NBA Finals Game 6, June 13th 2019

The NBA Finals for 2019 is shaping up as one of the great contests, especially if the series ends up going 7 games.

The Golden State Warriors hung around and managed to pinch Game 5 in Toronto to extend the series and will go in Favourites in Game 6 in the last ever game at the Oracle Arena.

Kevin Durant is out with an Achilles injury and will definitely not return in a big blow for the Warriors. They do however have a great record when Curry plays and Durant doesn’t. Stopping Kawhi Leonard will be the key for them as he took Game 5 over in the latter stages of that contest.

Unfortunately for Raptors fans, they had to learn the hard way. Fans should never celebrate early in any sporting contest and the Warriors hung around and pinched the game at the death.

Will the Series go 7 games and head back to Canada on Sunday?

Here are some NBA Finals Picks for June 13th 2019.

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Toronto 3 @ Golden State 2

Prediction – Game Total Over 211.5

Golden State (Win)

The Warriors seemed to want to make the Pace of the Basketball Game a lot faster for Game 5 and this definitely made it look like a higher scoring contest in the early stages. Fatigue may have set in and the scoring dried up later in the game.

The Game Total number does seem low here and if the game is played fast, it will more than likely go over the number. It is a final however, so the first 5 or 6 minutes may dictate how many buckets will be scored.

It is hard to tip against the Warriors in their last ever game at the Oracle Arena. Stopping Kawhi Leonard will go a long way to winning this match.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are playing good ball and if they get some sort of service form DeMarcus Cousins they will more than likely win the contest.

Warriors to win in a possible fast paced match.

Player Props

Draymond Green + 12.5 Points

Draymond Green + 7.5 Assists

Draymond will fight to the end and without Durant, will feel the need to bring more offensively. His Points and Assists target numbers seem rather low and it wouldn’t be surprising if he goes for a triple-double in a must-win game for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry + 32.5 Points

Curry will keep jacking up shots all night even if they keep missing. He has the green light to do what he likes and a 40 point game is highly likely here.

Serge Ibaka + 5.5 Rebounds

Ibaka has been a sort of X-Factor in this series and expect him to see 20+ minutes in this game, which means he should give the Rebounds number a nudge.

These are some NBA Finals Picks for June 13th 2019.

Results Today

Game Total – 1/1

Player Props – 1/4

Head to Head – 0/1

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