Playoff Picks April 15th, 2019

Just the two games today and one of the Eastern Conference favorites needs to win to avoid going down 2-0 in their series.

The other game will probably be one-sided featuring the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Brooklyn Nets @ Philadelphia 76ers

Prediction Under 226.5 Game Total

The Brooklyn Nets are the best team in the NBA at defending the 3 point shot and the 76ers only shot 12% from the land of plenty in game one. 

Joel Embiid will need to have a massive game if the 76ers are to win Game 2. He is listed as questionable for this game.

The Nets shot 42% from the 3 in Game One and the Sixers should contain them in Game 2. If Embiid is out the game should go under the number and probably will even if he doesn’t play given they need some stops on the defensive end.

Player Props

D’Angelo Russell – 24.5 Points

The Nets shot well from beyond the arc in game one and the 76ers let Russell put up 25 shots. The Sixers won’t allow this much freedom in Game Two and Russell may have to distribute or be forced into some tougher shots in their next encounter.

Spencer Dinwiddie + 4.5 Assists

Spencer only had the one assist in game one but Russell was taking a lot of the offensive responsibility. Russell should get more attention on the defensive end in Game Two and Spencer could come out and help distribute to the many decent shooters on the Nets Roster.

The number seems rather low here given he has averaged 5.5 assists per game against the 76ers in the Regular Season.

Jimmy Butler + 21.5 Points

In a losing side, Butler was big in game one with 36 Points. He got to the line easily and was 13/15 from the charity stripe.

The Nets are decent at defending the shooting guard and small forward positions as well as the 3. Butler does not rely on 3 Point Shots and likes to get to the Bucket.

Expect him to cover the number especially if Embiid is not healthy.

Tobias Harris + 7.5 Rebounds

Tobias Harris has been a decent rebounder over his career but was average all around in Game 1.

The fact that they let a bench player Ed Davis grab 16 rebounds in Game 1 will suggest that it won’t happen again.

The 76ers should increase defensive pressure which will cause missed shots and a lot of rebounding opportunities.

Expect Harris to help on the boards as he has a season average of 7.9.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors

Prediction Under 230.5 Game Total

The Warriors looked very good in Game One and Stephen Curry was doing his thing.

The Warriors combined finals average from last season in games was 215.

The Trend for the Clippers is that if they are an away underdog the Game Total only goes over the number 32% of the time. Reverse that and the Warriors have a trend of only going over the number 39% of the time as the home favorite.

The Under does look pretty good based on those statistical facts.

Player Props

Kevin Durant + 25.5 Points

Kevin Durant + 4.5 Rebounds

KD would have covered the number in Game 1 had he not had a confrontation with the feisty Patrick Beverley in the fourth quarter and got thrown out of the game.

Expect Steph Curry to get more attention defensively after hitting all those 3s and KD will find himself with lots of scoring opportunities. He has an average of 27 against the Clippers this season. KD also averaged 7.8 rebounds in last years playoffs and should cover the rebound number if he doesn’t get thrown out of the game again.

Draymond Green + 7.5 Rebounds

Draymond Green + 6.5 Assists

Draymond averaged 10.6 Rebounds and 8.1 Assists in the Warriors finals campaign last year. He has also averaged 9 rebounds against the Clippers this year.

With a couple of Warriors due for a decent game, he could find himself racking up some assists in this encounter. He is in form and those numbers should go over.

Stephen Curry + 5.5 Assists

Curry does play the Point Guard spot but the greatest shooter ever doesn’t tend to get many assists.

Has played well against the Clippers this season but as only averaged 3.3 assists against them. He was that big in Game One that he will get lots of attention on the defensive end in Game Two.

Expect him to get double teamed and look for KD, Klay or Boogie for buckets in Game 2.

Lou Williams + 5.5 Assists

Williams tends to play well against the Warriors in recent times and the Warriors know how good he can be on the offensive end.

He put up 21 shots in Game One and the Warriors will look to rectify that. The extra pressure could bring his teammates into it more and he did have 9 assists in Game 1. He has average 6.7 assists against the Warriors this season.

So there was some upsets on the first day of the finals but there shouldn’t be any here. The 76ers should bounce back and the Warriors should get it done against the Clippers.

These are some of the NBA Finals Picks for April 15th 2019.

These are predictions based on statistical research and trends.

They are only predictions and the goal is to try and find an edge.

Results Today

Game Total – 0/2

Player Props – 5/10

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