Vote Predictions, Round 14 2019

The Bye Rounds are over and we are back to a normal 9 Matches for Round 15 next week.

The current leader of the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019 had the week off, but still holds a slender lead going into the last 9 Rounds of the season.

It is shaping up as one of the closest counts in recent years with a couple of regular contributors in Nat Fyfe and Patrick Dangerfield in a good position to make a late season run.

Here are the Brownlow Predictions for Round 14, 2019.

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Who is likely to become the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

West Coast vs Essendon

West Coast 14.22 106 – Essendon 11.5 71

(West Coast by 35 Points)

1 Vote (West Coast) Brad Sheppard (4)

A Thursday Night contest out West and the West Coast Eagles dominated this game after quarter time and should have won the match by a lot more.

Brad Sheppard had a big night down back and once again used the footy at an elite level. His 19 Possessions came at 95% Efficiency and was used as a link player to set up play on numerous occasions with 11 Marks. One of the best defenders in a one-sided contest.

2 Votes (West Coast) Dom Sheed (6)

Sheed seemed everywhere in this game and used the footy at 81% Efficiency and actually got some Contested ball.

23 of his 36 Disposals were Handballs and 14 were Contested Possessions. He also had 6 Clearances, 6 Inside 50s, 9 Score Involvements and kicked 2 Goals in a solid display.

3 Votes (West Coast) Elliot Yeo (10)

Didn’t get as much of the ball as Sheed, but watching the game Live Yeo had a significant impact on the way this match was played.

12 Tackles, 9 Inside 50s and 7 Clearances made him really stand out. Yeo ended up with 25 Possessions, 9 Score Involvements and kicked a goal to arguably be the best player on the ground.

Sydney vs Hawthorn

Sydney 12.10 82 – Hawthorn 9.9 63

(Sydney by 19 Points)

1 Vote (Sydney) Nick Blakey (1)

The young fella really stepped up when Buddy left the game and was the X-Factor late in the contest.

Just the 11 Possessions, but used it really well each time he touched the footy. 3 of his 7 Marks were Contested and he kicked a couple of important late goals to have an impact on the outcome of the game.

2 Votes (Sydney) Dane Rampe (3)

Another solid performance down back for Rampe and he made it tough for the Hawks forwards each time the ball came down there. All of his 17 Possessions hit a target and he racked up a total of 8 Intercept Possessions. He just seemed to have an impact when the Hawks were looking to score. 5 Rebound 50s also helped set up a Sydney forward thrust.

3 Votes (Sydney) Luke Parker (9)

The other votes were tough to give in this game, but the 3 Votes was easy.

Luke Parker was a clear best on the ground in this game and is still at big odds to take home this years medal.

12 of his 31 Possessions were contested and he racked up 6 Score Involvements and kicked a goal himself. His pressure off the ball was huge with 12 Tackles and he had 7 Clearances and 7 Marks to be the red hot favourite for the 3 Votes in this game.

Melbourne vs Fremantle

Melbourne 13.7 85 – Fremantle 11.5 71

(Melbourne by 14 Points)

1 Vote (Melbourne) Jack Viney (1)

Viney had the job of following the Fremantle Gun Walters around and he definitely got inside his head.

Viney had a significant impact on the outcome of this game. 15 of his 28 Possessions were contested and he racked up 9 Clearances. Should get a vote although Tom Mcdonald may feature in this game.

2 Votes (Melbourne) Max Gawn (11)

Another huge game in the ruck for Gawn with a total of 46 Hit-outs. It took him a while to get on top of Darcy, but he dominated the latter stages of this contest. 8 Marks, 7 Clearances and 20 Possessions should once again have him feature in the votes.

3 Votes (Melbourne) Clayton Oliver (7)

A big game from Oliver in this one with 16 of his 28 Possessions being contested. What stood out was his 11 Clearances which helped set up a Demons scoring thrust on most occasions. Also had 6 Tackles, 6 Inside 50s and 7 Score Involvements to be the best player on the ground.

St Kilda vs Brisbane

St Kilda 8.11 59 – Brisbane 17.13 115

(Brisbane by 56 Points)

1 Vote (Brisbane) Charlie Cameron (1)

A solid game up forward for Cameron and he managed to boot 5 Goals in what ended up a one-sided game. All of his 13 Possessions were kicks and he racked up 8 Score Involvements to be the best forward on the ground.

2 Votes (Brisbane) Daniel Rich (3)

Rich users the footy so well with his left boot and this game was no exception.

22 of his 24 Possessions were Kicks and he used the footy at 88% Efficiency. He had 11 Marks, 7 Intercept Possessions and 7 Rebound 50s to be one of the Lions best.

3 Votes (Brisbane) Dayne Zorko (7)

Zorko took a while to get into this game, but once he did he had a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

13 of his 28 Possessions were contested with 24 of them being kicks. He also had 9 Score Involvements and 6 Clearances to be arguably the best player on the ground in a big Lions win.

Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Port Adelaide 9.13 67 – Geelong 8.8 56

(Port Adelaide by 11 Points)

1 Vote (Port Adelaide) Travis Boak (16)

Boak is an outright second on the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019 after 14 Rounds.

This was another solid performance in the middle where he belongs. 17 of his 30 Possessions were contested and he racked up 11 Clearances, 8 Tackles and 6 Inside 50s to have a significant impact against the ladder leaders.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Robbie Gray (5)

Gray is a dynamic player and can play forward and in the midfield. This was a big match with 12 of his 31 Possessions being contested ball. He also had 7 Clearances, 6 Inside 50s and kicked a couple of goals to be one of the Powers best.

3 Votes (Port Adelaide) Scott Lycett (4)

With Paddy Ryder out of the team, Lycett needed to step up and he played one of his best games.

41 Hit-outs, 9 Clearances and 8 Inside 50s made him the best player on the ground. What did stand out was that 18 of his 24 Disposals were contested and he did a great job setting up the Power midfielders.

Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Western Bulldogs 10.13 73 – Collingwood 13.4 82

(Collingwood by 9 Points)

1 Vote (Collingwood) Adam Treloar (11)

When the game was on the line Treloar stood up and really kept the Magpies in the game.

16 of his 36 Possessions were contested and he racked up 11 Clearances and 8 Tackles to be one of Collingwood’s best in a narrow win against the Dogs.

2 Votes (Western Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (9)

Macrae polled well in the Brownlow Medal last season and these were the types of games that were getting him votes.

41 Possessions, 8 Marks and 8 Inside 50s were noticeable in the contest. What really stood out was his pressure off the ball with 13 Tackles and he should feature in the votes.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (15)

There are arguments whether or not Grundy was the best player in this game but it was a tough game to give votes with up to 8 Players having great games.

50 Hit-outs, 6 Clearances and 5 Inside 50s should help Grundy move up the leaderboard in the Brownlow Medal Predictor for 2019. He also had 25 Possessions, kicked 2 Goals and racked up 7 Score Involvements to be the biggest contender for the 3 Votes in this game.

Marcus Bontempelli, Caleb Daniel and Jordan Roughhead all had big games so very tough to pick here.


P.Cripps 19

T.Boak 16

B.Grundy 15

L.Neale 14

N.Fyfe 14

P.Dangerfield 14

T.Kelly 14

B.Crouch 13

S.Pendlebury 12

M.Walters 12

S.Coniglio 12

B.Cunnington 12

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