Who gets the Brownlow Votes? Round 4 2019

Round 4 has seen three sides who were ranked to do very little this season sitting in the eight.

The Saints, Suns, and Dockers have been winning to please their fans, but have had an easy draw and time will tell whether or not they can keep it up.

Here are the picks for the Brownlow Medal Predictor, Round 4 2019.

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Who is the likely Brownlow Medal Leader and who has the best chance to be the Brownlow Medal Winner on Brownlow Medal Night.

Sydney vs Melbourne

Sydney 11.12 78 – Melbourne 15.10 100

(Melbourne by 22 Points)

1 Vote (Melbourne) Clayton Oliver (1)

The Demons were in trouble early in this contest and Oliver struggled to get his hands on the footy in the early stages. When the game was up for grabs Oliver was a significant contributing factor.

33 Possessions, including 20 Contested and 7 Clearances helped the Demons take charge of this match. He also had 7 Inside 50s, 6 Score Involvements and 6 Intercept Possessions to be one of the Demons best in a must-win game.

2 Votes (Melbourne) Nathan Jones (2)

Jones never gets as much of the footy as the elite AFL Midfielders, but when he does he seems to have a significant impact on the outcome of matches. He kicked 3 important goals and had 21 Possessions, in which 11 of those were hardball gets. His 4 Clearances and 6 Score Involvements will get noticed, but whenever a midfielder kicks goals they normally feature in the votes.

3 Votes (Melbourne) Max Gawn (3)

The Swans were reading Gawns ruck knocks early but once he started knocking it to his midfielders advantage the Demons started dominating the game.

An Incredible 55 Hit-outs made him the main reason the Demons were in a position to take charge. He also had 19 Possessions and 6 Clearances and should get the 3 votes.

Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Collingwood 11.12 78 – Western Bulldogs 9.10 64

(Collingwood by 14 Points)

1 Vote (W.Bulldogs) Jack Macrae (4)

In one of the most unattractive games in recent times, the Bulldogs were in it most of the night and Macrae was once again knocked up getting statistics. He had 33 Disposals at 82% Efficiency which included 15 Contested Possessions.

He was also given 5 Free Kicks and was rewarded for going in first. Should get a vote in this contest.

2 Votes (W.Bulldogs) Marcus Bontempelli (6)

The game may have been ugly but one of the most talented players on the ground was also one of the best. Marcus had a heap of the footy with 36 Disposals including 16 Contested. He also had 8 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 7 Inside 50s to be the Bulldogs best on a Friday Night at the MCG.

3 Votes (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (5)

Grundy was clearly the best player on the ground and dominated the ruck contest with a total of 58 Hitouts.

He had 23 disposals in which 18 were in a congested situation. A ruckman to have 8 Tackles is rare and his 6 Clearances and 8 Score Involvements made him the best player in the ugliest contest of the round.

Geelong vs GWS

Geelong 11.9 75 – GWS 11.13 79

(GWS by 4 Points)

1 Vote (GWS) Jacob Hopper (2)

Hopper has had a great start to the season and shows how much depth the Giants have available. He has stepped up to fill the Dylan Shiel departure, and was a huge contributor in a win in Geelong. He had 31 Disposals, including 16 Contested. 9 Inside 50s, 7 Score Involvements, and 6 tackles made him one of the Giants best.

2 Votes (GWS) Lachie Whitfield (5)

Whitfield is fast becoming one of the best ball users in the AFL and this game was no exception. 31 disposals at 84% Efficiency helped the Giants hit targets and set up a big win. His 8 Score Involvements and 5 Inside 50s were also a big factor in a close contest.

3 Votes (GWS) Stephen Coniglio (6)

Coniglio is a ball magnet and knows how to get the footy out of congestion when it matters. He had 10 Clearances to go with 34 Disposals, including 16 Contested. He helped keep the Giants in the game with a solid work rate and should get the 3 votes.

Essendon vs Brisbane

Essendon 17.10 112 – Brisbane 9.11 65

(Essendon by 47 Points)

1 Vote (Essendon) Mitch Brown (1)

In the most exciting game to watch for the Round Mitch Brown was one of the Bombers best. Brown kicked 3 Goals was involved in a bombers scoring procedure on 10 occasions and amassed 25 Possessions and 10 Marks.

2 Votes (Essendon) Zach Merrett (2)

Whenever a midfielder gets over 30 possessions, 35 on this occasion and uses the footy at over 80% Efficiency they normally poll votes. 15 of those Possessions were contested and he amassed 7 Clearances, 9 Score Involvements and kicked a goal himself.

3 Votes (Essendon) Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (3)

It’s rare to see a small forward kick 7 Goals these days but the very talented McDonald-Tipungwutu did just that on a Saturday at the MCG. 20 Possessions, 7 Goals, 12 Score Involvements and 5 Inside 50s made Mcdonald-Tipungwuti the best player on the ground.

Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Port Adelaide 14.8 92 – Richmond 15.9 99

(Richmond by 7 Points)

1 Vote (Richmond) Brandon Ellis (1)

The Tigers managed to pinch a game in Adelaide without their 4 best players. Brandon Ellis was one of their best and stepped up with 28 Possessions, 5 Score Involvements, 4 Inside 50s and a Goal.

2 Votes (Port Adelaide) Tom Rockliff (4)

The Ball Magnet was at it again and the Powers best player in a close contest. 37 Disposals including 16 Contested at 81% Efficiency made him the Powers most important player. His 7 Clearances and 5 Tackles will be noticed by the umpires giving the votes.

3 Votes (Richmond) Dylan Grimes (3)

Without Alex Rance down back a Tigers Backman needs to step up and Grimes played one of the great defensive games. Only 17 Possessions, but 13 were Contested. 13 Intercept Possessions made him the most important player on the ground and his 6 Rebound 50s helped set up the Richmond mids offensively.

North Melbourne vs Adelaide

North Melbourne 9.17 71 – Adelaide 8.11 59

(North Melbourne by 12 Points)

1 Vote (North Melbourne) Robbie Tarrant (1)

The Kangaroos had their first win of the season and Robbie Tarrant had a big day down back. He used the footy at 90% Efficiency and was controlling the play from the defensive end with 20 Possessions and 14 Marks.

2 Votes (North Melbourne) Jared Polec (2)

Polec has a distinctive run and carry to his game which doesn’t really show on the stats sheet. He had 26 Disposals, 5 Score Involvements and 4 Inside 50s. His run and carry helped setup the win.

3 Votes (North Melbourne) Shaun Higgins (5)

Higgins gets noticed when he gets the footy because he uses the ball so well. In this match, he used the ball at 80% Efficiency and had 30 Possessions. He kicked a goal, was involved in the scoring 7 times, and had 5 Clearances as a Small Half Forward.

West Coast vs Fremantle

West Coast 10.9 69 – Fremantle 7.14 56

(West Coast by 13 Points)

1 Vote (West Coast) Brad Sheppard (1)

There are arguments from some of the experts that Brad was the best player on the ground and should have won the medal. He stood out because he took 14 Uncontested Marks and used the ball at 100% Efficiency. All 27 Disposals hit a target and his 10 Intercept Possessions made him a significant contributor in an ugly contest.

2 Votes (Fremantle) David Mundy (2)

If the Dockers had of won this match Mundy would have easily won the medal. In greasy conditions and a congested contest, Mundy had 36 Possessions, which included 23 Hard Ball Gets and 10 Intercept possessions. He also had 10 Clearances and 4 Tackles to be the Dockers best player.

3 Votes (West Coast) Shannon Hurn (3)

Captain Courageous stepped it up when he needed to and won the medal for the best player on the ground.

The Eagles won in an ugly contest, but it was Hurn that helped prevent Fremantle from getting back in it. 32 Possessions down back at 84% Efficiency including 16 Intercept Possessions made him a worthy Glendinning-Allan Medal Winner.

Gold Coast vs Carlton

Gold Coast 8.11 59 – Carlton 8.9 57

(Gold Coast by 2 Points)

1 Vote (Gold Coast) Jarrod Witts (1)

Ruckman become very important in a close contest as they can prove to have a significant impact on the outcome of games. Witts may not have had much of the footy, but had 45 Hit-outs and kicked a goal. 7 Tackles for a ruckman is a big number and he should get a vote as the dominant ruckman on the field.

2 Votes (Gold Coast) Touk Miller (2)

The best midfielder for the Suns, Miller had 31 Disposals including 13 Contested. He also had 6 Clearances, but it was his defensive pressure with 14 Tackles which will help him get votes in this encounter.

3 Votes (Carlton) Patrick Cripps (8)

The Blues may have lost but Cripps was definitely the best player on the ground.

He Managed to kick two Goals and had 30 Disposals including 19 Contested. His 8 Clearances helped the Blues set up a slender lead, but was also big defensively with the 12 Tackles.

St.Kilda vs Hawthorn

St.Kilda 10.14 74 – Hawthorn 10.9 69

(St.Kilda by 5 Points)

1 Vote (Hawthorn) James Sicily (4)

The Hawks will be disappointed with their effort and the result of this game, but Sicily was their best down back. He totaled 28 Possessions which included 12 Intercept Possessions and one of his strengths. His 10 Rebound 50s will also be noticed.

2 Votes (St.Kilda) Jack Billings (5)

Billings has taken his game to a new level and continues to impress. He had 34 Possessions, 5 Tackles and 4 Clearances to help set up another early season Saints victory.

3 Votes (St.Kilda) Seb Ross (3)

Ross seemed everywhere watching this game and he was the best player on the ground. A total of 39 Possessions including 13 Contested along with 6 Clearances and 6 Inside 50s made him the best player out there. Also kicked a goal and was involved in a Saints scoring thrust on 8 occasions.

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