Tight Leaderboard, Round 18 2019

We are getting into the latter stages of the season and the leaderboard for the 2019 Brownlow Medal Predictor being rather close.

Just 6 votes separate first and tenth spot and the final five rounds will reward a player that has a big finish to the season.

Some of the Regular Contributors including, Nat Fyfe and Patrick Dangerfield are only a few votes back from the Leader Lachie Neale. Their finish to the season could have a significant impact on the way the count finishes for 2019.

Here are the Brownlow Predictions for Round 18, 2019

For a source for the projected Brownlow Medal Votes for the Brownlow Medal Count, be sure to check back each week. An in-depth analysis of each round and the likely Brownlow Medal Leader, Brownlow Medal Winner for Brownlow Medal Night.

Adelaide vs Essendon

Adelaide 10.15 75 – Essendon 15.6 96

(Essendon by 21 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) Mitch Brown (2)

The Bombers had a big win and Brown had a big match up forward. He will get noticed with his 4 Goals and 8 Score Involvements. It might be his use of the football with his 23 Disposals coming at 96% Efficiency, which may help him net a vote in a big win in Adelaide. Also took 8 Uncontested Marks.

2 Votes (Adelaide) Brodie Smith (3)

Adelaide missed Smith last season and he is back in his usual form from previous seasons. 31 Possessions, 8 Score Involvements and 3 Goals made him the Crows best. Also had 7 Marks and 6 Inside 50s.

3 Votes (Essendon) Zac Merrett (13)

Merrett has been the Bombers best this season and was once again the best in their big win over the Crows.

31 Possessions, 8 Score Involvements and 2 Goals made him the most significant player on the ground. Also had 4 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s to have a big impact.

Richmond vs Port Adelaide

Richmond 15.11 101 – Port Adelaide 9.9 63

(Richmond by 38 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Tom Lynch (1)

Lynch is starting to hit some form and hasn’t had that bad a year based on how many goals he has kicked.

The majority of his 19 Disposals were in the forward half and 13 of them were Contested. 4 of his 9 Marks were Contested and he was involved in a Tigers scoring procedure on 12 occasions. The Tigers spent big to get the big forward and it looks to be making some dividends at this stage of the season when it matters.

2 Votes (Richmond) Dustin Martin (13)

Another fine game from Dusty and his use of the footy is elite with his 30 Possessions coming at 80% Efficiency. He also had 5 Clearances, 8 Inside 50s and 6 Score Involvements to be back in red hot form for the Tigers at the right time of the year.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dion Prestia (7)

Prestia continues to impress this season and was yet again a solid contributor. 6 Clearances, 5 Inside 50s and 7 Rebound 50s made him the most significant player on the ground. 13 of his 30 Possessions were contested and he racked up 9 Score Involvements in another solid display.

Carlton vs Gold Coast

Carlton 15.9 99 – Gold Coast 11.9 75

(Carlton by 24 Points)

1 Vote (Gold Coast) Touk Miller (3)

The Suns were pretty good in this game based on previous performances and they need players like Miller to be firing to have any chance. He was good without the footy with 11 Tackles and put the ball inside 50 on 6 Occasions. He also had 27 Possessions and 9 Marks to arguably be the Suns best.

2 Votes (Carlton) Ed Curnow (9)

With Cripps missing a little bit of footy in the last month Curnow has stepped up.

15 of his 32 Disposals were contested and he was used as a link-up player on numerous occasions with 9 Marks. Also had 6 Clearances and 5 Tackles to be the best midfielder on the ground.

3 Votes (Carlton) Liam Jones (3)

It is rare for a defender to get the 3 Votes, but Jones was awesome with his 19 Disposal coming at 84% Efficiency down back. What stood out was 5 of his 11 Marks were Contested and he racked up an impressive 14 Intercept Possessions to have a real impact on the outcome of this match.

GWS vs Collingwood

GWS 19.8 122 – Collingwood 11.9 75

(GWS by 47 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (16)

Grundy collected 181 Fantasy Points in this game and it is hard to leave him out of the votes despite the loss. He had one of the dominant games in the ruck with 48 Hit-outs and 22 of his 31 Possessions were Contested. He also had 11 Clearances, 9 Tackles and 11 Score Involvements. His 5 Free For may also help him poll in this match.

2 Votes (GWS) Tim Taranto (11)

The Giants may want to re-sign Taranto as soon as they can as he is having an outstanding year.

14 Tackles, 6 Inside 50s and 6 Clearances made him the best midfielder on the ground. Also racked up 31 Possessions and 8 Score Involvements in a classy performance for the Giants.

3 Votes (GWS) Jeremy Cameron (9)

The current leader of the Coleman Medal for 2019, Cameron is finally fit and showing what he really can produce up forward for the Giants. A 6 Goal haul in a big win over the Pies. 20 Possessions, 8 Inside 50s, 9 Score Involvements and 9 Marks made him the best player on the ground.

Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Brisbane 12.15 87 – North Melbourne 12.3 75

(Brisbane by 12 Points)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Luke Hodge (1)

The General down back, Hodge helped the Lions stay in this game in the early stages. He always uses the ball well and racked up 17 Possessions, 10 Marks and 7 Intercept Possessions throughout the match. It was his leadership down back that may net him a vote in this contest.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Shaun Higgins (11)

A solid performance from Higgins and the Kangaroos have missed him with injury over the last couple of months. 27 Possessions, 9 Marks, 6 Inside 50s and 6 Score Involvements made him the Kangaroos best.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Jarrod Lyons (11)

Lyons is in some Red Hot form over the last month and once again was the Lions best player.

23 of his 30 Disposals were Contested and he racked up 13 Clearances, 10 Score Involvements and kicked a couple of Goals to be a late bolter in the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019.

Fremantle vs Sydney

Fremantle 7.10 52 – Sydney 7.9 51

(Fremantle by 1 Point)

1 Vote (Fremantle) Joel Hamling (1)

Fremantle managed a close victory and it was Hamling who kept them in it late. His 18 Possessions came at 94% Efficiency and 4 of his 7 Marks were Contested. Also had 9 Intercept Possessions to be the best Defender on the Ground.

2 Votes (Fremantle) David Mundy (10)

The Fremantle Veteran was awesome in the middle in this game.

18 of his 25 Possessions were contested and he racked up 11 Clearances and 7 Score Involvements. He provided great leadership when the Dockers needed it and helped them win this match.

3 Votes (Sydney) Jake Lloyd (4)

With the kick out from Behinds now counting as a stat Lloyd is a tough one to judge based on Stats.

Watching this game he definitely did give the Dockers a lot of headaches throughout the match. 42 Possessions, 8 Marks and 8 Rebound 50s will be well noticed by the umpires in this contest.

Geelong vs Hawthorn

Geelong 8.13 61 – Hawthorn 12.13 85

(Hawthorn by 24 Points)

1 Vote (Hawthorn) Daniel Howe (1)

The Hawks outmuscled the Cats in this game and Howe was a significant contributing factor.

He used the footy well with his 23 Possessions coming at 91% Efficiency. He also took 10 Marks and racked up 12 Intercept Possessions to be one of the Hawks best.

2 Votes (Hawthorn) Ben McEvoy (2)

McEvoy was dominant in the ruck in this game and had the better of Stanley. 44 Hit-outs mainly to advantage will more than likely get him the votes as he helped get the Hawks mids the footy. Not a lot of the footy, but he worked hard as 11 of his 13 Disposals were Contested.

3 Votes (Hawthorn) Liam Shiels (4)

The Hawk is now a veteran and played his 200th game in style. He was tagging Dangerfield, but Danger forgot that Shiels can play footy and wasn’t really accountable.

13 of his 29 Possessions were contested and he racked up 7 Clearances, 8 Tackles and 7 Score Involvements to be the Hawks best. Also kicked a couple of goals, which is always handy to poll votes.

Melbourne vs West Coast

Melbourne 11.12 78 – West Coast 14.7 91

(West Coast by 13 Points)

1 Vote (Melbourne) Clayton Oliver (9)

The Demons had a real crack in this game and Oliver was their best midfielder. 20 of his 34 Possessions were Contested and he racked up 9 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 9 Score Involvements in a solid performance.

2 Votes (Melbourne) Bailey Fritsch (2)

The Demons needed a forward and they may have found something here as Fritsch had a great game and kicked 4 Goals. 3 of his 14 Marks were Contested and he had 10 Score Involvements and 22 Possessions to be the biggest contributor for the Demons.

3 Votes (West Coast) Dom Sheed (9)

Sheed seemed everywhere watching this game and kept getting the football in the right places late in the contest.

16 of his 34 Possessions were contested and he racked up 6 Inside 50s, 8 Marks and 7 Score Involvements to be the Eagles best.

St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

St Kilda 17.14 116 – Western Bulldogs 14.5 89

(St Kilda by 27 Points)

1 Vote (St Kilda) Jack Billings (11)

The Saints have a new coach and they really set up the win early in this match. Billings was fantastic for the Saints in this game racking up 27 Disposals at 82% Efficiency. He also kicked a couple of goals and had 9 Score Involvements. Was a solid link-up player with 8 Marks and 5 Inside 50s.

2 Votes (St Kilda) Rowan Marshall (4)

The Saints may have found a ruckman that can produce and Marshall was again one of their best.

14 of his 21 Possessions were contested and he uses the footy well for a big man. 32 Hit-outs, 6 Clearances, 6 Marks and 9 Score Involvements should have him feature in the votes.

3 Votes (St Kilda) Jack Lonie (3)

Lonie was red hot up forward early in the contest and really helped set up the win for the Saints in the first term. He kicked 4 Goals, had 8 Marks and 11 Score Involvements to arguably be the best player on the ground. Also racked up 20 Possessions up forward for the Saints.

Keep posted for the Brownlow Medal Predictor for next week Round 19


L.Neale 20

P.Cripps 19

N.Fyfe 18

P.Dangerfield 17

T.Kelly 17

T.Boak 16

B.Grundy 16

S.Pendlebury 15

B.Cunnington 15

B.Crouch 14

S.Coniglio 14

M.Bontempelli 14

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