NBA Over or Under Wager

NBA Over or Under Wager

One of the more popular wagers in the NBA is the Over Under Betting.

What is an Over Under Bet? This is a bet in which a trader will not predict the specific outcome or result of a match.

The Over or Under Betting Explained and the easiest way to explain over under betting is simply the total score for a match combined between two sides and trying to make an Over Under NBA Prediction.

For Example, the Atlanta Hawks have just defeated the Memphis Grizzlies at home this evening. The Hawks won the match 132 to 111. The total score for this match was 243 points. The NBA Over Under for this game was around 222.5.

If a trader had of picked the over they would have won on this occasion as the total score was over 20 points above the Over Under Betting in the NBA Today.

The NBA Over or Under is a popular bet amongst NBA Sports Betting and Traders that like to do a bit of research and don’t want to back a specific side on any given night.

A Head to Head Matchup or line may not be attractive and the NBA Over and Under is a wager that can work if research has been done.

With a bit of research on previous events and numbers, a Trader should be able to predict the outcomes of the Basketball Over or Under and make NBA Over or Under Picks, around 55% of the time.

NBA Over Under Tactics

The keys to being successful in the over under bets is to go through quite a few matches and look for a trend.

Simply placing NBA Picks on the Over/Under on each match is not needed as value can be found through research.

To be successful, a trader should do research on previous performances and see how they relate to both the bookies number and the average for the season. Having an Over Under Betting Strategy is important to have any chance of beting the bookies.


Season Averages for the Matchup

Bookies are getting very good at providing a total for the Over/Under that gives them the best chance of a 50/50 Split so it always best to get information on Understanding Over Under Betting.

The Over and Under also known as the Game Total will normally be priced at around $1.9 each way and if they are lower this generally means that the bookies are trying to get punters to trade the other way to even things out by offering higher value on one side.

Check the season averages for each side using this link. do a great job of providing the previous history on specific matches.

NBA Dual Game Log

Check the Average of the last five matches for both teams before making any NBA Predictions and NBA Over Under Picks Tonight. This can be done by just adding the total scores for the last five games for each team and simply looking for a trend. The following link can also be used to check some numbers,

Home Team Last Three

Home sides in any sport generally dictate the overall pace of a specific matchup especially if they have a winning record.

The overall Game Total for a Home sides last three matches can be important in finding a trend for a specific matchup.

NBA Pace

The pace is defined as the number of possessions for a specific Matchup.

The more possessions, the more points will likely to be put on the board. Some teams player a faster paced brand of basketball and the games tend to be higher scoring.

Pace can be determined using the NBA Stats section or just click this link. The Higher a team is ranked in PACE, the more likely there will be more scoring opportunities.

Previous Head to Head Matchups

Check the Last 5 times the two sides have matched up and look for a trend.

Some teams have rivalries and are more likely to crank up the defence against a specific team. Games with tight defence particularly finals tend to be low scoring and a trade opportunity may become available.


If a team is coming off minimal rest and are on a back to back they generally don’t play as hard defence and are prone to giving up larger scores. The over is worth considering if a team is on a back to back, but do the above research as they may be playing a team that doesn’t give up big scores.

The Over or Under Wager is a popular one, but without research, you are simply flipping a coin.

An advantage can be gained doing the above research. With Patience, Discipline and sticking to a system a Trader can win with just over a 52% strike rate.

Patience and Discipline are the keys to being a successful trader. It is important to always bet with your head and only use the money you can afford to lose.

Be sure to check back for more Free NBA Betting Picks.

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