is a blowout, loaded with garbage time.


The Line/Spread is also very important for Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks as it will help determine whether or not a game will be a blowout or not. If a game has the potential to be a blowout then coaches have the tendency to rest their stars especially if they have a lot of road games or are on a back to back.

This came in a lot during the Golden State Warriors dominant 2015/2016 Season in which they broke the NBA record and won a total of 73 games. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green sat on the bench a lot during the fourth quarter due to having such a large lead and bench playing getting the minutes.

Trying to target players that may be involved in a closer contest is always worth considering when constructing lineups and considereing Daily Fantasy Basketball Projections.


The PACE of a match is worth considering which is basically how fast a certain side likes to play their matches. Do they like to pass the ball a lot and use up the majority of the 24 second shot clock, or are they more of a quick two to three pass and give it to the star player type team?

The PACE can be determined doing some research and finding a platform that provided the statistics on how many possessions per match a team has during a 48 minute match. A good guide which will help create a DFS Basketball Strategy is to use the Team Rankings site.


On any given night in the NBA teams have to deal with injuries to both star and role players.

Injuries like this also have an impact on the above Game Total, Line/Spread and Pace.

It is very important to keep an eye on the injury list of each team. If a team is missing a star player then a backup will need to step up and they may be at an attractive price to achieve value.

A significant injury to a star player will change the whole makeup of a side and other players will see an increase in minutes and usage rate.

Always be sure to check the injuries news before considering a lineup as it may open an opportunity to achieve value elsewhere. Injuries always need to be considered when considering Daily Fantasy Basketball Tips.

Minutes Played

An educated prediction needs to be made on the overall minutes a specific player you might be targeting may play.

Will the game be a blowout?

Will the game be close?

The more projected minutes a player may be on the court the more chance to achieve the main goal, which is five times value.

Star Players are always on the court when the match is close and get benched when they are either getting well beaten or dominating the contest.

As mentioned before, injuries will also play a part in the overall minutes played as a backup player made need to fill in for a star and provide value. An NBA Basketball game can always be decided and impacted on how many minutes the better players play for any given game.

Defense vs Position

This one is an important one, but is not as valuable anymore due to players being able to play in multiple positions. Defense vs Position is the average an opponent scores against a specific position.

This link can be used to help determine this.

This helps indicate whether or not a team is good, bad or average at defending the Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward or Center positions.

Value can be found using this tactic, but taking into account the above first with the ultimate goal of achieving five-times value is the key to having any sort of success and finding the best NBA DFS Tips.

Defence vs Position can be ideal when a player is picked against a side that struggles to defend that position on a consistent basis. Large scores from the chosen player can be achieved here, especially if the game is close and higher scoring.

Performances vs Teams

This one can have an impact as some players psyche themselves up or simply perform better for a specific matchup.

An example of this would be Lebron James who always seems to play well against the Charlotte Hornets as it is owned by the one and only Michael Jordan.

In recent times Chris Paul has had some very good games against the Golden State Warriors as he likes the Challenge of playing against the best shooter ever in Stephen Curry.

Statistics can be found using various sources and some players certainly do perform well against specific teams.

This one can be used and the more you follow the NBA, the more you will be able to spot these trends.

Check out our post on the NBA Player Special Wager to learn a little more.

Revenge Factor

The revenge factor is probably not the most common, but occasionally it needs to be considered.

This is when a player is traded against their will and comes up against the team that traded them. 

A recent example of this was Blake Griffen coming up against the Los Angeles Clippers in a recent game.

Griffen wasn’t happy he got traded to the Detroit Pistons and proved a point by filling up the Stats sheet against the Clippers in a proven revenge game. He dominated the contest and scored over 40 Points against his old side which is over 20 above his season average.

Other revenge factors may include when a player or team has a grudge against another team. This may be because of a finals loss from previous years or some media comments.

The revenge factor is not as common as some of the other things to consider, but needs to be looked at when a situation may come up.


These are some of the things to consider when seeking NBA Daily Fantasy Advice and NBA Fantasy Tips.

There are a number of different platforms that help you pick teams, but most of the research can be done yourself.

The Five-Times Value rule is the most important and any side in which a team’s players achieve this value will generally win some money or be thereabouts for the larger prizes.

Daily Fantasy NBA Tactics and NBA Basketball Tips are all over the internet these days and the more research a player does the more chance they have of featuring in the cash.

Leave a comment below if you’d like to learn more.

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