Walters Climbs, Brownlow Predictor, Round 13 2019

The Second week of the bye rounds and we have a Match Winning Fremantle Docker Popping up in the top ten.

Michael Walters keeps delivering when the game is on the line and kicked 6 on the weekend in a home match against Port Adelaide. The Dockers may very well have a record of below 50% if it hadn’t been for Walters, and they are currently sitting 6th on the AFL Ladder with a record of 7-5.

Who else will feature in the votes for Round 13 of the Brownlow Medal Predictor?

Here is the Brownlow Predictions for Round 13 2019.

Be sure to check back each week for round by round analysis of the Brownlow Medal Count and who are the favourites to be the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Adelaide vs Richmond

Adelaide 15.11 101 – Richmond 9.14 68

(Adelaide by 33 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Dustin Martin (8)

Richmond was in this game for the first 3 Quarters and Martin played a significant part in keeping them in it. He had 32 Possessions, 9 Marks and kicked 2 Goals to be the best Tigers player on the Ground.

2 Votes (Adelaide) Brad Crouch (13)

Crouch has been in great form this season and continues to move up the leaderboard on the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019.

He Racked up 43 Possessions in this game in which 27 of them were Kicks. Also had 10 Clearances, 10 Score Involvements and 6 Inside 50s to be one of the best Midfielders on the Ground.

3 Votes (Adelaide) Reilly O’Brien (3)

A massive game in the Ruck for O’Brien and he really helped the Crows Mids get first use of the footy against an inexperienced Tigers Ruckman.

He had a total of 54 Hit-outs and 19 Possessions. Also racked up some statistics that Ruckman normally don’t get with 6 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 7 Inside 50s. Very hard to give anybody else the 3 Votes in a massive home win for the Crows.

Essendon vs Hawthorn

Essendon 14.12 96 – Hawthorn 11.11 77

(Essendon by 19 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) Michael Hurley (5)

Another solid performance down back and his 26 Possessions came at 81% Efficiency, the majority being Kicks. He also took 12 Marks to control the play from the Bombers Defensive end and had 9 Rebound 50s to be the best defender on the ground.

2 Votes (Essendon) Zach Merrett (9)

A solid game in the middle for Merrett and he may get the 3 Votes in this game. 28 Disposals including 12 Contested and 8 Score Involvements, will have him close to best on ground in the Essendon win.

3 Votes (Essendon) Connor Mckenna (3)

The Irishman may not get 3 in this game, but his run and carry was so distinctive that he should feature in the votes. 622 Metres gained is elite, with the majority of that coming from the run and carry. 10 of his 25 Possessions were interceptions and he also had 9 Rebound 50s to be the most influential Bomber on the ground

Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Gold Coast 11.10 76 – St Kilda 11.14 80

(St Kilda by 4 Points)

1 Vote (St Kilda) Tim Membrey (1)

Membrey can occasionally turn it on for the Saints up forward and took his chance against a weaker Gold Coast outfit. He kicked 3 Goals, took 10 Marks and had 10 Score Involvements to be the best forward on the ground. Also used the footy at 88% Efficiency throughout the contest.

2 Votes (Gold Coast) David Swallow (8)

Having a great year is Swallow and had another solid performance for the Suns.

31 Possessions including 15 Contested, with 8 Marks made him one of the best midfielders on the ground. Also had 6 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s to get noticed up in Townsville.

3 Votes (St Kilda) Jack Billings (10)

Billings had 170 Fantasy Points in this game and just seemed everywhere. 33 Possessions, 8 Marks, 2 Goals and 6 Score Involvements made him a significant contributing factor in the Saints win. It was also his pressure off the ball with 11 Tackles that should land him all 3 Votes.

Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Fremantle 15.10 100 – Port Adelaide 12.7 79

(Fremantle by 21 Points)

1 Vote (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (15)

Another solid game by Boak and he was once again the Powers best player in a loss out West. He had 36 Possessions, 8 Clearances and 8 Score Involvements, and should get a vote in this contest.

2 Votes (Fremantle) Nat Fyfe (14)

Fyfe racked up 37 Possessions in this game at 78% Efficiency and 22 of those were contested. He racked up a massive 11 Clearances, 11 Score Involvements and 7 Inside 50s in another decent docker win.

3 Votes (Fremantle) Michael Walters (12)

Walters is becoming the fan favourite out West and this may have been his best game.

He booted 6 Goals to once again have a massive influence on the outcome of the match. 20 of his 25 Disposals were kicks and he had a total of 11 Score Involvements to be a clear best on the ground.

Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Carlton 15.10 100 – Western Bulldogs 15.13 103

(Western Bulldogs by 3 Points)

1 Vote (Western Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (7)

May not poll as well as he did last year, but a couple of other Bulldogs have stepped up.

His 37 Disposals came at 81% Efficiency in a narrow Dogs win. Also had 8 Tackles and 10 Score Involvements to be one of the Western Bulldogs best.

2 Votes (Carlton) Charlie Curnow (2)

A change of coach and Curnow has found some form.  Carlton is playing him deep inside 50 and it is paying dividends so far.

He booted 7 Goals with the Majority of his 17 Possessions coming on the offensive half. Also had 9 Score Involvements, 7 Marks and 5 Frees For will always help win votes.

3 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Josh Dunkley (7)

Dunkley can definitely play and knows how to win the footy.

He filled up the stat sheet with 41 Disposals which included 17 Contested. Also had 7 Clearances, 10 Tackles and 10 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

North Melbourne vs GWS

North Melbourne 10.8 68 – GWS 14.7 91

(GWS by 23 Points)

1 Vote (GWS) Tim Taranto (9)

Taranto racked up 156 Fantasy points in this game and may not poll a vote due to some other Giants having big matches.

30 Possessions, 9 Marks, 7 Score Involvements and 10 Tackles should help him poll in yet another Giants win.

2 Votes (GWS) Stephen Coniglio (12)

The Free Agency Rumours are out, but Coniglio is tipped to stay a Giant beyond 2019.

Another solid game, racking up 27 Disposals, 7 Clearances, 7 Tackles, 6 Inside 50s and kicking a couple of Goals. Should get votes in this game.

3 Votes (GWS) Josh Kelly (8)

Kelly has hit form in recent weeks and really gets noticed with that distinctive left foot boot.

22 of his 35 Disposals were kicks and he was involved in GWS Scoring procedure on 7 Occasions. Also had 6 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 7 Marks to be a big chance to get all 3 votes.

Keep posted for the Brownlow Medal Predictor for next week, Round 14.


P.Cripps 19

T.Boak 15

L.Neale 14

N.Fyfe 14

T.Kelly 14

P.Dangerfield 14

B.Crouch 13

S.Pendlebury 12

B.Grundy 12

B.Cunnington 12

M.Walters 12

S.Coniglio 12

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