Greatest Ever NBA Quarter, Warriors Number 11

Greatest Ever NBA Quarter

The Greatest Ever NBA Quarter by an individual was by a player that is arguably a part of one of the Greatest Modern Day Sports Teams.

On the 23rd of January 2015, just over 4 years ago a player wearing number 11 for the Golden State Warriors produced what was the most amount of points ever scored in an NBA Quarter by an individual.

The Golden State Warriors were playing the Sacramento Kings at the Oracle Arena on a Friday Night when fans were treated to one of the most unbelievable things to ever happen on a basketball court.

The Warriors Led at Half Time 56 to 51 and the Kings were hanging in there.

In the third quarter, the Warriors outscored the Kings 41 to 22 in which one Warriors player scored 90% of the teams total for the third term.

That player was Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors and he had set an NBA Record of 9 three-pointers and 37 points, for the Most NBA Points ever seen in one quarter for an NBA Game.

Many were describing the Klay Thompson 37 Point Quarter as video game like as a player can get hot on various video game platforms. This was simply better than playing any video game and the reactions from Thompson’s teammates on the bench explained and summed up the whole situation. Each time a shot went in or was put up by Klay they were out of their chairs and high fiving because he simply was not going to miss.

The Golden State Warriors did win this match 126 to 101 which was all set up in the third quarter from the Klay Thompson Dominance.

The other Splash Brother, Stephen Curry did have a quiet night with only 10 points, but did dish out 11 assists. The reaction from Curry on the bench and during the game summed up that this Warriors side truly was a team that was united and well coached.

Each and every game they looked like they were having fun which has certainly played a part in them winning 3 of the last 4 Championships.

The previous most points in a quarter was by George Gervin who scored 33 points way back in 1978.

The title for most threes in a quarter before this matchup was held by Michael Redd and Joe Johnson who both hit 8 a piece. Klay Thompson broke that record with nine three pointers in the third quarter against the Kings.

For those of you who have never seen this history-making third quarter or those of you want to relive it check out the video below.

This is the hottest you will ever see a player on a basketball court.

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