Gun Midfielders Lead the Predictor, Round 19 2019

We are approaching the end of the 2019 AFL Season there have certainly been some surprise packets.

The Richmond Tigers lost Alex Rance in the first game of the season and struggled in the early stages. They now are almost fully fit and are the new Flag Favourites.

The surprise packet has been the Brisbane Lions who currently sit third on the AFL Ladder and feature the current leader of the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019 in Lachie Neale.

Will the Tigers go all the way, and can Neale hold off the likes of Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Dangerfield, Boak, Grundy and Bontempelli in what is shaping up as one of the closest counts in recent times.

Here is the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Round 19 2019.

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An in depth round by round analysis on who might be the likely Brownlow Medal Leader and the likely Brownlow Medal Winner for Brownlow Medal Night.

Collingwood vs Richmond

Collingwood 9.12 66 – Richmond 14.14 98

(Richmond by 32 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Jordan De Goey (3)

The Pies lost the match, but if we are judging the performances of players then De Goey has to be considered. He was the Pies best player and stood out in a loss.

He tallied 28 Possessions, 10 Marks, 7 Score Involvements, 5 Clearances and a massive 11 Inside 50s in this game. Do not be surprised if De Goey features in the votes in this contest.

2 Votes (Richmond) Tom Lynch (3)

The Tigers big man is hitting some form and was awesome in the wet on a Friday Night at the MCG.

5 Goals and 13 Score Involvements made him the best forward on the ground. Also had 16 Possessions, 6 Marks and 4 Inside 50s. It was mainly his impact up forward In the early stages of the match that set up the win.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dustin Martin (16)

Dusty is really hitting form at the right time of the year. He filled up the stats sheet in this game and made up for the loss of Cotchin early. 38 Possessions including 14 Contested, 2 Goals, 11 Score Involvements, 6 Marks and 8 Inside 50s made him the most significant contributor in a win over Collingwood.

Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Hawthorn 7.18 60 – Brisbane 13.9 87

(Brisbane by 27 Points)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Mitch Robinson (7)

The Lions continue to impress and Robinson was once again another solid contributor. He racked up 28 Possessions, which included 9 Intercept Possessions. He had 7 Score Involvements, 4 Clearances, 4 Tackles, 4 Inside 50s, 4 Rebound 50s and the 6 Frees For should help him net a vote in this game.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Dayne Zorko (13)

Zorko was again solid and was good when the match was on the line in the early stages. He kicked a couple of goals, had 7 Score Involvements and 7 Inside 50s to along with 25 Possessions in yet another solid display.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Lachie Neale (23)

The current leader of the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019, Neale was again at his best. 17 of his 33 Disposals were Contested and he also racked up 7 Clearances. 7 Score Involvemetns, 6 Intercept Possessions and 6 Marks should have him a favourite for the 3 Votes in this game.

Carlton vs Adelaide

Carlton 13.9 87 – Adelaide 9.6 60

(Carlton by 27 Points)

1 Vote (Carlton) Marc Murphy (2)

The Carlton veteran has found some form with a new coach and a new role. 31 Possessions, 8 Marks and 5 Tackles should have him feature in the votes as he was a significant contributor in the win.

2 Votes (Carlton) Kade Simpson (2)

Another Carlton Veteran, Simpson had a big game and used the footy at an elite level. 26 of his 31 Disposals were Kicks and he used the footy at 81% Efficiency. Also had 12 Marks and 8 Inside 50s to be one of the Blues best.

3 Votes (Carlton) Patrick Cripps (22)

This was one of the easiest games of the year to give the 3 Votes as Cripps was simply awesome.

24 of his 39 Possessions were Contested and he racked up a massive 19 Clearances to smash the Crows. Also had 7 Tackles, 8 Inside 50s and 8 Score Involvements in one of the best individual games of the season.

West Coast vs North Melbourne

West Coast 18.13 121 – North Melbourne 10.12 72

(West Coast by 49 Points)

1 Vote (West Coast) Jack Darling (4)

When Darling is in form, the Eagles have been impressive in recent years. He continues to be a focal point up forward, and was again solid with 2 Goals and 10 Score Involvements. 12 of his 21 Possessions were Contested and he took 7 Marks and laid 5 Tackles to have a significant contribution in the Eagles win.

2 Votes (West Coast) Lewis Jetta (2)

Jetta may not even poll in this game, but his Elite use of the football has to be recognised. Had an impressive 714 Metres gained in this match and his 21 Disposals came at 95% Efficiency. 17 Kicks and 7 Rebound 50s will also help him stake a claim for some votes.

3 Votes (West Coast) Josh Kennedy (3)

The Roos may have been thin down back with the loss of Thompson, but Kennedy made the most of it and kicked a bag of goals. He has finally hit some form after a disappointing few weeks and managed 7 Goals in the big win.

5 of his 8 Marks were Contested and he racked up 9 Score Involvements to have the biggest impact on the result of this match.

St Kilda vs Melbourne

St Kilda 15.14 104 – Melbourne 13.7 85

(St Kilda by 19 Points)

1 Vote (St Kilda) Jack Steele (6)

A new coach and the Saints are looking ok. Steele was a significant contributing factor with his 22 Possessions coming at 77% Efficiency and he took 5 Marks. What will get noticed was his defensive pressure as he made it tough for the Demons with 12 Tackles.

