What is the NBA Over-Under?

What is the NBA Over-Under?

There are many different betting types in the NBA, and one of the more popular types is the NBA Over-Under Wager.

The NBA Over-Under is trying to predict the total combined score for two teams in a given matchup.

It is not uncommon to hear NBA Fans ask what the Over Under is and whether they are taking the Over or the Under in a specific NBA Matchup.

The NBA Over or Under Bet is determined by bookmakers who make a total score that is more than likely to be close enough to the projected final score.

The NBA Over-Under can also help NBA DFS players determine whether or not a player would be a good option for a matchup based on how many points are projected. The more points, the greater chance a player has to increase their total fantasy points.

How Does an NBA Over-Under Work?

The NBA Over Under is the total combined score for two teams in a given NBA Matchup.

The bookmakers determine the projected number, and punters have the choice of going over or above the number.

The odds are typically set at around $1.90, but will fluctuate based on the bet’s popularity.

If too many punters take the Under, the odds will shorten, and the odds will increase for the Over Number.

To give you an example, the San Antonio Spurs will be taking on the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas this Wednesday Evening.

The Total Projected score for the match is 221.5 Points.

If a punter was to take the Under, the combined score for the match would need to be 221 or less for them to win their bet.

If a punter was to take the Over, the combined score for the match would need to be 222 or more for them to win their bet.

The Over or Under number will be different based on the teams playing and their current form.

The Over-Under bet has become more difficult to predict in recent times, but an edge can be gained with a little research.

How to Pick an NBA Over-Under?

If a punter were to try and predict an NBA Over-Under correctly every time, it would simply be impossible. A strike rate of about 55% or slightly more can be made with a bit of research before each match.

It’s a good idea to check the combined season average for both sides. Then go through each sides game log and look for a trend in their past five matches and how they have faired at home or away. The previous Head to Head matches are also a decent indicator and can help gain an edge over the bookmakers.

Another thing to look at is how a team as faired after no break, a one day break or a two to three-game break. Does a team tend to trend over the number after a win or loss?

There are many things to consider, and all of this information can be obtained using the Team Rankings website.

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Remember always to gamble responsibly and do your research and keep a log of your bets to give yourself the most excellent chance of consistently picking a winner.

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