NBA Playoff Picks Today, April 14th 2019

After some upsets yesterday we have 4 games to get through on a Sunday.

Here are some NBA Picks for April 14th, 2019

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Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics

Prediction – 209.5

Boston – 7.5

The Indiana Pacers will have to play defense if they are any chance in this game. Both teams have a combined average of 201 in all their finals games last season.

Both teams tend to play a slow pace and the game may be low scoring. The Celtics should win the game with the Pacers being out of form just prior to the finals.

Player Props

Jason Tatum + 14.5 Points

Tatum had an awesome final series last year and showed that he can be a big game player. He has averaged 16.8 Points against the Pacers this season and will be a player they look for down the stretch. Tatum also averaged 18.5 Points in the Celtics finals campaign last year.

Kyrie Irving – 7.5 Assists

Irving is the sort of player that will get it done himself and take the game on. Expect him to put up a lot of shots in this contest. He didn’t play in last years finals but has only average 4 assists against the Pacers this year.

Al Horford + 20.5 Points and Rebounds

Al Horford tends to play well in the finals and brings his A Game. He averaged 15.7 Points and 8.3 Rebounds in last years finals campaign. Expect him to crash the boards and score some points in this final.

Thaddeus Young + 6.5 Rebounds

Young is a great rebounder and defensive pressure will cause a lot of missed shots so there will be a lot of rebounding opportunities in this game. Has average 7.3 against the Celtics this year and 7.7 rebounds in last years finals campaign.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Portland Trail Blazers

Prediction – 225.5

Once again both sides are expected to bring lots of pressure defensively in this matchup. They both averaged a combined 213 in last years finals campaign. The under looks pretty good unless a couple of players get on an offensive roll and drain some tough shots.

Player Props

C.J. McCollum + 20.5 Points

The Thunder are the worst team in this Slate for defending the Shooting guard spot and McCollum should get some open looks. C.J. averaged 25.3 in the finals last season and was their best player in a losing sweep.

Damian Lillard – 28.5 Points

Lillard only averaged 18.5 in the finals last year and the question is whether or not he can come up big in the playoffs. He may pass the ball a little more and get his teammates involved. The number for his points seems rather high although has averaged around 34 against the Thunder this year.

Evan Turner + 6.5 Points

The Thunder do not defend the small forward spot too well and Turner will be playing that position. He did average 9.5 in the finals last season.

Al-Farouq Aminu + 6.5 Rebounds

Aminu can crash the Boards and there should be plenty of missed shots in this game because of defensive pressure. He has averaged 11.5 Rebounds against the Thunder this year and with Nurkic out will need to help Kanter out on the glass.

Russell Westbrook + 25.5 Points

Westbrook seems to step it up and become more aggressive on the offensive end during the playoffs. Has averaged 29.5 against the Blazers this year in 4 separate contests. He also averaged 29.3 in last years finals. Should get to the bucket a lot in this game.

Detroit Pistons @ Milwaukee Bucks

Prediction – 218.5

These two sides have a combined average of 211 in their past 5 contests. The Bucks had a combined average of 203 in last years finals. Expect some defense and a lot of missed shots from the Pistons. The Under looks pretty good.

Player Props

Eric Bledsoe + 16.5 Points

Bledsoe has averaged 20.5 against the Pistons this season and has a chance to impress when it matters. The attention will be on Giannis so Eric will have the chance to score some points.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – 29.5 Points

Giannis Antetokounmpo + 5.5 Assists

Giannis has only averaged 20.8 Points against the Pistons this season. This is well below his season average and he may look for his teammates more. Expect him to still score points, but the Over Assists and Under for Points, looks ok based on previous events.

Utah Jazz @ Houston Rockets

Prediction – 214.5

These sides have a combined head to head average of 207 over their last 5 games. Utah knows how to bring the defense and will make it tougher for the Rockets to score. James Harden will figure out a way though the game should be low scoring.

Player Props

Clint Capela – 16.5 Points

Capela has only average 9 points against the Jazz this year and Gobert will make it tough for him. He only averaged 12.7 in last years finals. The under looks pretty good based on those stats.

PJ Tucker + 6.5 Points

Tucker was big in last years finals and was hitting the three consistently from the corner. He averaged 8.9 in the finals last year and should get some scoring chances with Harden getting all the attention.

James Harden – 7.5 Assists

Harden averaged 6.8 assists in the finals last year but has only averaged 4.8 against the Jazz this year. May get more attention but likes the challenge and will still try and take the game on. Chris Paul will be the distributor and it is difficult to see anybody getting a load of assists.

They are some of the NBA Playoff Picks for April 14th, 2019.

Results Today

Game Totals – 4/4

Against the Spread – 1/1

Player Props – 8/15

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