2 Votes (St Kilda) Jade Gresham (8)

Gresham continues to impress and he racked up 32 Possessions in which 13 were Contested. Also had 9 Clearances, 8 Inside 50s and 7 Score Involvements in a big win for the Saints against a struggling Demons outfit.

3 Votes (St Kilda) Seb Ross (6)

Ross has not had his best year, but we may see some of his best make a return with a new coach.

15 of his 31 Touches were Contested in this game and he racked up 6 Clearances, 9 Tackles, 9 Inside 50s and 12 Score Involvements in an awesome midfield display.

Port Adelaide vs GWS

Port Adelaide 7.13 55 – GWS 8.8 56

(GWS by 1 Point)

1 Vote (GWS) Tim Taranto (12)

The Giants have managed to re-sign Taranto and rightly so as he is having a breakout year. In a low scoring contest, Taranto had a big impact with 15 of his 31 Disposals being Contested. He also had 7 Clearances and 5 Tackles to make a late charge for the most votes for GWS for 2019.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (18)

Boak is still hanging around the leaders ,but much will depend if he gets best of ground honours in the matches he is expected to poll.

He racked up 40 Possessions in this game and used the footy at 82% Efficiency with the majority (24) being handballs. 7 Clearances, 6 Inside 50s and 7 Score Involvements made him the Powers best in a one-point loss.

3 Votes (GWS) Toby Greene (5)

Greene may be a gun up forward, but he is certainly proving that he can mix it with the best of them in the middle of the ground. 13 of his 30 Possessions were Contested and he racked up 8 Marks and 8 Intercept Possessions in a solid display. Also had 6 Tackles and 5 Inside 50s to be the Favourite for the 3 Votes on a Saturday Evening in Adelaide.

Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Western Bulldogs 16.17 113 – Fremantle 9.12 66

(Western Bulldogs by 47 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Baily Dale (1)

The Dogs may have run away with the win after a disappointing effort from the Dockers, but Dale had the biggest impact on the scoreboard when it mattered. Hardly touched it after half time, but kicked 4 Goals, took 6 Marks and had 8 Score Involvements to provide plenty of headaches for the Fremantle backs.

2 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (16)

The Dogs are hitting form and Bontempelli has been the big reason. Kicked 2 Goals, had 11 Score Involvements and put the ball Inside 50 on 9 Occasions. Also racked up 28 Disposals and took 7 Marks and is almost a certainty to poll in the big win.

3 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (14)

Macrae gets a lot of the footy and uses it well. 18 of his 39 Touches were Contested and used the footy at 92% Efficiency. Also had 8 Clearances, 13 Score Involvements and took 7 Marks to have the biggest impact on this match.

Sydney vs Geelong

Sydney 12.8 80 – Geelong 16.11 107

(Geelong by 27 Points)

1 Vote (Geelong) Joel Selwood (6)

A tough game to give votes with a host of players staking a claim, but the Geelong Veteran certainly needs to be considered. 13 of his 24 Possessions were contested and he used the footy at 83% Efficiency. He also racked up 7 Score Involvements, 9 Intercept Possessions and 6 Inside 50s in a solid display.

2 Votes (Geelong) Mitch Duncan (9)

When the Cats are not at their best Duncan seems to always step up and this game was no exception. 13 of his 26 Possessions were contested and he had 7 Score Involvements and kicked 2 Goals. Will be one of the favourites for votes in the win.

3 Votes (Geelong) Tom Hawkins (5)

Hawkins was the best player in this game and had 10 Score Involvements and booted 5 Goals. 4 of his 7 Marks were Contested as well as 15 of his 17 Possessions. Made the most his opportunities in a big win over the Swans.

Gold Coast vs Essendon

Gold Coast 15.6 96 – Essendon 16.10 106

(Essendon by 10 Points)

1 Vote (Gold Coast) Jarrod Witts (2)

The Suns led the majority of this match and the dominance in the ruck from Witts was a big reason. 13 of his 19 Possessions were Contested and he had 7 Clearances, 7 Score Involvements and 4 Marks. His 60 Hit-outs gave the Suns Mids the best chance to receive first use of the football.

2 Votes (Essendon) Jake Stringer (2)

Stringer can occasionally still show some of his brilliance and booted 4 Goals in the comeback win over the Suns. He was the X-Factor late in the game and managed 8 Score Involvements, 6 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s to be one of the Bombers best.

3 Votes (Essendon) Shaun McKernan (6)

Another massive game from McKernan with 6 of his 8 Marks being Contested and he helped the Bombers produce a comeback. 11 of his 15 Possessions were Contested and he had 7 Score Involvements and kicked 4 Goals to have the most significant impact in this contest.

Keep posted for the Brownlow Medal Predictor for Next Week, Round 20.


L.Neale 23

P.Cripps 22

N.Fyfe 18

T.Boak 18

P.Dangerfield 17

T.Kelly 17

B.Grundy 16

M.Bontempelli 16

D.Martin 16

S.Pendlebury 15

B.Cunnington 15

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